Furniture Defender Cat Scratching Guard Review

I have a very open love for cats. They help me to cope effectively with rodents and other household pests without necessarily having to use harmful chemicals and pesticides. However, they too have been a nuisance.

They have been scratching my furniture unnecessarily and by so doing, causing irreparable damages. I had no clue on how to get round this issue until a friend of mine told me of the existence of a furniture defender couch cover.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

A couch cover safeguards the external surfaces of valuable furniture such as sofa sets, beds, and resting couches from unnecessary rubbing and friction by cats and other household pets.

This product is ideally suited for the lovers of cats and other household pets but who are also keen on keeping all their furniture in the very best shapes and conditions at all times. It may not mean much, and is hence unsuitable for, persons who do not keep any household pests. Such persons ought to purchase ordinary furniture covers instead.

The following are some of the factors to consider while shopping out for a suitable couch cover:


The most suitable couch cover has to be slightly larger than the furniture that it is meant to cover. This is to ensure that it is not only as compatible to the furniture as possible but also ensures that some extra space is left out for added aesthetics.

Fabric Quality​

Its fabric should be made of very durable and high quality such as linen, cotton, and flax. This, of course, is to see to it that it endures the test of time and returns as high value for money as possible to the users.


It should be as cheap and affordable as possible to absolve its users from unnecessary financial hardships. It should consequently be accompanied by, if possible, hot discounts and manufacturer’s warranty.​

Furniture Defender

The Furniture Defender Couch Cover is an example of such a product. It is a piece of fabric that is spread out onto household furnitures such as sofa sets, seats, and resting coaches with the aim of protecting them from the clawing and scratches of the household pets like cats and dogs.

It is manufactured by the veteran furniture company, Furniture Defender, and is available in four different sizes, is thicker and highly flexible than the competing products.


· Durability: It is very durable thanks to the fact that it is made of extraordinarily clear vinyl that is 0.030-gauge thick. It is hence capable of withstanding the elements of wear and tear perfectly well and last for very long.

· Aesthetics: The fabric’s double-polished exterior provides near-invisible protection to the furniture against clawing, scratches, and other interferences from household pets which further contribute towards the overall aesthetics of the home.

· Affordability: Its price, when compared to those of its competitor's, is fairly low and affordable. This makes the fabric well within the easy reach of many a potential user who may be in need of it.

· Availability in Several Sizes: It is also available in four different namely: 18-inch by 5.5-inch, 14-inch by 5.5-inch, 11-inch by 5.5-inch and 7-inch by 5.5-inch which means that it may be suited for different furniture sizes.

· Flexibility: On the whole, the cover is very pliable and flexible, a fact that renders it very easy to use and spread out on top of the household furniture. This brings along added convenience to its users.


· Limited Applicability: At the moment, it is only usable on upholstered furniture. Furniture that is made of leather is not catered for.

· Limited Color Availability: At the present, it is only available in the clearly vinyl shade. Users who love color are denied the freedom to select the color option that blends well with their unique interior décor.

· Low Returns on Money: The product may only be used for covering furniture; nothing more. It is therefore not a so worthy purchase since it returns very low value for money.

Features and Benefits

The following are the couch cover’s key features:


It is primarily made of extraordinarily clear vinyl which is 0.030-gauge thick. It is thicker than the conventional couch covers which are around 0.019-gauge thick on average. This ensures added protection to the furniture from all the elements of wear and tear.

It also ensures that the couch cover lasts for a very long duration of time as possible besides negating the needs for constant repairs and replacements.

High-Quality Fabrics

The vinyl fabrics which form a core part and parcel of this couch cover are of very high quality. For this reason, it is very durable because of being strong enough to withstand the elements of wear and tear. The high-quality fabric also enables it to discharge its mandate with ruthless efficiency.


Since it is thick, it is also pliable enough to be easily bent and stretched out as need be. This trait brings along added the convenience of use as it eliminates all the unnecessary inconveniences that are brought about by extremely cumbersome materials.

It also confers added aesthetics since the users can align the couch cover to conform as nearly to the shape of the furniture being covered as possible.


This furniture couch cover is not only available in various sizes, but is also customizable in the sense that it may be cut into various shapes and sizes to meet the unique needs of the users. Users of all backgrounds and requirements are therefore all taken care of regardless of their unique needs, shape and sizes of their furniture, and other requirements.


Its clear 0.030-gauge vinyl makes it compatible to and seamlessly blends with all shades of color. Users are therefore absolved from the need to acquire couch covers of various shades of color as just one purchase is enough.

This saves greatly on money since the users can purchase one large piece of fabric and then cut it into smaller pieces depending on the sizes and shapes of the furniture they are intended to cover.

What Others Are Saying

Some of the users who have already tried it out have had these to say about it…

“Ever since I acquired this couch cover, my furniture has been spared of the ugly scratch marks that have been in existence since time immemorial…”
“I can now breathe a sigh of relief because of my furniture being assured of safety from scratches.”
“My visitors are now spared of the ugly marks that have been the order of the day all along…”
“The couch cover is very durable and scratch-resistant. It is thus a very worthy purchase indeed!”“I like the fact that it is flexible and pliable enough for easy use…”

Final Words

The Furniture Defender Couch Cover is undoubtedly the best bet for safeguarding furniture from damages inflicted upon them by the various household pets such as cats and dogs, as may be deduced from the preceding Furniture Defender Couch Scratching Guard Review.

This is the only way the pieces of furniture may stay longer and discharge their purposes effectively. It is the couch cover of choice due to its high-quality fabric, pliable nature, and flexibility. For more information regarding this product, please click here…

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