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When we first adopted a kitten, the first thing our cat-loving friends told us is that they will scratch a lot. We never really thought it to be a big problem until our little pet started ripping our sofa apart and scratched our front door.

One friend recommended using claw caps, so we immediately searched online for this product and had found it to be quite useful. For those who are interested, here’s our Kitty Caps review.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Nail Caps for Cats

It’s not hard to figure out that nail caps seem like a great idea for us as cat parents to keep our furry pets from damaging our furniture. If you're anything like us, you might want to head out already and look for a good brand of claw covers.

Before you do that, though, here are a few things you need to consider:

1. Claw covers for kitties won't eliminate your cat's scratching. As Scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats, trying to stop them from doing such is almost impossible. Nail caps can only lessen the effects of their scratches, so, if your goal is to prevent your kitty from scratching, you might need to look for a different option.

2. Using claw covers will still require you to take care of your cat carefully. Unlike when you opt to have your kitty declawed, using nail caps will still need you to trim your cat's claws every few months.

You'll also have to check regularly whether they're still wearing the caps as these products also have a tendency to pop off every once in a while, depending on your cat's personality and how you put them on. If you want something that will require less maintenance, you might need to search for other solutions.

The Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps

The Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps are claw covers for kitties with a destructive habit of scratching people, surfaces, and furniture. Designed to fit the natural shape of cat claws, these caps won't disrupt the growth of their nails, as well as the regular nail extraction and retraction. This guarantees comfort for your kitty. To use, caps are only glued over the claws to ensure they stay in place.

This Kitty Caps product can be ideal for those who are looking for more humane and affordable alternative to declawing. Note, however, that they won't eliminate the need for trimming their claws, so if you want to avoid that chore entirely, it might be best to look for other alternatives.


● They're easy to use as all you need is to glue the caps on the claws.

● They come in clear and colored varieties, so you have the choice whether to make your cat look normal or spruce them up a bit.

● The Kitty Caps Nail Caps are softer than other brands, making them more malleable and comfortable for cats.


● Sizing can be a bit tricky, especially if your pet is a small cat breed.

● You need to replace them every few months.

● Regular claw trimming is still required.

Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps Features and Benefits

What exactly can the Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps do for you? To answer that, here are its product features and their possible benefits for you.

Soft claw covers

Each Kitty Caps Nail cap is made of soft vinyl, and unlike rigid claw covers, they are a bit more pliable, so your cat won't feel like they need to use more pressure when scratching. As they have more give under your kitty's paws, they don't break as easily as their rigid counterparts.

Available in different sizes

Sizing is essential when it comes to cat claw covers as they need to fit your pet snugly. The right fit will prevent the caps from sliding off, which can still lead to scratch marks around the house. For Kitty Caps soft feline nail caps, here's a quick sizing guide you can use:

Extra Small – For kittens that weigh 5 lbs and below.

Small – For kittens weighing 6-8 lbs.

Medium – For average sized adult cats or kitties that weigh 9-13 lbs.Large –

For large cats or those weighing 14 lbs and over.

40 caps in each pack

Each pack comes with 40 caps, so you don't have to buy repeatedly for at least a year if you only have one pet cat. Cat lovers with multiple pets can still benefit from a single pack, especially since most cats only need to have their front paws covered. In cases like these, a single package can already be enough for four cats in one go.

Available in different colors

One of the things we love about nail caps is that they are available in various colors. This makes them an alternative to kitty mani-pedi, which is still questionable regarding pet safety. You don't even have to bother about ugly nail polish lumps as the nail caps' colors are already smooth and perfect.


Made with non-toxic natural vinyl resin, Kitty Cap's soft paws for cats are safe for your kitten's use. Even if they managed to swallow one, you don't have to worry about an intestinal blockage or other digestive complications as these products are guaranteed to pass through their systems quickly.

Easy to attach

When attaching claw covers for kitties, you'll need to press on the cap to make it stick to the glue and claw better. As soft caps are more pliable, pressing them down on your pet's paws can be done easier. Rigid caps, on the other hand, are more resistant to pressure, so they can be a pain to press down on.

What People Say About the Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps

What People Say About the Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps User feedback is also an essential factor before we decide to get a pack or two of Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps, so we made a point to look for reviews on the product we're eyeing. After a thorough search, we discovered that a lot of cat owners loved the Kitty Caps for their fur babies. Sure, there are still a few shortcomings here and there, but product feedback is great in general.

Possible Alternatives for the Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps

If you're not genuinely convinced you should buy the Kitty Caps claw covers, here are some options you can consider:

1. Cat training (Scratching Post)

Training your cat to only scratch their scratch post will require you a lot of time and patience, so if you're not patient enough to do this, other options might suit your needs better.

2. Regular nail trimming (Nail Clippers)

Regularly clipping your cat's nails is a great way to lessen the impact of their claws to your skin and furniture. However, you'll need to clip their nails every two weeks or more. This can be unappealing to those who are looking for easy ways to handle their cat's chronic scratching, though. 

3. Nail grinding (Nail Grinders)

Grinding is an alternative to nail trimming if you can’t get the hang of clipping your kitty’s sharp claws. They’re safe and effective, albeit loud and scary for cats at first. You might need to condition your pet at the start as it can easily freak them out. 

Managing Your Cat's Scratching Instinct with the Kitty Caps Soft Feline Nail Caps

Since scratching is a very natural behavior for cats, there's not much that we can do about it. Cat nail caps could be a suitable solution, however, because they are easy to use and won't alter your pet's behavior.

We hope our Kitty Caps review can help you manage your cat's scratching habit. 

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