Sticky Paws Review

Scratching of furniture is something that is not attained by most owners. When a cat has such behavior, some may feel that the only solution is to declaw the cat or get rid of them entirely. But such options are terrible.

Claws are just vital part of a cat and scratching is not only a natural act but also necessary for a cat. Scratching allows the cat to shade the outer sheaths of the nail, keeping them sharp and ready for defends.

It is also an exercise technique that serves to stretch and strengthen the upper body of the cat. In where there is more than one cat in the same household, cat uses scratch to mark their territory visually as way of determining their rank.

However, having a cat does not mean that you should not have nice furniture. You can use Sticky Paws to control the cat scratching behavior humanely. Sticky Paws are transparent adhesive strips that can be applied directly to furniture, fabric, carpets, drapes, stereo speakers, rugs, among another place where cats are not allowed to stay.

This is the most effective way of stopping the cat from destroying your nice furniture and other house hold items. Sticky Paws strips are water soluble and are not meant to harm the cat but just to discourage them from scratching the applied surface. It is also designed not to stain the furniture as it does not leave any sky residue when removed.

How The Sticky Paws Works

Naturally, cat hates sticky surfaces and by placing Sticky Paws strip on a surface, you will be training your cat to avoid that surface. Sticky Paws are based on acrylic and are unlikely to damage your furniture.

The adhesive strips can be removed easily without decolorizing or leaving a sticky residue on the surface. Sticky Paws can be applied directly to the fabric and placed on that area that you want to protect from being scratch by a cat. This includes carpet, stereo speakers, and counter tops, among other places.

With enough items per package of the product, you can creative with the product with your custom size. Sticky Paws should be placed strategically to prevent the cat from scratching your furniture. By combining appealing scratching options and scratch deterrents, you discourage you cat from scratching surfaces and ensure that your furniture is looking nice.


· Sticky Paws are effective tools for changing cat behavior

· The cut does not like how the Sticky Paws feels under their paws making it unpleasant for them to scratch the surface.

· Sticky Paws are transparent and can be applied directly to furniture, carpet, and any other area that you don’t protect from being scratch be a cat.

· The sticky feel of the strip effectively discourages the cat from scratching that area.

· Sticky Paws can handle different unwanted behavior of a cat, which includes furniture scratching, jumping and climbing.

· It can be used with different items, which includes carpets, curtains, furniture, windows, stereo speakers, door screen among other items.

· It is totally transparent and does not affect the look of a décor.

· Sticky Paws are made of medical grade adhesive and does not affect the cat when use as directed by the professionals.

· It does not require a lot of strips to be effective, a few strips placed on strategic areas are enough.

· It can be cut to any required length.

· It is easy to apply and remove.· They are odor free.

· Does not leave any sticky residue on the surface when removed.


· Sticky paws can damage some certain surfaces such as wood finishes, lather, painted surfaces, wallpaper, and vinyl. It is always important to test a small piece of Sticky Paws on an inconspicuous test area before applying.

· Sticky Paws are only very effective on surfaces that have been treated with non-stick or stain-repellent products such as Scotchgard.

Where To Buy And Ship Sticky Paws

Sticky Paws are inexpensive and effective tools. They can be ordered in Amazon. You can ship your item, if that is what you need. The item will be shipped within the next day just after clearance.

All items shipped are always accompanied by delivery confirmation or tracking number. Items that are shipped within the US are sent via USPS First Class or priority mail. USPS First Class takes around 5 days while priority mails take less than 3 days.

Most shipping companies allow their customers to return the item for any reason within 14 days of receipt. If you ship [easyazon_link identifier="B007I08FI4" locale="US" nw="y" tag="catover05-20"]Sticky Paws[/easyazon_link] and find that you are not satisfied with the product, you can conduct the seller and you will be refunded your purchase price. The refund is only made after the item is received by the seller.

Shipping cost is non-refundable and items that have been used cannot be return. Without the undamaged, original packing, the item cannot be return. If you find the item is faulty upon arrival, contact the seller immediately.

Shipping companies includes their contacts in their websites. They are very responsive and are always available 24/7. They offer customer service and guidance to the customers. You can share any comment or improvement you wish to see on the product with them.​

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Sticky Paws Review

Sticky Paws Review

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Sticky Paws is a great product which will save your furniture from getting scratched by your cats. As any cat lover will know it is often impossible to get, your cat to stop it’s scratching habits. These helpful, sticky strips do the trick. You cats will no longer be able to destroy the furniture.

These strips are transparent, so you will hardly notice they are there. They can be applied to any fabric and don’t have an unsightly look or leave any mess.

The product is made from a medical grade glue which is specially designed so that it won’t harm your fabrics or cats. The strips are very easy to use; they can be applied in a few easy steps and also come off simple and easily without leaving any marks.

This product can be used on surfaces other than fabric if you have problems with your cat scratching or rubbing against other areas in your home. Use on countertops, stereo speakers, curtains and carpets to deter your cat from these areas.

Benefits Of Using Sticky Paws

• Stops your cats from ruining furniture

• easy to stick to furniture and remove

• made with special glue that won’t hurt cats or furniture​

If you have tried scolding or sprays to deter your cats from scratching without much success, then it may be time to try sticky paws. I had tried to train my cats in the past, but they often took no notice. I have however found that by using sticky paws for a while they will now avoid these areas long after the product was removed. This product should even be marketed as a training aid for cats soon get the message to stop scratching.​

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