Furminator Nail Grinder Review

Like many others, I have a cat, and until a few weeks ago she was very uncomfortable due to her long nails. She kept messing around with them and wasn’t doing my couch any favors either. If I had come upon a Furminator Nail Grinder review earlier, I could have avoided those as it’s an effective solution.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

A pet nail grinder has one purpose, and that is trim your pet’s nails, so they don’t hurt themselves while cleaning, and also to prevent accidents when they playfully poke you. You can take her to a professional pet groomer, but why pay for the extra service when you can do this yourself?

Pet nail grinders are ideal for grooming, and combine the low price with availability, and it’s not hard to see why they’re very much in demand. Of course, the fact, they’re widely available means the number of options can be overwhelming. To help you out, keep the following in mind:

• Is the nail grinder getting good reviews?

• Is the tool comfortable to use even for extended periods?

• Are there safety features?• Is the price competitive?

• Is the nail grinder for just cats, dogs or can you it for both?

A Close Look at the Furminator Cat Nail Grinder

The Furminator claims it is a high-performance nail grinder for dogs and cats. It does not come with a lot of accessories: only the nail grinder, 4 AA alkaline batteries and a couple of disposable grinding bands are bundled in, but according to the manufacturer it’s more than enough to cut your pet’s nails.

This product is suitable for pet owners like myself who like to keep them comfortable and clean, and I think you’ll find it effective for cleaning dog and cat nails. If you’re happy with your current trimmer, this may not be for you, but otherwise, it’s worth checking out.


• Affordable

• Consumer feedback is positive

• Has safety features

• Doesn’t cause discomfort

• Portable


• Some customers say it’s a bit loud

• May take time to trim nails especially with large cats

• Bands don’t fit as tight as on other nail grinders

Features and Benefits

• Lightweight: the Furminator Nail Grinder for Pets is light, and it’s a feature you’ll truly appreciate if you’re nail trimming a large dog or cat. Everything about the tool feels light, not just for you but your pet as well. A heavy nail grinder can make your pet uncomfortable, not to mention take its toll on your hand, so this is one of the significant benefits.

• LED Lights for Safety: the built-in LED activates when you’re using the tool, and it’s handy. Sometimes it’s hard to see where the nail is due to the fur, so the LED light is useful. You should never attempt to trim your pet’s nails under poor lighting conditions, but if that can’ be avoided or the light in your room isn’t enough, the LED light could be essential.

• Trims Nails Smoothly: what makes the Furminator nail grinder different from others are the results. The two grinding bands smooth out the nails and don’t leave ragged edges that could cause discomfort for you and your pet. The grit level is proper for polishing and doesn’t make a mess like other nail clippers do.

• Easy to Use: we already mentioned how the LED light helps, but we cannot stress enough how simple it is. You just need to hold her paw and use your thumb to press down on the nail’s base. Grind the nail slowly, stopping before reaching the quick and you’re done. For the best results, you should make short passes as that keeps the nail grinder from heating too much.​

• Ergonomic, Practical Design: the nail grinder’s shape makes it a natural fit for your hand. A common problem with typical nail grinders is they begin to feel stiff after a while in your hand, and this affects the way you trim nails. That problem seems to have been addressed here however so you and your pet can be at ease during these nail grinding sessions.

• Variable Speeds: there are two speed options, low and high. Depending on the state of your pet’s nails, you may end up using one or the other more often, but whatever the situation calls for, it’s easy to adjust and switch. For safety reasons, you may want to stick with the low speed and go higher only when necessary.

• Quick and Efficient: it takes only a few seconds to grind each toe. For maintenance purposes, you may use this nail grinder every couple of weeks, and since it’s fast, your pet won’t get restless.

• Battery Powered: the grinder uses AA alkaline batteries, and it’s efficient in that department. Not only these batteries last a long time, but without a power cord to limit your movement, you can take this with you anywhere. If you’ve ever had problems getting your pet to stay in a particular to trim their nails, now you can let them choose. You’re no longer confined to the limits of a power cord, so it’s more convenient.​

What Others Are Saying

Furminator Nail Grinder for Cats has received positive reviews online. One reviewer says it’s very effective for her pet cat, and positive remarks were also made by dog owners. A lot of reviewers also like the light bulb as it helps illuminate the area you’re trimming.


• Premium Pet Nail Grinder by Luvao:

this nail grinder uses a diamond bit grinder, so nails are smooth and without any splits. This nail grinder is also quiet and grinds quickly without compromising on comfort and ergonomics. The nail grinder doesn’t have any extra features, but it’s comfortable to hold and fits in nicely in your hand.

• Wahl Professional Animal Classic Nail Grinder Trimming Kit:

costing less than the Furminator, the Wahl is designed for shaping, trimming and smoothing rough nails, and according to the product description, is meant for sensitive pets who are easily scared by loud nail grinders. The Wahl runs on two CC batteries (which are not included).

• CONAIR PRO Nail Grinder:

The Conair Nail grinder is designed for different dog breeds (and cats), and it comes with interchangeable sander and stones plus an adjustable cover. 

Compared to other battery powered nail grinders, the Conair runs quietly, and the added hood dust does a decent job of keeping dust away.

These are the most popular alternatives to the Furminator, and they’re also available online. What we have provided here are just overviews of each product, so feel free to look them up for more information.

Final Words

This Furminator Nail Grinder review has demonstrated how effective it can be for trimming pet nails. Not trimming your pet’s nails could result in discomfort and even pain, and we should not wait until your pet shows signs of being restless before getting a nail grinder because it could be harder to trim nails that have are too long and hard.

With the Furminator, you have a safe and effective tool to cut and trim nails, and it’s also affordable. Add the LED light, variable speed and overall solid design, it’s worth a look.

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