Oster Pet Nail Grinder Review

I had a pet cat and wanted to trim her nails, not just for the sake of my furniture but because if the nails of cats and dogs get too long, health complications can arise and lead to discomfort. As my Oster Pet Nail Grinder review will show, this is one product that might be able to help.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

As I’ve pointed out, trimming or grinding your pet’s nails is good for your cat and you. For your cat, removing the very tip means there’s less chance she will suffer from a broken claw in case she gets caught up in a rug. At the same time, reducing the sharpness of her claws makes it less painful when she pokes you.

The bottom line is if you’ve got a cat or dog, you’ll need a nail grinder to trim their claws effectively. There’s no shortage of pet nail grinders, but they’re not created equal as some are better than others. Here’s a rundown of the features you should look for in a pet nail grinder.

• Easy to use

• Has safety features built-in to protect your cat’s nails

• Comfortable to hold

• The tool needs to smooth both top and sides of your pet’s nails

A Close Look at the Oster Cat Nail Grinder

This nail grinder claims to be a professional-level nail grinder for cats and dogs. Manufactured by Oster, the product description says it’s the ideal tool to be a master groomer for pets. The product is available online and is sold in a kit that comes with the grooming bands, grinding stone, grooming drum, power supply, the corded nail grinder and the instruction manual.

This nail grinder can be useful if you’ve got a pet cat or dog. If you’ve used a nail grinder before, figuring out how this works should be easy, but if it’s your first time to use this, it might take a bit of getting used to (for you and your pet).


• Simple to use

• Suitable for cats and dogs

• The kit comes with all the tools necessary for complete nail grinding

• Doesn’t need batteries

• Speed is adjustable


• The nail grinder produces a bit of noise

• Some customers say the instructions could be more detailed

•The power supply is large

Features and Benefits

• Variable Speed Dial: the nail grinder has a speed dial that gives you complete control of the trimming process. The faster you set the dial, the faster the nail grinder spins and the faster your pet’s nails get trimmed.

There’s also convenient on / off switch so you can turn it off quickly.If you have never used a nail grinder before, your pet might get scared because of the sound. This is where the variable speed option comes in, as you can set it low (low speed, low noise) so your pet can get used to it.

• Automatic Stop: the nail grinder also has an automatic stop feature, and it is an important safety feature. As you use the nail grinder, it spins according to the settings you set. Usually, this goes without a hitch, but sometimes hair or something else would get caught up. This is where the automatic stop kicks in: as soon as something gets stuck in the rotating section, the nail grinder will stop.

One of the more common problems with low-quality nail grinders is the tendency for hair to end up in the nail grinder. Sometimes the nail grinder can also push on the nail too much. If that happens, the nail grinder auto stop feature will kick in as well.

• Finger Grips: the Oster has been specially designed to be comfortable to hold. Until you’ve tried using a pet nail grinder, you won’t be able to appreciate how important this is. I’ve used other nail grinders before, and the difference in the grip handle is evident.

If this is your first time to use a nail grinder, your hands could suffer fatigue and lose control. With these grips, you should have a more comfortable hold on the nail grinder and keep your pet at ease.

• Carrying Case: the Oster nail grinder for cats comes with a carry case too. Here you can store the nail grinder, the power supply, and other items. A carry case is convenient for transport and travel, and sometimes our pets feel more comfortable in specific spots, and with a carry case, you’ll be able to bring it with you wherever your pet is.

• No Batteries: the power supply case may be bulky, but once you’re set, you may use the nail grinder without the need to recharge batteries. The cord provided with the tool is long, so there’s no need for an extension, so as long as there’s a power supply you can nail grind continuously. Even when set at high speeds there’s very little dust, so no need for a mask.

• Grit Grinding Stones: the nail grinder comes with four grinding stones, 2 60 grit, and two 100 grit. You may use the coarser grit for most of the grinding and the finer one to polish it up. Depending on how long your pet’s nail is, you may need to use the finer grit for an extended period.

What Others Are Saying

I checked out the customer feedback for the Oster pet nail grinder for cats, and the feedback has been mostly positive. One reviewer says the grinder works better than a clipper. Another it’s the perfect solution for both cats and dogs, underscoring its reliability.


• Dremel 7300-PT:

the Dremel costs less than the Oster and has two-speed options so you can nail grind at the pace you want.

Unlike the Oster, the Dremel is cordless and works with a wide range of Dremel bands and drums. The speed options are 6,500 and 13,000 RPM so you can grind nails with accuracy.

• Homdox Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats:

this is a portable nail grinder that’s been designed not just for trimming but smoothing out your pet’s nails.

The nail grinder uses a 2 x 1.5V AA battery (included), and the Homdox is not just quiet but has safety features built in.

• Amir Pet Nail Grinder:

the Amir utilizes a diamond bit grinder for trimming nails, and it also has a quiet motor that won’t scare your pet.

Made from ABS resin, the Amir nail grinder is designed to be comfortable to hold.

The Oster nail grinder is a solid product, but as you can see, there are alternatives and compared to the Oster these products are portable. We’ve already pointed out the benefits of battery and electric powered nail grinders, so if you’re interested, check them out.

Final Words

As this Oster Pet Nail Grinder review points out, this product offers you an effective way to trim your pet’s nails and avoid joint pain and broken claws. With its auto stop feature, trimming nails is safer, and the variable speeds let you grind the nails at a pace your pet is comfortable with.

Even if it’s your first time to use a nail grinder, the ergonomic design makes it easier to trim nails and prevent complications. So if you’ve been using other nail grinders, and they don’t work, the Oster could be what you’re looking for.

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