Epica Nail Clippers For Cats Review: This Item Is Great For Pet Lovers?

I have been taking care of cats for years now, but if there’s something I am completely nervous about, it has to be cutting their claws. I have always feared that I would accidentally cut their nails too short. Upon reading an Epica nail clippers for cats review, I was encouraged to take a chance on the product.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

Getting a pet nail clipper can save you a good amount of money because you no longer have to make frequent trips to a groomer. But you’d also want to get a nail trimmer that has safety features to minimize the risks of your pet getting injured.

A pet nail clipper is an ideal buy for a pet owner looking to cut down on grooming expenses. It’s also recommended for pet lovers who are very meticulous when it comes to trimming the nails of their furry friends.In buying a pet nail clipper, there are certain things that you would look for.

One is that it should have a sharp blade that can make the cutting of the nails quick. Pets aren’t exactly fond of trimming their nails, so you would want to have a nail trimmer that can do the job in the shortest time possible.

Presenting the Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

The Epica cat nail clippers aren’t designed for cats alone; as it can also be used to trim the nails of your canine friends. Its blade is made of high-grade, stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness. It has a safety lock to prevent accidental use particularly of children and has rubber coated handles for better control.

The Epica cat nail trimmers can help you if you want to regularly trim your pet’s nails without spending a lot on grooming services. You’ll also love that the maker designed it for pet lovers who have never clipped the nails of their pets before. You don’t need to have prior experience in trimming pet nails as this Epica pair of clippers is so easy to use.


• Easy to use

• Comfortable to hold

• Designed for medium and large cats

• Can minimize the risks of injuries to pets


• Package doesn’t have any instructions

• Pop sound that can annoy the pet

• Not ideal for small cats

Features and Benefits

So how does the Epica nail clipper make life a little easier for both the pet lover and the pet?

It starts with its top quality stainless steel construction. The Clippers are made of high-grade stainless steel that won’t easily bend, scratch, or rust. Moreover, the blades are sharp enough to slice through tough nails.

I was initially cautious about using the pair of trimmers because I wasn’t sure how sharp it was. But lo and behold, I was surprised at how strong the blades were in cutting. I was able to trim the nails of my pet almost effortlessly.

And because the blade can slice through nails very quickly, my cat doesn’t have a chance at all to wrestle with me or shriek. He would just notice that his nail tips are gone when I use this trimmer.

I also liked that I don’t have to exert a lot of pressure in using these nail clippers. I don’t have good hand strength, but I realized that it wasn’t much of a factor with these clippers. I simply grasp it normally, without having to hold them in a super-tight grip.

The handles are coating with anti-slip rubber thus, there’s no chance of it slipping through my fingers. I also found them to fit my hands well, although I doubt if those who have small hands will find the handle comfortable enough.​

I have two Savannahs, and I’ve been able to cut their claws regularly with the use of this product. These Epica nail clippers is sized for medium and large cat breeds.

One of the worries that most pet owners have about trimming their cats' nails is the worry that they may cause harm to their pets. That was also a major concern for me before buying this item.

But I was happy to learn that using this Epica trimmer allows me to see what I am doing and what I am cutting. It’s far from the guillotine cutters that are notorious for blocking the view. This makes the Epica nail clipper virtually mistake-proof, which is very important for any pet lover.

When not in use, I can lock the Epica Clippers with its safety lock. This will keep the blades in a closed position, and thus prevent accidents. I won’t accidentally cut myself when taking the trimmer out of the drawer.

More importantly, my children won’t be able to use it at all when it is locked. The safety lock also ensures the blades won’t get damaged by the other items that the Clippers are stored with.

Of course, it lacks some features like an instruction guide on the package that could have been very helpful particularly for first-time users. The blade also has a tendency to make a popping sound which can annoy the pet.

What Others Are Saying

A quick scan of online reviews reveals that many people are satisfied with this nail trimmer. Most of the online reviews indicate that this nail clipper is very comfortable to hold. Other reviewers agree with my observation that its blade is sharp enough to cut through thick nails. Still, others love that it is very affordable.


If you have a small cat, or you think that this isn’t the right pair of nail trimmers for your pet, then there are other products that you can try as well. These three products are good alternatives to the Epica nail clippers:

• Ebelyn Nail Clippers for Cat Small-breed & Small Animals

The Ebelyn nail clippers are also intended for use in small and medium sized cats. Unlike the Milers Forge, it comes in scissors -like design.

Regardless of the product you choose, it is unlikely you will regret your purchase. Do check out these three Epica nail clipper alternatives that are ideal for use in small pets.

• C-2 Pets Cat Nail Clippers

The C-2Pets nail clippers are more versatile than its counterparts as it can also be used on rabbits and cats.

Like the Miler Forge, it can be used on small and medium pets.

• Millers Forge Stainless Steel DNail Clipper

The Milers Forge stainless steel nail clipper is a plier-style trimmer. It features a built-in guard that prevents overcutting of nails.

It is suited for small, medium, and large cats, except for very large breeds.

These are three nail trimmers that can be used for small cats. All three products are almost of the same price although the Millers Forge Nail clipper is the cheapest of the lot.

Final Words

Cutting the nails of cats is undeniably frightening especially for a person who hasn’t done that in the past. But with the Epica nail clippers, you will have more courage to try to clip your cat’s nails.

With its powerful and sharp blades, the Epica nail trimmer will be able to cut tough nails in a shorter time. You can also hold the clippers very well thanks to its excellent, anti-slip rubber handle. And its safety lock can prevent accidents from happening to you and anyone in your household.

Indeed, as any Epica nail clipper for cats review would tell, the product is a must-have for any cat lover. What are you waiting for? Check out the item now and find out why many pet lovers are raving about it.

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