Smartykat Scratch Not Tape Review

If you have a cat and you have just bought new furniture, you need to take an action fast before the furniture gets clawed. I have lived with a cat ever since I moved into my own house and I know that the cat likes scratching furniture.

So, when I bought a new set of furniture, I carried out some research on the best way I could protect it from being scratched by the cat. A friend of mine had told me that he had been using lemon and eucalyptus oils to repel the cat but he had not achieved much. This is why I decided to try smartykat scratch not tape.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

If you have a new set of furniture and new carpet which you do not want to get damaged or scratched by the cat, this smartykat scratch not review introduces you to one of the product you should buy.

The Smartykat Scratch Not Scratch Barrier Tape can be used to stop the cat from pulling your carpet away, scratching your furniture and ensure that the walls of your house remain unscratched. Initially, I had tried using other products such as scratching pads, wall mount post, indoor carpet tape, and, masking tape but they never served the purpose.

Smartykat scratch not tape is indeed all you need to keep your cats away from your furniture, carpet, wood finishes, leather, vinyl Painted surfaces and wallpaper. This is a barrier tape that will keep the cats away and prevent scratching.

Note that smartykat scratch not tape should be used by first testing a smaller surface on which it is to be applied. This guarantees that the product does not ruin any part of the surface you want to apply to.

The Scratch Not tape may not adhere to surfaces that have been treated with a noon-stick or repellent products. Also, you need to follow the instructions carefully so that it adheres well to the surfaces on which it is applied.

Smartykat Scratch Not Tape


1. It is fairly priced

2. It can be easily applied and removed

3. When used on the furniture, it is always invisible and may not be noticed by your visitors.4. It comes with instructions on how it should be used


1. The product works well if all the instructions are followed. If you are not the type that follows instructions, the product will not be of help to you.

2. The product has some sharp edges meaning that it may not be ideal for children.

3. When you are unpacking it, some extra care needs to be taken to avoid injuring yourself.

Features and Benefits

1. Sticks well on surfaces

2. It is designed to stick on surfaces. This means that all you need to do is to pull the tape from the roll and cut it to the desired length and apply the sticky side on the surface that needs to be protected.

Sharp Edges

The product has a functional sharp edge. This implies that it cannot be used by unsupervised children. Also one needs to take care while unwrapping it to avoid injuring himself. It is recommended that you follow instructions when pulling the tape and cut it using a dispenser.

The best way to remove it is by peeling away the white contact paper after cracking. You should then apply some moist clothing so as to lessen it. It should then be applied on the surface that needs to be protected. Tearing the product is easy but one must be careful not to tear it in the direction of your furniture because the tearing is sharp and may puncture or snag your furniture.

How it Repels Cats

The smartykat scratch not tape produces some citrus smell that cats don’t like. When put on the corners of the furniture, it deters the cat and stops it from scratching. Naturally, cats do not like citrus smell and will avoid areas on which smartykat scratch not tape has been applied.

Can be Applied Anywhere

The smartykat scratch not tape is furniture, door frame and corner wall saver which when stuck where the cat digs holes, it repels them from that area. It is double sided and easy to apply meaning that it will actually serve the purpose and keep your furniture safe from the cat.

If you have a brand new set of couch, the only way you can save it from getting ripped to pieces is to have it applied on all the corners of your couch. The tape is not an eye sore and will not stand out from your couch. This implies that the tape cannot be easily noticed.

It is sticky

The tape is designed in such a way that the cat’s paws will get stuck in the tape. Naturally, cats dislike this and will not attempt to move closer to the tape. Unfortunately, there are cases where the cat’s hair may get stuck on the tape and make the tape to stop working. This means that one must replace the tape as soon as this happens to avoid instances of getting it scratched and being forced to replace the entire couch.

What Others Are Saying

Most of the reviewers agree that the product is reasonably priced and is meticulously designed to invisibly protect your furniture and other furnishing. It can be applied on a wide range of products and stops the cat from scratching your upholstered items.

Final Words

The smartykat scratch not tape is a must buy product if you intend to continue using your couch and other furniture because once it is used, it does not give your pet a chance to scratch your furnishes.

The product is reasonably priced, easy to use and guarantees you instant results. It can be used on counter-tops, drapes, speakers and carpets. It's sticky nature repels the cat but will not harm it in any way.

Lastly,the product will not also destroy your fabric and is thought to be a useful product especially if you don't like having their cat declawed. If you have a cat and you value your furniture, just click here for an instant solution.

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