Best Spot On Flea TREATMENT For CATS And How To SAFELY Use It

Cat lovers will be able to enjoy playing with their feline friends even better if they have the best spot on flea treatment for cats. Nobody wants to have their beloved furry pets infested with fleas, and a spot on flea treatment can get rid of those unwanted visitors fast.

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What is a spot on flea treatment?

Applying spot on flea treatment is perhaps the easiest way to eliminate those harmful parasites on your cat’s body. As spot on cat flea treatment reviews would tell you, this treatment is placed directly on the skin of the cat like flea shampoos. In as short as 12 hours after doing so, your cat will be up to 100 percent free from fleas and ticks. He will then stop scratching, and you won’t have to worry about the health problems that fleas can cause.

The following are some of the advantages of the best spot on flea treatment for cats:

​1. Ease of use. Spot on flea treatment is easy to apply. You simply have to put the liquid directly on the skin between your cat’s shoulders. Tip if you have time use a flea comb first for better results.

2. Quick results. Fleas in your cat will be eliminated just 12 hours after you applied the treatment. Thus you can bring your cat to the park, have a bath, or simply cool off your heels with a hose.

3. Relatively inexpensive. Compared to expensive veterinary care, spot on flea treatment like flea spray for cats, can ward off those blood-sucking pests without breaking the bank, so to speak.

4. Long flea disinfection period. Most spots on flea treatments are robust enough that you don’t need them to re-apply now and then. Typically, it would take a month or so before you need to apply a spot on flea treatment again on your cat.

5. Few side effects. Generally speaking, spot on flea treatments are safe.

6. No need for veterinarian’s prescription. You can buy these medications online, like cat flea collars.

Dangers of fleas in Cats

a vet checking for fleas

You can’t be a cat lover if you’re not familiar with cats. But what’s unfortunate is that half of cat owners don’t know how to tell if their cat is infested with fleas.

This is alarming since cats can easily pick up fleas, especially when they get near flea-infested homes. They can also get these unwanted visitors when they visit public areas like gardens or parks.

Fleas not only make your cat scratching incessantly. These blood-sucking parasites can cause the following diseases you don’t want your cat to get afflicted with:

1. Flea allergy dermatitis—an ailment commonly associated with flea bites. While flea bites can cause minor skin irritation, some cats can have an allergy to flea saliva. Cats with flea allergy dermatitis will scratch their skin so hard they it would lead to hair loss

.2. Tapeworms—this is a parasite commonly associated with fleas. There’s a risk that cats will ingest a flea with tapeworm larva. The said larva will continue to develop inside the gastrointestinal tract of the cat. Although tapeworms don’t cause illness in cats, it is recommended that tapeworm is removed from the cat’s digestive tract.

3. Flea bites anemia—this typically happens during a severe flea infestation. It occurs because there are lots of flea feeding on the cat at the same time, resulting in significant blood loss and severe anemia. It can be so dangerous that hospitalization of the cat may become necessary.

How to Choose a Spot on Flea Treatment

using a spot on flea treatment

You just don’t buy the first spot on flea treatment that you find online or at a retail store. The following are the things you need to think of when purchasing a spot on flea treatment:

1. Cat’s Weight. Spot on flea treatments is designed for cats of different weights. You should refer to the package or product description to know the recommended cat weight of the spot on flea treatment that you are interested in.

2. Ingredients. Be careful not to buy a spot on flea treatments that are designed for dogs, as these aren’t designed for your cats. You should also read the ingredients list and make sure that the product doesn’t have permethrin. This is a pesticide found in some topical treatments that can be lethal to cats.

3. Seller. Buy a spot on flea treatment from a reputable retailer. There are lots of cat products sold online and even in retail stores that are counterfeit. These products may be ineffective or worse, harmful to your pets.

4. Price. Compare prices of a spot on flea treatments to get the best deal.

5. Cat’s age. In general, spot on flea treatments works best for healthy cats that are neither too young nor too old. Refer to the product description or label to know if the product you are interested in is appropriate for your cat or kitten.

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Four Best Spot On Flea Treatment For Cats

The following are five spot on flea treatments that you can trust:

1. Advantage II Small Cat 4-Pack

This flea treatment is designed for cats weighing five to 9 pounds. It is safe for use in cats eight weeks and older. It is also waterproof, so you don’t need to reapply it if your cat took a bath or was exposed to the rain. It can kill all flea life stages and can do so within 12 hours of initial application. It’s very expensive, though.


