Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps Review

Before we adopted our kitten, we were told about the many quirks kitties can have, including scratching furniture and surfaces around the house. So we pretty much expected it already. What we did not expect is just how frustrating it can get.

The chronic scratching made rips in our couch and trashed our rug, and we knew we had to do something about her behavior. After doing some research online, we found a useful Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps review that gave us a lot of interesting information that I’m going to share with you here.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Cat Claw Covers

While stopping your cat from ripping your sofa into shreds is definitely something you must do pronto, you need to think about a few things first before you purchase claw covers online.

1. Your cat will always scratch. This is a natural behavior among cats as scratching offers a number of benefits for your kitty. If your goal is to make your cat stop this behavior, claw covers aren’t what you need.

2. Some folks are not too keen on declawing their pets, as it can completely change a body part of their pet. While claw covers only make cat nails blunter, they don't really modify your pet's body parts or look.

3. If your cat is suffering from an infection on their paws or nail beds, it might not be best to make them wear claw covers as it can slow down the healing process. In cases like these, it is best to seek professional advice before anything else.

The Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps

The Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps are claw covers designed to lessen the destructive effects of cat scratching. Developed with the help of veterinarians, these products are meant to follow the natural shape of your cat's claws, so your pet won't be bothered wearing them and so they won't impede the natural growth and movement of their nails.

Soft Claws is from the same makers of the market leading Soft Paws brand. The only difference: the former is readily available commercially, while the latter is typically carried by vets and clinics.

Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps can be a good product for households that struggle with managing their cat's scratching habit. This product will not get rid of the scratching, though, so if you're looking for a way to make your kitten stop creating gashes on stuff, you might need to look elsewhere for a solution.

To help you get to know the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps better, here's a lowdown of its pros and cons.​


● As the caps are duller than claws, they won't create as much damage even if your cat continues to scratch at the floor, walls, furniture, or even your skin.

● They're more affordable, humane, and even safer than having to declaw your cat.

● They're safe for your pet cat's health.


● Putting them on a fussy cat can be a challenge.

● You'll need to properly store the glue after the first use as they can dry up.

● You have to be careful in putting on the caps to ensure comfortable extraction and retraction of your cat's claws.

Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps Features and Benefits

To learn more about the Soft Claws nail caps for cats, here's a more detailed list of its features and benefits.

Easy, non surgical attachment

Soft Claws' nail caps are easy to attach. You might need to be careful with the amount of glue you use on the caps, though, as excess glue can stick on your kitten's fur and cause discomfort. Placing the cap properly on the claw should also be ensured, so you can ensure the comfort of your kitty when extracting and retracting their claws.

Can last for 4-6 weeks

Nail caps are designed to withstand pressure despite your cat's repeated attempt to take it off or embed it on hard and textured surfaces. If properly attached, claw covers can be worn by your cat for up to 6 weeks or until they naturally fall off due to your cat's claw length.

Comes with 40 caps, six applicators, adhesive tube, and instructionsEach pack of Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps comes with 40 pieces of nail caps, a set of instructions, two tubes of adhesive, and six applicators so you can attach the product on your cat even without professional assistance.

Available in clear color

These Soft Claws for kittens nail caps come in clear color so they won't modify your cat's appearance in any way.

Available in four sizes

Cat owners can choose from four sizes available depending on their cat's weight, age, and build:

● Kitten – Ideal for kittens under 5 lbs.

● Small – Ideal for young cats weighing 6-8 lbs.

● Medium – Ideal for average sized cats weighing 9-13 lbs.

● Large – Ideal for big cat breeds weighing 14 lbs and above.

They come in four different sizes:

1. Kitten – Ideal for cats less than six months old. Three-month-old kittens can start wearing them if they already fit snugly. If not, you will need to wait another month to put them on.

2. Small – Ideal for large breed kittens, cats five months and older, or cats weighing 6-8 lbs.

3. Medium – Ideal for cats weighing 9-13 lbs and adult cats.

4. Large – Ideal for cats weighing 14 lbs and more, as well as large breed cats.

Please note that your cat will need the right sized caps so they won't fall off, feel comfortable, and not be bothered too much by them.

Designed with a Cleat Lock System (CLS) and Soft Cuff

Because we wanted to know how other people feel about this product before deciding to buy it, we also made sure to get more feedback on the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps. Being a popular brand, we found a lot of positive reviews about these soft paws for cats, which eventually compelled us to purchase it.

What People Say About the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps

Because we wanted to know how other people feel about this product before deciding to buy it, we also made sure to get more feedback on the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps. Being a popular brand, we found a lot of positive reviews about these soft paws for cats, which eventually compelled us to purchase it.

Alternatives to the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps

To make sure that we covered all our bases to ensure our kitty does not completely ruin our furniture, we've also looked into other possible alternatives to cat nail caps.

1. Effective cat training (Scratching Post)

If you want your cat to stop creating lacerations on your expensive oriental rug, you can try training them. By giving them something else to scratch on (it can be a scratching post or pad) you can divert their interest in destroying your home décor to dedicated products for scratching. However, if you don't have the time to constantly monitor their actions, it might not be a great option for you.

2. Frequent nail trimming (Nail Clippers)

Possibly the cheapest option in the list, constant nail trimming can actually help minimize the damage caused by your cat's scratching. With shorter nails, they won't be able to make deep gashes on your couch, hardwood floors, or walls. 

3. Regular claw grooming (Nail Grinders)

If you have the time and budget for it, regular grooming can also help in managing your pet cat’s scratching habit. However, it can be pricey and time consuming, so another alternative you can try is to learn how to groom them at home. 

Handling Your Cat's Scratching Habit with the Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps

Despite the fact that it is natural for cats to scratch things, you shouldn't be left with ripped furniture and torn wallpaper at home. Nail caps for kittens are cheap, easy to find, and low maintenance solutions to deal with this pet behavior, so you shouldn't have to suffer through destroyed furnishings around your house.

We hope this Soft Claws Kitten Nail Caps review helped you out even just a little in learning more about your options in managing your cat's destructive behavior. 

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