Whisker Wishes Cat Nail Trimmer Review

I have a two-year-old cat who is very active. I thus have to bring her at least once a month to the grooming salon for nail cutting. But I find the price of nail cutting services to be quite steep. I figured I could do it myself. Then I stumbled upon a Whisker Wishes Cat Nail Trimmer review, and I was convinced I should buy a nail trimmer for my pet.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

In buying a pet nail trimmer, there are several factors that you have to consider. Perhaps the most important are the ease of use, especially if you have no prior experience in cutting the claws of your furry friends. An easy-to-use nail trimmer would allow you to clip the nails in the shortest possible time without hurting your pet.

Another thing that you have to look for is the safety feature of the pet nail trimmer. The ideal nail clipper should be designed to prevent any injury on the part of your pet.

You should also shop for a nail clipper that is sharp. A sharp nail trimmer will make the clipping of claws fast. Dogs and cats aren’t fond of cutting their claws, so you can expect your pet to pull back once you start to trim her nails. But if the trimmer is fast enough, you can cut the nails quick enough even before she resists.

Presenting the Whisker Wishes Cat Nail Clipper

The Whisker Wishes nail clipper is made of high-quality stainless steel that is sharp enough to trim the nails of your cat or dog. It has rubber coated handles which make it easy to grip and control. It is also designed for left or right handed pet owners.

Basing from its features, you’d know that it is intended for pet owners who personally want to trim the nails of their dogs or cats. It’s also a great product for people like me who want to save their furniture from cat scratches.

Moreover, it is not only designed for cats; it can also be used to trim claws of dogs and even rabbits.


• Small and lightweight

• Sharp enough to make precise and quick cuts of animal nails.

• Easy to hold and control


• Handle may not suit pet owners with big hands

• May not be useful in trimming nails of bigger dogs

Features and Benefits

The Whisker Wishes veterinarian grade pet clippers is a handy and practical tool that you should have in your house. It is easy to use, something that you will appreciate if you are the type of pet owner who brings your cat or dog to a grooming salon for nail trimming.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is sharp enough to cut through thick nails. My cat isn’t fond of nail trimming especially when it takes too long. When I used this nail trimmer on her, I was surprised that I was able to cut her nails very fast. That allowed me to finish the job after a few minutes. Surprisingly, she was very comfortable and didn’t move as much.

I also liked that the Whisker Wishes cat nail clipper is small and lightweight. In fact, its weight is just a mere 0.1 pounds! I have no problems holding it.

Moreover, I can easily maneuver it, which is important because my cat isn’t the most patient when it comes to trimming jobs. Because of the ease in maneuvering the tool, I can easily find the right angle to make precise cuts.

And with its scissors-like design, I have no problems controlling it even during the first time I used this tool. I was able to see where I am cutting. It’s far from the guillotine-style nail clippers which have the blade obstructing the view of the nail.

I also love the way Whisker Wishes designed the handle, which is made of white and purple plastic. The finger openings are very roomy and evenly sized. There are rubber grips near the holes to make handling of the nail clipper a lot more comfortable. I believe that a left-handed person can use it efficiently in the same way that a right-handed user can.

The Whisker Wishes nail trimmer for the cat has allowed me to save on nail trimming expenses. A trip to the pet grooming salon would cost us at least $10, which is pretty much the cost of this nail trimmer. I figured that I have saved at least $20 a month with this nail trimmer as I used to bring my cat to the groomer almost every other week.

Aside from saving my sofa, cabinet, and other furniture, regularly clipping my cat’s nail tips also benefits my beloved pet. One is that it can prevent painful broken claws that usually happens when her sharp nail tips get caught in the carpet.

I’ve also read that getting scratched by a cat can also increase the risks of cat scratch disease which has symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, headache, and high fever. By trimming her claws regularly, I can lessen the risks of me and anyone in the family getting infected with the said disease.

Of course, we all know that cat scratches to the skin can be painful. But with trimmed claws, my cat would no longer inflict pain on me or anyone in the house.

What Others Are Saying

I browsed online for reviews on this nail trimmer, and most of them were very positive. Like me, the users say the Whisker Wishes cat nail trimmer is easy to use, easy to control, and sharp. Others like that it is pretty much affordable.


• CandyHome Veterinary Approved Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer

The CandyHome pet nail clippers and trimmer features a safety stop that serves as a quick sensor.

This safety stops blade greatly lessens the risks of cutting your pets’ nails too short and injuring your cat or dog by cutting the nails too deep. There’s also a free nail file included in the product package.

• Professional Pet Nail Scissors By Hertzko

The Professional Pet Nail Scissors by Hertzko is similar to the scissor-like design of the Whiskers Wishes nail trimmer.

But it has a semi-circular indentation at the tip of its blades, letting you see the portion of the nails so that the trimming process becomes a lot safer.

• Kitty Nails Cat Nail Clippers from Simply Vets Online

The Kitty Nails cat nail clippers are very similar to the Whisker Wishes cat nail trimmer regarding design and features, although it is slightly more expensive.

These are three excellent alternatives to the Whisker Wishes cat nail trimmer which you should check out as well.

Final Words

The Whisker Wishes cat nail trimmer has been a great buy for me. I’ve been able to save on cat nail trimming expenses ever since I bought this nail trimmer. It’s easy to use, and I haven’t encountered any problems in cutting the nail tips of my beloved pet. The handles are well-designed that I can easily grip and control it.

The nail trimmer is also sharp ; thus I can cut quickly. That’s important for me as my cat isn’t exactly fond of trimming her claws. Plus, it is very affordable.

As you have learned in this Whisker Wishes Cat Nail Trimmer review, the nail trimmer is an absolute must-have for any cat owner.

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