Best Scratch Post For Cats And How To Use Them

Scratch posts are one of those essential cat accessories you can't do without. The best scratch post for cats can let your feline friend scratch all he wants. It can also save your sofa, cabinets and other furniture from certain damage. This review will help you find the right best cat scratch post for your pet.

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Why Do Cats Scratch?

Scratching is as normal as purring for cats. They do it wherever they may be. If they're outdoors, they'll scratch on trees and wooden posts. For indoor cats, they'll target the sofa, cabinet, walls, and carpet, among others.

Scratch post for cats reviews will tell you that cats scratch for the following reasons:

1. It sharpens their claws. The practice removes the outer sheath of their nails, allowing it to grow healthy and strong.

2. It relieves stress. You won’t believe it, but scratching is a stress reliever for most cats. She can release built-up emotion like frustration, anxiety, and excitement by scratching.

3. It creates territorial markings. Cats are territorial in nature. They want to show other cats that they have their area or residence. By scratching, they can leave marks on an object and show to other cats that they reside or are present in a particular field. Scent and sweat glands located in the feet can also produce a unique scent that other cats will be able to smell.

4. It lets them stretch. This applies in particular when cats scratch on a high post. Just like in humans, stretching enables cats to get their muscles moving again. This would prepare them for any activity, like running after a mouse and other preys.

What Are Scratching Posts?

Cat scratching post reviews will tell you the importance of having a scratch post at home. Since you can’t expect your cat to stop scratching, then you might as well give her a scratch post.

A scratching post is simply an artificial structure that your cats will find very useful. Here, she can scratch to all she wants. Whether she wants to sharpen her nails, stretch, or simply release some pent-up emotions, your cat will love having a scratching post around her.

For cat owners, a scratching post isn’t only a gift for their beloved feline friends. It’s also a way to save their expensive furniture, carpets, curtains, and other things where cats are likely to scratch.

You’ll also learn from cat scratching posts reviews that this type of pet accessory is available in different shapes and sizes. Some even have a platform where cats can lie on, and toys for them to play with.

Getting your pet a scratch post can also be an alternative to declawing.With the number of scratching posts in the market, you could get lost on which model to get for your cat. Here are some of the important things that you have to look into when shopping for the best cat scratch post:

1. Type/Style

There are three types of cat scratch posts—cardboard, rope, and furniture/play centers. Let’s closely look at each type.

The cardboard cat scratcher is considered the simplest and thus, the cheapest. It usually has catnip to attract cats. It may be inexpensive, but it is not the best when it comes to durability. Eventually, you’ll have to replace this kind of cat scratch post.

The rope scratch post has a base and a post that is wrapped in rope. It is durable, although there’s a chance that cats won’t use it particularly if the rope is hung upright. You might want to look for one wherein the rope lays flat on the floor.

Finally, the cat and furniture center is perhaps the best cat scratching post kind. It not only provides a scratching pad for your cat, but also a place for her to exercise and play. The cat and furniture center is arguably the best type, but you’ll have to shell out more money for this one.

2. Height

Another thing to consider when shopping for a scratch post for your cat is the height of the post. Your pet should reach upward and pull down against the scratch post. Thus you’ll have to get a cat post that is tall enough for your cat to stretch. The rule of thumb is simple—the taller the post, the better for your cat.

3. Material

Cat scratch posts may be made from these materials—corrugated cardboard, carpet, and sisal rope. Again, each material has its pros and cons.

The corrugated cardboard is the least expensive of the three materials. This is an excellent choice of equipment if your cat just likes to scratch a surface. Because it is cheap, this stuff also doesn’t last long. However, there are also scratch posts made of premium cardboard that is stronger and more durable than the corrugated cardboard type.

Carpet is a more superior material compared to corrugated cardboard. It also comes in various color choices so you can find one that can easily match the color of your room, or complements your home décor. But cat scratching posts covered with carpet will likely lose their fibers over time.

Sisal is a popular choice. It’s a material that cats are naturally attracted to because of its scratchy feel. They also like the sound produced when they scratch this stuff. This is the same fabric that is used for rope, paper, cloth, bags, carpets, and footwear, among others. Unlike carpet and cardboard, this material is durable but expensive.

Other Considerations:

Aside from those three main factors, you’ll also have to consider the following:

1. Size--- this is particularly important if you live in an apartment or condo where space is a premium. Take a look at the dimensions of the scratching post you are interested in and ensure that you have enough space for it.

