Sticky Paws Furniture Strips Review

I have been a real cat lover all my life and I have, been keeping two for the past three years, Mario and Snippy. I don’t really know how but they seem to have grown much more stubborn and I was beginning to lose it over them. They just couldn’t stop scratching my furniture.

Or maybe, it was when I got a new set of cushion chairs that I began to really see the problem. Anyway, Peter did me much favor telling me about the sticky paws furniture strips. Initially, I didn’t really believe him though, but I’m glad I did.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

Before you go buying some sticky paw tapes, remind yourself of what your issue is. You need this product to prevent cat scratch marks on your furnishings. If you have some other different reasons, I guess you should not consider it.

Some people have resorted to declawing their cats and they think this is also another method. No, these products are not to make your cat’s paws blunt but to prevent them from scratching. However, you should consider which equipment in your home you want to get protected.

I realized the fine print on the product says it damages wooden surfaces, leather, vinyl, wallpaper and painted surfaces. You should also know that it is not effective on stain-repellant or non-stick products.

When it is time to remove it, it may take strips of your leather too. So for you users of non-stick fabric chairs, you well should want to consider another option.

• Ask yourself if your cats scratch on the headrest of your chair. The product is sticky and will stick your hair when you rest.

• Do they scratch on the seat? You can’t apply it there either as you may get your clothing sticking to it.​

Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

The Sticky Paws tape is a transparent and adhesive tape. It sticks very well to all the listed fabrics and surfaces, and it delivered on its promise – stops your cats from destroying your furnishings. I realized the cats do not like its sticky nature and avoided clawing on it.


• I used it for about five months and it still looked fine on my furniture.

• The price paid for this product was way below the value I gained from it.

• It doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness after being removed.

• It is easy to remove.


• It does not make the furniture appear so great. It looks close to having your furniture covered in a tape.

• The tape is not so sticky after being initially applied – can be peeled off with the fingertips.

• When removed, it may wear away a little color. However, it is less likely to do so when used on the right surfaces.

• You need quite a lot of strips to cover the given surface.

Features and Benefits

The product comes in a package of 24 strips which are very transparent and sticky. I like the transparency since that makes it work with any color. My chairs have a purple colored fabric and my stereos speakers drapes are ash. That means I didn’t need to buy different colors of the same product for both of these equipment.

The sticky paws furniture strips just fits, almost anywhere. Though my purple cushion chairs were what I was most concerned about, I applied this on various surfaces too that were suffering damage. Like I said, I stuck some on my audio set as well as my TV set.

Someway somehow, I thought my study desk will need some covering too so I did. But, hey, it certainly has a sticky feel and, I often felt just a little attachment to my trousers fabric or the loose parts of my shirt. It was nothing serious though. I think it is this very sticky nature that even prevents the cats from scratching it in the first place.

I realized the product is odor free. Not that it had no scent at all, but a very feeble one whichyou can hardly smell even if you are close by. I checked the cover for the product formulation, and I saw something like Fe-Lines odor-free medical-grade adhesive.

Whatever that means, I believe that’s why it is odorless. From my little knowledge of what a medical-grade adhesive is, I understand it is totally safe for our health and the cats’ health as well.

For certainty sake, I chose to remove it after five months to see the results. I wanted to be sure these were not going to stick forever or permanently damage my furniture with post usage residue.

It’s impossible that no residue will be left though. But what was left behind after five months of usage, I think is negligible enough to be ignored as residue. There were no pieces of tape stuck behind, just some little traces of the sticky glue.

What Others Are Saying

Before I would finally submit my sticky paws review, I thought I should check what others were saying about the product. Perhaps, I have enjoyed a peculiar experience that others haven’t. I went browsing the internet and, I saw quite some positive reviews from other customers too.

It does work, my cat is no longer using the corner of my couch as a scratching post. Only problem I'm having is she's sitting there trying to chew it off and pulling it off piece by piece….’ There were a few bad experiences too.

Final Words

It is more than just disturbing to see your cats scratching your couch, audio systems, etc. But for me, that’s exactly what this product has solved. At least, there is no more need spending so much time and frantic efforts to declaw my cats.

Meanwhile, I don’t need to keep an eye on them every time like I used to. Lest I forget, it’s been quite a while since I saw them attempting to scratch any of my stuff; it seems they are gradually getting to understand they just shouldn’t.

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