Roto Soft Nail Caps for Cats Review

The moment our eldest cat started digging her claws on our couch, we knew that we had to do something about it before she destroys our $300 furniture. But as it is a natural behavior for cats, it’s pointless to try to stop it.

However, our pets were already damaging our hardwood floors, wallpapers, and new furniture, so we decided to look into cat nail covers to lessen the impact of their claws on our surfaces. If you're going through the same ordeal, our Roto Soft Nail Caps for Cats review might help you decide whether this product is for you.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Nail Caps for Cats

Before you go ahead hunt down some nail caps for your pet cat, there are a few things you might want to think about.

1. Nail caps won't stop your kittens from scratching. If you're annoyed about the actual scratching and not the gashes they cause, then you might want to look for another solution like declawing as caps only cover claws and don't alter a cat's natural behavior.

2. Nail caps won't eliminate the need to trim your cat's nails. Because caps are designed to follow the shape of your cat's claws, they don't impede their growth. This is why you'll still need to clip your cat's claws before replacing a new set of cat claw covers so you can keep your pet comfortable.

3. Nail caps come in a wide array of colors and sizes, so you might want to do some research first before purchasing some.

The Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps

The Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps is a product from the Roto Market-Pet Products & Supplies, a reputable provider of pet toys and accessories. This soft claws for cats pack are composed of 100 pieces of plastic caps in different colors, offering variety to cat parents who want to spruce up their kitty's look while keeping their furniture safe from scratch marks.

With the quantity and variety of colors, it seems to offer better value than leading brands. These products won't stop your cat from scratching, though, so if this is your objective, you might want to consider a different product or procedure.

Let's get to know the Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps further with this list of pros and cons.


● With 100 caps in one pack, they can be ideal for households with multiple cats.

● They're easy to attach with the glue tubes that comes with each pack.

● They come in a wide array of colors, making them fun options for cat owners who love to spruce up their pet's looks.

● Give your cat an instant mani-pedi with these colorful caps that are perfectly easy to use.


● Colors are random, so there's a chance that you might need to use different colored caps for one cat.

● Colored caps can make it hard to know how much glue is already inside. This can lead to excess glue getting to your hand and on your kitty's fur.

● This pack might be more suitable to experienced cat owners as it doesn't come with instructions.

Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps' Features and Benefits

The Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps also offers the following features and benefits:

Made of PVC

The Roto Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps are made with thick PVC, so they don't break or become brittle quickly. This means your cat may be able to use a set of caps longer, as they won't easily shatter with their regular scratching.

As cats can put some force on their claws to be able to puncture surfaces with the use of their claws, PVC nail caps can be fairly sturdy and useful materials in creating blunt nails and preventing the creation gashes.

A single pack contains a variety of colors

Each box of this Roto Market product comes with nail caps for cats in various colors. This is a great draw for us as we can safely play up our kitten's look with these products. With different colored claw caps, you can be as creative as you can in mixing and match the hues for each paw, livening up the look of your kitty.

Colored nail covers can also be a desirable option if you want to ensure that your cat is wearing claw caps all the time. As opposed to bright caps, colored ones are more noticeable in case they pop off, making it easier for you to replace them right away.

100 caps per pack

If you have a hoard of cats at home who are fond of scratching your furniture, this package might prove to be a good buy as it can be enough to cap each kitty's claws. You might even enjoy color coding their paws since the pack contains nail covers of different colors.

Available in various sizes

As the Roto Nail Caps for Cats come in different sizes, they guarantee that each pet owner will find a good fit for their furballs. We have two Siamese cats and a Maine Coon at home, which means our cats differ in sizes.

While this might mean we need to purchase two packs instead of just one, the idea that we can get the same brand for different cats is still a good thing. Particularly since we're quite particular about the quality of the products we get for our cats, the same brand might be a better guarantee that all our kitties are using high-grade products.

Comes with five tubes of surgical grade, pet-friendly glue

Each pack of Roto cat nail caps comes with five tubes of glue. It may seem like a lot of glue for a single package of cat accessories, but since this product comes with 100 pieces of caps, five tubes sound just enough to attach each cap safely on our pets. Instead of providing a single glue tube in a bigger container, we think five small tubes is just better because it can keep the glue from drying out.

What People Say About the Roto Soft Nail Caps

After searching the Web for testimonials on the Roto Market's soft paws for cats, we've come across some positive reviews from a handful of pet owners. Many reviewers love the solid colored caps more than the glittery ones, by the way.


There are other options aside from nail caps such as:

1. Nail Trimmer

Trimming your cat’s nails can make their claws blunt, but you may need to do it frequently because their nails can grow quickly. 

2. Nail Grinder

Nail grinding is trimming your pet cat’s nails but instead of using a trimmer, it uses a mechanical grinder. It can be intimidating for some, but it is guaranteed to be painless for pets if used correctly.

3. Pet training (Scratching Post)

Of course, you can also train your cat not to scratch your furniture. It might take a while to see some results, but it can be done if you are also willing to learn how to train your cat properly at home. Specially if you use a scratching post.

Managing Your Cat's Scratching Habit with the Roto Soft Nail Caps

Because cat scratching is a normal behavior for cats, all we can do is try to manage its impact. This is why we were quite happy to have discovered the Roto Soft Nail Caps for Cats, as these claw covers can be the right solution we're after. They're very affordable, so they don't hurt our budget.

They also prevent us from having to resort to declawing, making them a more humane way to deal with our cat's destructive habit. 

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