2. Stability—this is very critical if you are to get a vertically mounted scratch post. The scratch post should not easily slide. Most of the best cat scratching posts has rubberized bottom to prevent it from slipping. Others make use of adhesive to prevent the scratch post from sliding.

3. Design—choose a scratch post that can blend in with the home décor or color in your room

4. Price

5. Warranty/money back guarantee

Watch The Video To Learn How To Train Your Cat To Use A Scratcher

Seven Best Scratch Post For Cats

So what is the best cat scratch pad today? You might want to take a look at the following products:

1. KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

This could be the best cat scratching pad today. It is a simple cat scratcher that includes a catnip. It is a no-mess scratch pad that should satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts.

This simple cat toy measures 19.2 inches long, 1.5 inches deep, and 7.5 inches wide. It weighs just a pound. It is made of carboard. You’ll only need to sprinkle the catnip into the scratch pad to entice your cat to scratch it.​


  • This is an excellent choice if you have limited space in your room, as it has a tiny footprint
  • The catnip is a good addition, although most cat scratch pad reviews indicate that cats don’t need the catnip to get interested in this pad
  • Very affordable; one of the cheapest in this list
  • Economical as you can flip over the board so that the other side can be used• Because of its low price, you can afford to buy several pieces of this scratchpad and place these in areas where your cat tends to loiter
  • This is an ideal scratch pad for small and medium sized cats
  • The hole is a good place for kittens to play with, most of them will likely try to fit through it
  • The incline design is engaging/attractive for most cats


  • Big cats may easily destroy it
  • It tips very easily because of its weight
  • It can get messy when cats play with it

2. SmartCat Bootsie's Three-in-One Cat Scratcher

If you think your cat needs a bigger pad or post to scratch on, then consider getting this three-in-one cat scratcher from SmartCat. It stands 24 inches tall, with a width of 7 inches and depth of 2.5 inches. You can mount in on the wall, or hang it over a door. You can even let it sit on the floor.

This cat scratcher is made of fibrous and durable sisal fiber, which should make it attractive and engage for your cat. It also features rubber feet to ensure stability and prevent it from slipping while on the floor.


  • It lasts longer than corrugated cardboard
  • You can mount it in various ways—vertical or on the floor
  • If you mount it vertically on a wall, it can give small and medium sized cats a good stretch
  • Cats are very much attracted to sisal fiber; thus there’s a very low chance that they will not use/scratch on this post
  • The rubber feet prevents the cat scratching post from slipping
  • It’s also a good choice if you have limited space at home as it can be mounted in different ways
  • The sisal fiber can compliment most colors of rooms and home décor
  • There’s a wood wedge on top of the scratcher, where you can put toys or treats to entice your cat to use it


  • It is single-sided, meaning there’s only one side which your cat can scratch his claws on
  • It has a chemical scent that may be offensive to some people

3. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Many cat scratch post reviews say this is one of the best scratch posts for cats today. And it is hard to dispute that claim. After all, this is a cat scratcher with an award-winning design. It works both as a scratcher and lounge for your cat. Not every cat scratcher can boast of that distinction.

This scratcher measures 34 inches long, 10.5 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall. It is made of cardboard, but one that is dense and durable that it can last longer than other scratchers.


  • It may be made of cardboard, but it is a premium cardboard, one that can last far longer than the typical corrugated cardboard
  • Reviews from actual users indicate that the manufacturer’s claim is true, as their cat scratchers have lasted for more than a year
  • It is robust and sturdy enough to accommodate cats who weigh over 20 pounds
  • It comes with a couple of catnip twigs to entice cats
  • Excellent design; it not only serves as a cat scratcher but also a lounge for your pet
  • It is so stylish you won’t realize it is a cat scratcher. It can pass up as a home decor
  • Cats not only scratch on it but also play and sleep
  • You can place/hide treats in it
  • You can flip it over so that the other side can be used as the lounge


  • Although it’s durable, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever.
  • The catnip is useless for most users

4. 4CLAWS Wall Mount Scratching Post 26."

This is a 26-inch tall wall mount scratching post that your cat will love. It would let her scratch vertically. It uses adhesive stainless steel mounting that makes it stable and durable. It is made from premium pressed cardboard, which unlike corrugated cardboard is a lot dense and sturdy.

It has a very minimalistic design and looks good enough to blend nicely with most rooms. It measures 26 inches tall, 5.7 inches wide, and 1.6 inches thick.