• Works fast. Many reviews on indicate that the product works quickly in eliminating fleas on cat’s skin. Some reviewers say that it worked in as quick as 5 minutes after application, although you should give it 12 hours to fully kill all fleas on your cat

• Safe for cats eight weeks and older

• Waterproof formula means the product remains effective after the cat takes a bath, shampooed, or is exposed to rain.

• Doesn’t expire if it remains unopened, and stored correctly as specified in the package instructions

• Approved/Recommended by veterinarians

• Easy to open/apply

• Does not emit a strong or foul odor

• It dries quickly so cats won’t be irritated with it

• No side effects


• Very expensive

• Ineffective in killing ticks

2. Adams Adams Flea and Tick Spot On for Cats

This flea and tick spot on treatment for cats can kill fleas, ticks, flea larvae and eggs, and mosquitoes very quickly. It can protect your cats from flea infestation for more than 30 days breaking the flea life cycle to do so. It comes with a patented Smart Shield Applicator, enabling it to get down to the cat’s skin where those pesky bugs live.


• It quickly kills fleas and ticks upon application. It starts to be effective within 15 minutes after application

• Its ingredient InfestStop IGR that is capable of killing flea eggs and larvae

• It can prevent reinfestation of larvae

• Unlike another spot on flea treatment products, it can also kill and repel mosquitoes

• It is very easy to use thanks to its Smart Shield Applicator

• The Smart Shield Applicator ensures that the liquid gets down to the pet’s skin. It also keeps the liquid off your hands so that you can apply this treatment without the mess

• Cheap


• Liquid is very oily which can irritate cats

• It takes too long for the liquid to dry up

• Many reports of side effect on cats

3. Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Flea Egg Treatment For Cats And Kittens

This is a reasonably priced treatment for flea eggs. It can prevent flea egg infestation for 30 days. It is safe for use in kittens that are more than 12 weeks old. The package is good for three monthly treatments.


• Cheap

• Prevents flea eggs from becoming mature fleas

• Can reduce fleas with regular application

• Can be sprayed in places where flea eggs can grow such as under the bed, sofa, etc.

• Comes with an applicator that makes it easier to put the liquid on the cat’s skin

• Applicator also keeps the liquid off your hands


• It cannot kill mature fleas, only flea eggs

• It is not designed for heavily infested cats

• Won’t work with cats that are frequently out of the house

• Hard to find

• Needs to be used with other spot on flea treatment that can kill the mature fleas

4. Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, 6 Doses

The last item in our list is the Merial Frontline Plus flea and tick control that is safe for use of cats aged eight weeks or more. Once applied, it can kill flea and ticks as well as chewing lice within 12 hours. This product is good for six months of use.


• Can kill flea and flea eggs, as well as other pets like lice and tick

• With an applicator tube that ensures that the liquid stays off your hands

• The applicator is also child-resistant which gives parents peace of mind

• It is easy to apply. Hold the tube in an upright position, then turn the cap around and place the other end back on the tube. Twist the cap to break the seal, and remove it from the tube. Squeeze it in between the shoulder blades.

• Manufacturer offers a limited satisfaction guarantee

• Dries quickly

• With no odor, that can annoy cats as well as the people in the house

• With instruction leaflet that details how to use it, as well as proper storage and disposal, first aid treatment, and numbers to call in case of emergency


• The applicator can be very hard to open. It can also be very difficult to squeeze the liquid or substance out of the applicator.

• There are lots of counterfeit versions available online

• Quite expensive compared to other spot on flea treatment

• Tends to leave a slightly greasy appearance in the skin

Our Recommended Product

As you can see, there are a lot of good choices when it comes to spot on flea treatment. So what is the best spot on flea treatment for cats today? It’s a tough decision, but we are going with the Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens.

The Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens have many things going for it that make it arguably the best cat spot on flea treatment today. One is that it is very effective in killing fleas. Reviews suggest that it can remove fleas within 12 hours after applying it.

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens, 6 Doses

Another advantage of this flea treatment has an applicator. Sure, its applicator may not be the easiest to use, but at least it can ensure that you apply the substance directly to the cat’s skin. This best spot on cat flea treatment can also be relied upon in killing ticks and lice, which other medications can’t do.

Thus, this spot on flea treatment for cats review names Merial Frontline Plus as the best spot on flea treatment for cats. We’re sure most spot on flea treatment cats reviews will have the same things to say about the Merial Frontline Plus.

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