Best FLEA COMB for CATS (Benefits, Instructions, and Reviews)

The best flea comb for cats is something that cat lovers will always be looking for, given the need to remove those pesky pests from their furry friends’ skin.

A flea comb is considered a safer, cheaper, and more practical solution than chemical-based remedies to a flea infestation in cats.

Any flea comb for cats review will tell you that this tool is an affordable means of identifying and eliminating fleas from your feline friends.

It is a fine toothed device that you can use in finding fleas and removing them from your cat’s skin. Flea comb for cats have teeth that are very close to each other, ensuring that fleas and their eggs are removed.

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Although there are other ways of removing fleas from cats, the following are the advantages of flea combs that differentiate from other flea treatment options:

1. It’s safe. Flea combs don’t make use of chemicals unlike other flea treatment options such as spot on flea treatment and flea treatment shampoos.

Thus cat owners can be assured that there will be no side effects on their pets when they use a flea comb. It’s perhaps the main reason why cat owners prefer it over other flea treatment products.

2. It can be used on kittens, too. Unlike other flea treatment methods, flea combs can be used on small pets like kittens.

Most flea products aren’t ideal for use in kittens because of their sensitive skin. Thus a flea comb at times is the only method that cat owners can use in removing fleas from kittens.

3. It’s cheap. The best cat flea comb won’t cost you a lot of money. A cat flea comb is up to 50 percent cheaper than a flea spray or a cat flea medicine.

4. Using it can be a good way to bond with cats. Although a bit time-consuming, using a flea comb presents an excellent way for pet owners to bond with their cats. It is something you would want to do if you have some idle time every weekend.

5. It is effective. A flea comb can effectively remove fleas and their eggs, as long as you know how to use it properly.

How to Use A Cat Flea Comb

So how do you use a flea comb correctly?

Before you start combing your cat, you must prepare a bucket or bowl filled with hot and soapy water. This is where you will put the fleas that you will find on your cat.

The water bucket must be deep enough to prevent the flea from jumping out of it.

You should also look for a good place to comb your cat. You’d want it outside your house so that the flea eggs that you will be able to eliminate won’t end up all over your sofa or home flooring.

If you insist on doing it inside your home, be sure that a vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

Your cat must also sit comfortably on a solid surface. The place must also be well-lit so you can easily see flea eggs and dirt.

Start by holding the flea comb and running it through your cat’s fur. Keep it at an angle of 45 degrees to the cat’s skin.

This way, you can use the comb like a scoop to remove flea, its eggs, and dirt. Flea dirt looks like commas on your pet’s skin.

There will be a swishing noise when you scrape the cat’s skin. Just be sure not to do it too hard, as this can irritate your cat. Let the comb do the work, so to speak.

You’d want to brush first your cat’s ears and neck. The underside of his neck is of particular interest because this is where fleas are most likely to hide.

If your cat has a collar or flea collar remove it first. The back of his legs and the base of the tail are also other areas that you would want to focus on.

After a thorough combing of those parts of his body, pause and look at the teeth of the comb to see if any fleas have been stuck in between the teeth.

Then pull those pets off the comb, and drop them into the bucket. Wait for a few minutes before brushing again.

Here's A Video Tutorial:

What to Look for in a Flea Comb

Flea combs for cats look almost the same that you might just pick the first comb you see online.

But you’ll be able to get the right one for your cat if you keep in mind the following:

1. Look for a comb that has its teeth close together. This will enhance your chances of catching fleas and their eggs

2. Look for one with a rubber handle as this is easier to hold

3. Compare prices of a flea comb. It’s possible to get one as cheap as $5 as flea combs are inexpensive.

Four Best Flea Comb for Cats

Safari Flea Comb with a Double Row of Teeth

This flea comb is suited for all cats regardless of their size. You can choose from a wooden handle or a plastic handle. It measures 0.2 x 2 x 3.2 inches.


· It is cheap

· Double row of teeth that are close to each other makes it easier to remove fleas, flea dirt, and eggs.

· Very lightweight. You won’t get tired holding it even for an extended period

· Choose from the wooden or plastic handle. Both handle choices are ergonomically designed.

· Easily sails through cat fur, both long and short haired

· Very easy to use

· Also, doubles as a pet brush that you can use in removing excess hair and preventing unsightly tangles

· Although it is made of plastic, it is surprisingly rugged. This flea comb should last for many years


· The double row of teeth can also backfire, as fleas can hide in between them.

· Teeth are prone to bending

· The teeth are a bit sharp and can make it uncomfortable for cats

· It gets slippery when wet

Sentry PurrScriptions Flea Comb for Cats

This is another affordable and lightweight comb for removing fleas in cats. It has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip. Its teeth are well spaced so that it can scoop up fleas and prevent them from hiding in between the spaces.


· The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. You can hold it well regardless if you are left or right handle.

· It is made of plastic but is sturdy enough to last for many years

· Comes in a stylish, purple colored frame that makes it easy to spot it when it is stored in a cabinet or drawer

· The purple color also helps in detecting fleas as these pests are more visible when trapped in between the teeth of the comb

· Very lightweight

· Easy to clean


· The end of the teeth is a bit sharp so you should be careful in using it as it may hurt your cat if you use it too hard

· Gets a bit slipper

Oster Animal Care Comb & Protect Flea Comb for Cats

This is an ergonomically designed comb designed mainly for removing fleas in cats. The metal teeth of the comb are close to each other, allowing this comb to pick up fleas easily even in dense coats. It is lightweight and easy to use.


· It doesn’t have a handle which makes it easy to hold in either hand.

· It has a slight curve, and not entirely flat, unlike other flea combs. This design lets you slide it gently over your cat’s skin without hurting him.

· Its thin tines allow it to glide effortlessly over dense coats

· You can also use it in grooming your pet

· It feels solid in hand

· Cheap

· Easy to use


· The lack of a handle can make it a bit tricky to use it in long haired cats

· Not the most durable, as there are reports that its metal teeth can easily fall off. Teeth can also bend easily

Ebelyn Flea Comb for Cats Kitten Small & Medium Dogs Puppy & Small Animals

This flea comb from Evelyn is mainly designed for small cats, kittens, and other animals that are frequently infested with fleas.

It is 7 inches long, with its tooth portion about 2 x 1 inches. Its metal teeth are close to each other, thus removing fleas with this comb is easy. It is also ergonomically designed for easy handling.


· Easy to use

· Easy to clean

· Cheap

· The spacing of the teeth is well-designed. It can effectively remove fleas, dirt, and eggs.

· Lightweight

· Easy to store

· Nonslip handle minimizes the chances of the comb slipping through your fingers

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee


· The handle is a ‘magnet’ to cats as they tend to bite it off

· Not nearly as effective in removing fleas in cats with thin hair

· Not durable as the bristles can easily fall off or break

Our Recommended Product

Lots of cat flea comb reviews will just list down ‘recommended’ flea combs but not mention the best of the lot.

But this review of the best flea comb for cats will be straightforward in naming the best comb for eliminating fleas in our feline friends.

Safari Flea Comb

The four items listed are all good choices but without a doubt, the Safari Flea Comb with a double row of teeth is our top choice.

You can choose either a wooden or plastic handle. Not to mention it's double rows of teeth makes it easier to remove fleas, flea dirt, and its eggs. It is cheap, but very sturdy. 

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