Cat Nail CLIPPER Or Nail GRINDER? Which Is Better For Me To Use?

Cat nail clipper or nail grinder? This is the usual question of cat owners who have had enough of expensive pet grooming services and thus would want to be the ones to trim the claws of their feline friends.

As almost all cat lovers know, trimming the nails of our beloved pets is one of those certain grooming chores. You just can’t risk getting clawed by your cat when you play with her.

Moreover, sharp cat nails can hurt other people like your guests, and damage your furniture as well.

So what should you get-- cat nail clipper vs. nail grinder? Read on and find out.

Benefits of Trimming Cats Nails

Aside from protecting you from your cat’s claws, there are other advantages of regularly trimming your cat's nails which should make you buy either a cat nail grinder or a cat nail clipper:

1. It can hurt other people who come in contact with your cat. Sharp nails of cats can easily scratch your other family members and guests, potentially leading to an infection.

2. It can protect your sofa, cabinets, carpets, and other furniture which your cat may focus on in a bid to sharpen his claws. By trimming his nails, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your pet won't be able to damage your properties at home.

3. It can protect other people like children and your guests. You don’t want your cat to have sharp nails as his scratch may lead to an infection.

4. Cutting his nails short is an alternative to declawing. It will still give him enough protection against other creatures, and let him climb to safety if needed.

5. It can make him more relaxed. Cats usually scratch their nails to trim it. By cutting it yourself, you’re sparing your feline friend from all the anxiety that goes with having sharp claws.

In choosing a nail trimmer, you have two choices--- a nail clipper and a nail grinder. Each one has its pros and cons.

Nail Clippers​

Both nail clippers and nail grinders are easy to use that you don’t need to have prior experience in using them to be able to cut your pet’s claws. Nail clippers, though, can trim your pet’s nails quicker than a nail grinder. Speed is important in cutting your cat’s nails because cats aren’t known to be patient when it comes to having their claws trimmed.

cat nail clipper

Types Of Nail Clippers​

There are four types of cat nail clippers:

1. Scissor style-- as the name suggests this nail clippers that looks like a pair of scissors. It’s just a couple of inches shorter than the pair of scissors a small child uses in school. The shorter blades allow it to trim the nails of an impatient cat.​

It has a contoured cutting edge so that it can fit a nail in, unlike regular scissors with straight blades. This is an excellent choice for cat lovers who have no prior experience in trimming their cat’s claws.

2. Pliers style--- this one looks like the hand tool your father or spouse uses. It is recommended for people who want a good grip. It also gives a stronger cut, which is useful for trimming long cat nails.

3. Guillotine style--- this tool consists of a ring on its head with a blade close to it. This isn’t a cat nail trimmer ideal for novice users because it can be hard to see where it will cut. It, however, can cut very quickly if the user manages to align it properly in the loop.​

The major drawback, however, is that it makes a noise that can scare away cats. Sure, it can cut his nails fast, but if a cat is uneasy, then the electric nail clipper is useless.

a cat getting her claw trimmed

Difference of Cat nail clipper or nail grinder

​Cat nail trimmers are effective in cutting claws of cats, but there’s always the risk that a new pet owner will cut his cat’s quick using it. The quick is that pink stripe at the base of the nails of your cat.

If and when you cut the quick, it will cause bleeding and pain to your cat. Although the bleeding can stop after five or so minutes, the trauma would be too much for your cat he’ll unlikely submit to another claw trimming session.

This is where a cat nail grinder comes in handy. A nail grinder can trim your cat’s nails slowly, which significantly reduces the chances of you cutting into his quick. If you are not confident with your cat nail cutting ability, you’d rather use a cat nail grinder.

​Cat Nail Grinders

Cat nail grinders are battery-operated devices that can help keep your cat’s claws short and smooth. It is also handy like a nail clipper. It has a round metal head, which rotates to grind down your cat’s nails.

It can be said that nail grinders are a lot easier to use. Unlike a nail clipper where you have to apply pressure so that you can cut your cat’s nails, you only have to switch it on, put it on the appropriate port, and then the device will start grinding the nails.

It also has safety features such as safety shields that guide the nails of the cat, and thus prevent injury. Others are designed not to grind the nails of cats for more than five seconds.

But this is not to say that cat nail grinders are far better than nail clippers. It also has its share of disadvantages.

For one, cat nail grinders are notoriously noisy. Cats may be scared of the noise that comes from the device, so they won’t let their nails to be grinded. While there are many grinders with mute technology, these devices still make noise that can distract cats.

Another disadvantage is that cat nail grinders need batteries to operate. This may be a small issue, but there’s always the chance that you won’t be able to grind your cat’s claws as the nail grinder is left with dead batteries.

Finally, a cat nail grinder is a lot more expensive than a cat nail clipper. For some budget-conscious cat owners, this may be a reason why they would rather use a nail clipper.​

So which is the better choice for trimming your cat’s claws—a cat nail clipper or a cat nail grinder?

It’s really up to you.

If you’re confident of your skills in cutting your feline friend’s nails, then you may not have to spend that much with a cat nail clipper. It’s handy, cheap, and relatively fast in cutting cat’s claws.​

But if you’re nervous that you may cut into your cat’s quick, then you might want to get a nail grinder. It can keep your cat’s claws short and smooth. It can trim his nails slowly but surely.​

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