Feline Soft Claw Nail Caps Review

When we first adopted a kitten, we thought that she’d be a lot easier to take care of than a pup. But it wasn’t long before our little kitty proved to be a challenge. She started to scratch and destroy things inside our home, which pretty much drove us insane.

We knew we had to do something. It was a good thing that we came across a very comprehensive feline Soft Claw Nail Caps review. If you can't bear to declaw your cat, nail caps like this one can be a good alternative.

What to Consider Before Buying Nail Caps for Cats

Before you head out to your local pet store to purchase a set of soft nail caps, you have to remember a few things:

1. Cat nail caps will not eliminate your cat's will to scratch. Cats scratch instinctively as it helps them mark their territory and stretch their bodies from time to time. It is good for them, so trying to stop it shouldn't be your primary goal.

2. Nail caps are not permanent items. You'll need to replace them after a few weeks of use. However, it can still save you from the hassle of having to trim your cat's nails every two weeks or so.

3. Wearing nail caps can be a part of your cat's training. We believe it's better if your cat starts wearing nail caps while they're young so they can get used to it as they grow.

Soft Claws Nail Caps Kitten Clear

Soft Claws nail caps for cats is made by the same makers of the Soft Paws line sold by vets and pet shops. They offer claw covers that are placed on top of your cat's nails, creating a cushioning effect for their claws so you can lessen their destructive capabilities. With nail caps, your cat's claws won't be able to build deep gashes on surfaces and your skin. As these nail caps can stay on for up to 6 weeks, maintenance can be a lot easier.

The Feline Soft Claws nail caps are designed to answer the woes of cat parents who are having issues with their little furballs who like to scratch their furniture. With these products, you may be able to protect your home's furnishings without altering the natural behavior of your cat. These caps won't prevent cats from scratching stuff around the house, though, so if you're looking to change that natural behavior, you might want to look for a different product.

While Soft Claws' nail caps is the leading brand in the market today, it’s not exactly without drawbacks. But let’s talk about its pros first:


● It is the most humane alternative to declawing.

● It lasts a long time, so you also don't have to trim your cat's claws every so often.

● It can keep your furniture, skin, and hardwood floors safe from possible lacerations caused by your little kitty's sharp claws.

● They also come in various colors, so if you feel like giving your cat a cute make over, these products may also be a great option.


● It can be tricky to put it on your cat’s paws. Especially if your kitty is not used to you touching their paws, they might resist your efforts. For first timers, you might want to work with a partner to hold the cat while you place the caps on their claws.

● You cat may need some time to get used to them so expect them to try to take them off. You might also want to ensure that you put enough adhesive for the caps to stick properly, so your kitty can get used to them more easily.

● You will still need to trim their nails regularly. Soft Claws nail caps do not impede the growth of your cat's claws, so you will still need to trim them every few weeks.

● Sizing can be tricky, so it could be better if you do some research before you purchase one.

● It can get caught up in perforated materials like mesh and lace, as well as on loose strings, so while your cat is still getting used to them, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on your kitty.

Soft Claws Nail Caps Features and Benefits

Non-toxic nail caps.

Developed with the help of veterinarians, Soft Claws nail caps are made with nontoxic materials so in case your cat swallows one; you don't have to worry about intestinal complications.

A non-surgical procedure that can be an alternative to declawing.

Soft Claws nail caps are good nonsurgical alternatives to declawing as they only require glue to be attached on your kitty's claws. No more need for any invasive procedure to deal with your scratching problems, as these products can easily protect your surfaces against sharp kitty claws.

Designed for your kitten's first year.

The Soft Claws nail caps for kittens come in two sizes: 20 caps for kittens under 5 lbs and 20 caps for kittens weighing 6-8 lbs. I find it quite economical as you don't have to buy a different set again right away once your kitty has outgrown the smaller sizes.

Designed to follow the natural shape of your kitty's claws.

As Soft Claws nail caps are for those who do not want to alter their cat's natural behaviors, it has also been designed to look and feel natural to cats. This is why they're shaped the same way as claws so that the products won't hinder the claws' natural growth, and so your cats will feel comfortable wearing them.

Comes with surgical-grade glue and applicator.

For further ease of use, an applicator, and surgical-grade glue come with each pack of Soft Paws nail caps.

Social Proof for the Soft Claws Nail Caps

Before buying the Soft Claws for our kitty, we combed the internet for product reviews on these cat claw covers. What we've discovered is that many cat owners like the Soft Claws nail caps particularly those who have found the right fit and learned how to put them properly on their pet’s paws.


If you’re still not convinced that nail caps are helpful against scratching here are some alternatives that you can go for:

1. Regular claw trimming.

If you want the most natural way to keep furniture and hardwood floors from damage, regular trimming is a great option. Keeping their claws short can prevent them from puncturing surfaces.

However, this might require you to trim their claws every two weeks, which can be a hassle for some pet owners. A veterinarian grade cat nail clipper and very affordable, you might want to check it out if you want a good trimmer for your cat’s claws.

2. Training your cat not to scratch furniture (Scratching Post)

Of course, you can also just forget about doing anything to your cat's nails. You will just need to make sure to train them to use their scratching post so they can file their nails against the pole and not on your furniture.

3. Regular claw grinding.

You can also opt to trim your pet’s claws with a cat nail grinder as it is a fast, safe, and easy way to shorten their claws and lessen the impact of their scratching on your furniture. 

Soft Claws Nail Caps Can Help You Manage Your Pet’s Scratching Habit

We like the Soft Claws nail caps because these things are easy to use and perfectly safe for cats. Our cat doesn’t mind wearing them too. Hopefully, this feline Soft Claw Nail Caps review has shed some light on this product and has helped you make an informed decision on whether to buy it for your pet or not.

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