Purrdy Paws for Cats Review

When we first found out how nail caps can minimize the damage brought about by our pet's habit of scratching our furnishings, we decided to give it a try. We initially wanted clear nail caps but after reading reviews of caps falling off, we thought colored covers might be the better option as you can tell right away if one has already popped off and this is why we bought the Purrdy Paws. Here’s our Purrdy Paws for cats review to help you know more about this product.

What to Consider Before Buying Feline Nail Caps

Even for those who don't fuss about their interiors, cat scratch marks can still be a bother. Not only are these deep gashes unsightly, but the continuous scratching can also destroy your furniture, floors, and walls. If you're worried about all of your furnishings getting redesigned with lacerations, feline nail caps can be worth considering. 

Before you head out to grab a pack, here are a few things you have to consider.

1. If you have doubts about declawing but cannot stand the scratches anymore, feline nail caps are a good option.

2. If your cat isn't overly sensitive to things being attached to them, there's a high chance that nail caps may work for them.

3. Do some research regarding the sizes before purchasing. It is important to make sure that the nail caps fit snugly on your kitten, so getting the right size is essential for the cat claw covers to do their magic.

The Glow in the Dark Purrdy Paws for Cats

The Glow in the Dark Purrdy Paws Soft Nail Caps for Cats are fun claw covers for your feline friend. These nail caps are colored versions of regular nail caps for cats, made special by their glow in the dark feature. Made with non-toxic vinyl, exposure to light during the day will make them visible at night even when the lights are off.

This Purrdy Paws product is designed to help you if you want to minimize the effects of your kitty's scratching around the house. However, if you want your cat to look like a regular kitty, you might want to opt for clear caps instead.


● They're unique.

● They come in different sizes, so there's a high chance of finding the right fit for your kitty.

● They're softer than actual claws so you won't have to suffer from scratched skin, hardwood floors, and walls, and furniture anymore.

● They can last for up to 2 months, with each pack containing 20 caps, making it economical and low maintenance.

● Safe for your kitty's health.


● Attachment of the nail caps can be a challenge for those with fussy kitties.

● Sizing can be a bit bigger than the ages stated on the box. It might be best to try the cap on your cat's claw first (without glue) to see if they fit snugly.

● Use of these claw covers will still need you to trim your cat's nails regularly. Not as much as you would without the caps, though, but trimming is still required.

Glow in the Dark Purrdy Paws for Cats Features and Benefits

What does the glow in the dark Purrdy Paws for cats offer? Here are its features and their benefits.

Designed by a veterinarian.

For us, products made by experts seem to be more reliable than others. This is why we think we can trust the Purrdy Paws for cats because they are made by a veterinarian who is familiar with cat health and behaviors, assuring us that these products won't harm young kittens.

Made with non toxic vinyl.

Purrdy Paws' nail caps for cats are made with nontoxic vinyl, making it safe for use. Even if it pops off and gets swallowed by your kitty, there won't be any issues for their intestinal tracks or poisoning.

Highly visible, even in the dark.

If your main issue with clear claw caps is that they can be hard to tell if one already popped off, you may want to consider colored varieties like this one. Bright neon green in hue, it can also glow in the dark, making them easy to see under different lighting conditions.

This makes it a lot easier to replace one and continuously enjoy scratch-free limbs and furniture. Of course, it's also pretty cute to see a kitty's luminescent paws in the dark, making it an even more entertaining option for us.

Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Because it is important that cat nail caps fit snugly to ensure that they stay in place, these Purrdy Paws products are available in different sizes.

They come in four different sizes:

1. Kitten – Ideal for cats less than six months old. Three-month-old kittens can start wearing them if they already fit snugly. If not, you will need to wait another month to put them on.

2. Small – Ideal for large breed kittens, cats five months and older, or cats weighing 6-8 lbs.

3. Medium – Ideal for cats weighing 9-13 lbs and adult cats.

4. Large – Ideal for cats weighing 14 lbs and more, as well as large breed cats.

The manufacturer's size guide is not foolproof, though, so you might want to try putting on a cap on your kitten's claw without glue first to see if they already fit. If they don't, you might need to wait a few more weeks before letting your cat wear them.

Comes with an applicator and glue for easy use.

When putting on Purrdy Paws nail caps for cats, you'll need an adhesive to ensure it stays on your cat's claws. Each pack comes with a tube of glue and applicator to make the task easier. You might need to be careful in using the glue, though, because it dries up fast and is very sticky.

What People Say About the Purrdy Paws Glow in the Dark Nail Caps

When it comes to products for our cat, we want to make sure that we give them quality products. This is why we decided to scour the web to know what people are saying about Purrdy Paws products. As it turns out, a lot of people highly recommend them.

Alternatives for the Purrdy Paws Glow in the Dark Nail Caps

If you're still having some doubts about the Purrdy Paws soft claws, though, there are other alternatives you can consider:

1. Clear soft paws for cats.

Clear claw caps are a lot like the Purrdy Paws glow in the dark nail caps except for the color. The latter comes in green, while clear caps are transparent and won't alter the look of your cat's paws. They provide the same benefits, however. If you're not too keen on making your cat look like she just had a mani-pedi, you might want to check out these clear claw covers instead.

2. Training your pet not to scratch you or your furniture or use Sticky Paws

Training them is also an option you can try. Unlike caps, though, training will require more effort on your part. Also you can use Sticky Paws to add as a deterrent.

3. Regular nail trimming using nail clippers or grinders.

There are two kinds of tools you will need for this: a nail clipper or nail grinder. The only difference between the two is that Clippers cut your pet’s nails while grinders file them. 

Solving Your Cat's Scratching Habit with Purrdy Paws Glow in the Dark Nail Caps

While scratching is second nature for every cat, it can still be a big problem for cat parents everywhere. It can damage furniture, as well as hurt people in the long run. The Purrdy Paws Glow in the Dark Nail Caps may be a good solution to this problem for two reasons.

One, it can minimize the gashes around the house without affecting your kitten's natural behavior and growth.

Secondly, it is very affordable.

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