Oster Gentle Paws Nail Grinder Review

With this Oster Gentle Paws Nail Grinder review, I hope to show you how effective it can be for cat nail trimming. Your pet’s long claws don’t just inflict damage on furniture, but it could cause discomfort and pain. With this pet nail grinder, your pet can get relief from pain.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

Nails that don’t get trimmed curve into your pet’s claw pads causing pain. However, you cannot use a nail clipper for people as you need something more specialized. If you’re concerned about her nails growing too fast, you’re going to find a pet nail grinder a practical and indispensable tool.

If you regularly take your cat for a pet grooming service, you won’t need a pet grinder, but if you groom for your pet by yourself, a nail grinder should prove useful. Here are some buying tips to think about while you’re shopping.

• Electrical or battery powered? If you’re after portability, battery powered is preferable

• No matter what model you buy, make certain it’s as quiet as possible

• Ergonomic design: we want our pets to be comfortable, but you cannot sacrifice your comfort level. You’re the one who’s going to do the nail grinding after all.

A Close Look at the Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder for Cats

The Oster Gentle Paws is a nail grinder made specifically for cats. The package includes a fine band, a couple of coarse bands and the coarse stone. The manufacturer claims it’s designed for quiet operation and doesn’t create a mess.

This nail grinder would serve you well if you have medium or “regular” sized cats as it makes the trimming process simpler and more straightforward. If you have a large cat, however, you may be better off with a more heavy duty nail grinder. But unless your pet belongs to the largest cat breeds, the Gentle Paws will be serviceable.


• Easy to use

• Doesn’t cause pain

• Portable

• Easy to clean

• Safety features are well implemented


• Some consumers say it is a bit slow

• Requires more work on very large cats

• The motor could be quieter

Features and Benefits

• 2-Speed Option: the Oster Cat Nail Grinder comes with variable speed options so you can grind with accuracy. Some nail grinding jobs require a higher speed while for others it must be slower. Whatever the requirements may be, you can adjust the speed as suits the pace your pet is happy with. If it’s the first time for your pet to see a nail grinder, start with the slow speed so they’ll be accustomed to it.

• Built-in Safety Guard: the safety guard is adjustable, and it is what keeps the Gentle Paws from trimming your pet’s nails too much. This safety guard also holds the fillings, so you don’t end up with a mess following the grinding.

This also goes to show why it’s better than a regular nail clipper. Without a safety guard feature like the one on the Gentle Paws, your pet’s nails will be at risk, not to mention the operation will be messy with dust clippings flying all over.

• Cordless Operation: the Gentle Paws is battery powered, so your movement won’t be limited to where a power cord can take you. This also means the nail grinder is portable. If your pet is outdoors and you want to give her a nail trimming, you can do so right there. That is something you’d be hard pressed to do with an electrical nail charger unless there’s a power outlet nearby.

• Easy to Use: To use Gentle Paws, just chose the safety guard that is most suited for your pet’s nail and started filing. The filing process only takes a few seconds for each nail so your pet won’t get bored or irritated.

• Works for Cats: Some nail grinders work only for dogs or cats, but the Gentle Paws can be used for both. The process is the same: turn the Gentle Paws, choose the safety guard and place her nails in it.

• Comes with All the Required Items: one of the trademarks of a good nail grinder is if it comes with all the features necessary to start operations. That’s what you get here: if you order the item, it comes with the coarse stone for nail grinding and filing, one fine band and two coarse bands. The coarse bands are used for general filing while the fine band is for polishing.

• Built for Long Term Use: durability is a trait that’s difficult to prove unless you’ve been using it for a long time. However, customer feedback indicates the Gentle Paws is built for long term use. This is something you may want to consider: nail grinding should be done on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, every two weeks, etc.) so a durable grooming tool is necessary.

The durability is not limited to the Gentle Paws but the bands as well. Those made by other brands tend to wear out quickly, but these are made of high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a long term solution for your pet’s nail trimming needs, durability is a must.​

What Others Are Saying

The Oster Gentle Paws for Cats is popular, and testament to this is the consumer feedback. One reviewer says it’s the perfect nail grinder for her cats, while another says it’s easy to use and durable. A few negative reviews aside, the feedback is very positive.


• Pet Claw Care by Spin:

cheaper than the Oster Gentle Paws, it uses a diamond head for a long term and efficient grinding. In spite of the low price, the Pet Claw motor runs smoothly and doesn’t generate much noise.

There is no need to replace any belts either and is safe enough for both cats and kittens. This nail grinder runs on two AA batteries (not included).

• PetZoom Nail Groom Nail File:

the PetZoom has roughly the same price tag as the Oster, and it also works by removing trail layers without pain.

The nail grinder doesn’t break or damage the nails and is durable enough for cats. 

In spite of its strength, the PetZoom has sufficient safety features for a kitten’s nails to be trimmed with it.

• PepPet Electric Mains Pet Grooming Kit CP-3300:

another affordable nail grinder you can use for different types of cats.

It has a low vibration so there’s little to no shaking when activated, and there is very little noise when you file nails. 

Noise is something cats don’t like in nail grinders, so this is something you’ll appreciate.

These are the best alternatives to the Oster Gentle Paws Pet Nail Grinder, so feel free to check them out.

Final Words

This Oster Gentle Paws Nail Grinder review gives you an idea of why nail grinders are in greater demand today than ever before. To put it simply, nails that are left to grow on their own brings pain to your pet, and we don’t want to see that.

Fortunately, a product like the Oster Gentle Paws can put an end to it. It is easy to use and only takes seconds to file each nail, and it doesn’t intimidate pets at all.

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