  • It is versatile when it comes to mounting. You can have it mounted vertically or have it lying down. Either way, your cat will love scratching his claws on it.
  • It has four hooks that go along with the adhesive on the back if you are to stick it on the wall.
  • The hooks are very easy to place
  • The adhesive won’t take off any paint
  • It is very easy to mount as long as you follow the directions included in the package
  • It is tall enough for most average sized cats to claw and stretch their muscles
  • Well-constructed and very sturdy
  • It is not obtrusive as it only sticks out a few inches from the wall.
  • The design is very contemporary; guests may not even know that it is a cat scratching post


  • It may be a bit short for bigger cats to have a full stretch
  • Some cats take some time to figure out that it is a place for them to scratch their claws

5. 4CLAWS Curve Scratching Pad- 17 inches

This is the same as the item before it, although it is a shorter version at just 17 inches tall. It’s a good choice for small and medium cat owners as it would allow their pets to have a good stretch and place to scratch their claws.

With a wide 10 inch surface, this scratch pad should be able to accommodate cats of all sizes. It also has a very minimalistic design that can blend nicely with most rooms. This is a scratching pad made of premium pressed cardboard.


  • It is made of recycled cardboard which is of high quality, sturdy, and durable
  • The design is very minimalistic; can blend in most rooms and complement home décor
  • Very durable, most owners say their scratchers lasted for more than a year
  • Ideal for small to medium sized cats
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box, no need to put it together
  • Mounts securely with included brackets
  • It can serve as a nap spot and play are
  • It is environment-friendly as it is made of 100 percent recyclable material
  • Small footprint, takes up a minuscule part of any room


  • May not be appropriate for the use of big cats
  • Some buyers think it is priced too high for a scratch pad made of cardboard
  • It is not reversible, so you can’t use both sides

6. PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

This is another well-designed cat scratcher slash lounge that is made from durable and dense cardboard. Several scratching posts for cats reviews say it is one scratcher that gives cat owners value for their money.

It measures 39 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 14.3 inches thick. It is reversible so that you can use both sides. This is almost the same as the other PetFusion Cat Scratcher although a bit shorter.

It is strong enough to hold up to four adult cats. Its design allows it not to be only used as a scratcher but also for lounging and play.


  • Very durable, with many cat owners who bought this saying it can take up to a year before it starts to wear out
  • Some owners say it can last for 2-3 years
  • Strong enough to accommodate four adult cats
  • Very contemporary and minimalistic design can blend nicely with any room
  • It has a subtle footprint, won’t take up a lot of space
  • Ideal for medium to large sized cats
  • Has no chemical smell or offensive odor
  • Cats will enjoy sleeping on this lounge
  • Comes fully assembled, no need to put it together
  • Mounts on the wall easily
  • It is very stable


  • Expensive
  • It’s a bit heavy
  • It has a tendency to leave shedding on the ground around it

7. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Many scratch pad for cats reviews ranks this is one of the best today. This is a 32-inch high scratching post that can give your cat a full stretch. It is designed for cats of all sizes, from small to medium to large cats. It is made from sisal fiber, which is naturally attractive to most cats.

The base is wide at 16 x 16 inches and designed to reduce tipping and wobbling. It is fast and easy to assemble, with two screws included in the package. Indeed, this may be one of the best scratching posts for cats.


  • The design is naturally attractive to cats
  • It is made of sisal fiber which is durable
  • Sisal fiber is also very encouraging for cats because of the sound that cats can make when they scratch their claws against it
  • It is ideal for the use of cats of all sizes
  • It can give cats a full stretch, even the big ones
  • Its base is wide thus there’s little chance that it will tip or wobble
  • Reasonably priced


  • You will have to assemble it, although assembly is easy and quick
  • It doesn’t have catnip included in the package
  • There’s no platform for cats to sleep or lie on
  • It’s a bit heavy

Our Recommended Product

These are seven excellent scratch posts that are often ranked highly in many cats scratching pad reviews. But you might wonder--- which is the best scratch pad for cats in this list?

We’ll have to go with the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge. It just has the best design in this list, one that works both as a scratcher and lounge. It is not surprising that it has won an award because of the way it was cleverly designed. The design is so good that your guests will be surprised to learn that it is a scratch post for your cats.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Sure, this is more expensive than other scratch post for cats, but you are getting your money’s worth. With a length of 34 inches and width of 10.5 inches, there’s a lot of surfaces for your cats to scratch his claws.

It may be made of cardboard, but this one is of a premium quality. Basing from reviews, it can stand the test of time with many pet owners saying their scratchers were able to last for more than a year.

And because you can flip it over, you will be able to make the most of this purchase. Your cat will be able to scratch all she wants on both sides of the scratch post.

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge, indeed, may just well be the best scratch post for cats in the market right now.

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