Best Dry Cat Food: 5 Of The BEST For Your CATS!

It’s been heard time and time again that a dog is a man’s best friend. But, what about our furry felines? Cats have many talents are just as cool of a pet.

Did you know that there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world and about 40 recognized breeds?

That’s a lot of cats’ mouths to feed. So exactly what types of food do you feed to a cat?

How do you know what foods is the healthiest dry cat food or even the best dry cat food for indoor cats? I will discuss in great detail dry cat food reviews.

So continue to read on. Just like humans, you like to eat well and maintain a balanced diet. The same should go for your furry pets as well.

Comparison Of The Five Best Dry Cat Food

Benefits Of Eating Healthy For Cats

There are more benefits when it comes to basic nutrition for your cat. Cat’s bodies are designed to consume foods that are high in protein, moderate in fat and very low in carbohydrates.

Cats should be eating at least 50% (or greater) of calories from protein, 20-45% of calories from fat, 1-2% (and no more than 10%) of calories from carbohydrates and water that is rich (approximately 70% by weight). Great taste and the variety of cat’s foods leave pet owners with endless possibilities.

cat eating

Requirements For Cats

Cats need the essentials to keep them going. Some of those essentials are about the same for humans as well.

Cats need their vitamins, minerals and water in order to create a well-balanced diet. These main requirements also help cats to digest healthy and develop strong bones (Taste and Health Benefits - Your Cat Can Have Both).

Keep in mind that the best dry cat food is nutritious for your pet. Did you know that cats require twice as much protein as dogs?

They need protein because it fuels their cells with energy.

It is very important for cats to eat meat because it is essential for their heart, muscle health and eye. In order to keep cats in a healthy condition having their protein is important.

If cats are not given the amount of protein a day it can cause the cat to develop severe illness and even death.

Prevention is everything when it comes to having your cat live a long and healthy life.Did you know that meat has specific fatty acids that vegetables do not carry.

Fat actually helps cats absorb their vitamins. Without fats, cats can have dry coats and scaly skin. Two things you don’t want to see your cat with.

Essentials For Cats

Three other essentials are vitamins, minerals and water. Vitamins keep humans going and it does the same for cats.

Vitamins help complete a well-balanced diet.Minerals are required by cats because it contains everything.

Need I say more? It has your iron, potassium, zinc and much more to hep bring a balance to your feline's diet. magnesium, zinc, calcium, and many others.

Water is essential for cats, especially fresh water because it helps prevent dehydration. if your cat eats mostly dry foods it's important to have fresh water as it helps with washing down their food.

dry cat food

Rewarding Your Cat With Treats

It’s okay to reward your cat time and time again for good behavior or for simply being an addition to the family.

However, you want to make sure that you read the labels of the ingredients before dispersing to your cat.

Some treats are not nutritious are loaded with sugars and carbs. You definitely do not want that. Just like humans count your calories for your cats as well.

Treats should not make up more than 10% of your cat’s daily calories. Too many treats leads to obesity and the last thing you want is a cat that looks way beyond their years much and not active.

So your full and don’t want to waste any food so you decide to give the rest to your cat who is sitting by the table waiting for food to drop. Well….it sounds like a pretty good idea but it’s not.

Your food may include high calories and cause digestive problems for your cat.Reward your cats at a time that is not their scheduled time to eat. If you chose to give your cat a treat around your cat’s meal time they are more inclined to not eat their dinner.

Plus if your cat is not getting all its nutrients at meal time, it can lead to much bigger problems such as degeneration, dietary deficiencies and diseases.

Most importantly it is best to give your cats treats that are healthy and beneficial for them. Why you may ask? It helps exercise their metabolism and any snack that is nutritious is bound to be good.

Treats should be a reward to them. It’s best to give your cat their treat during or after an activity, good behavior or during play sessions.

It helps instill in your cat that daily he will have activities in which he can get rewarded for.

Treats are supposed to be fun for your feline. They should look forward to getting rewarded and you as the pet owner should feel good about it.

Review Of Five Of The Best Dry Cat Food 

Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula

If you are looking for a product that is healthy, grain free and made with local ingredients. Then look no further than in to Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula.

It’s the perfect choice because it has all the taste that your cat will like such as boneless turkey and boneless chicken. The meats that are prepared in this formula are fresh, flavorful and contain no preservatives


• Best of all the formula is made with all local ingredients which include whole eggs.

• Most important is the fact that Orijen contains all 11 aminoacids that cats need to keep their body functions working properly, preventing future diseases.

• This cat food is low in glycemic carbohydrates.

• Chicken is packed in this dish.


• Too much fish and lots of mercury.

• Also the magnesium in fish can contribute to bladder issues in your cat.

Fromm Four Star Game Bird Recipe

This recipe is one that your cat should never forget and will probably be begging for more.

It's not only tasty but it is packed with real Wisconsin cheese, turkey, as well as duck. But wait! There's more. It also is a good source of vitamins that help with your cat's digestion.

This recipe is the ultimate in making sure your cat stays on the right path to healthy eating. It helps reduce a lot of food related allergies.

No matter the age of your cat, this formula is perfect for all ages. It's actually recommended also. The quality in this formula is like no other in the way that their batches are small to help with producing great quality and consistency.


• Packed with real Wisconsin cheese, turkey, as well as duck

• This recipe also includes fresh fruit and vegetables which are perfect for your cat’s nutrition


• There are 11 essential amino acids cats need but is not shown in the food’s nutritional analysis.

• Price

Wysong Uretic Feline Dry Diet

The name speaks for itself. This product was created by a veterinarian and became popular by word of mouth across many other veterinarians.

It has been formulated to improve cats urinary tract system. Best of all, the recipe has micronutrients, omega-3, antioxidants and more.

There is also just enough healthy amounts of minerals. The first 5 ingredients are: turkey meals, chicken meal, fish meal and chicken. The formula actually guarantees at least 36% proteins and 16% fat which are the essential of a cat's diet.

The quality of ingredients is what pet owners love. The company, Uretic prides itself on making great healthy food that your cats will love! The company has seen plenty of results in many many cats for the past 30 years.


• Prevent urinary tract diseases

• Formula with a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients and nutraceuticalsHas the essential amino-acid taurine to protect cat’s eyes and heart health

• Omega-3, probiotics prebiotics, enzymes and antioxidants

• Good value for money

• Formula cruelty free


• Tomato pomace could potentially be too acidic for cats with a sensitive stomach

• There is no description of what type of fish and source

Precise Holistic Complete Formula

Recommended by experts it is the perfect brand for your cat. Especially because treats your pet’s itchy skin and ear problems.

The brand focuses on providing nutritional standards for your pet. Your cat will thank you as this contains plenty of meat such as chicken and chicken meal. 

It also has oatmeal and ground brown rice. The cool thing is that there are minerals and vitamins that are packaged that will help to be absorbed by your cat’s body. Cats of all ages are welcome to try it. Everything in this formula is to support happiness and harmony in cats as well as providing healthy nutrition.


• Real Meat proteins

• Probiotics and Prebiotics

• Cell protectors for the immune system

• Supplements and antioxidants

• GMO free ingredients


• It is not readily available in stores

• Has brown rice which doesn’t add a lot of proteins

Natural Planet Organic

The name speaks for itself. This product simply focuses on organic foods for pets. Its primary ingredient is meat. On top of that it’s healthy and perfect for your cat’s nutrition. 

Certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), and has even been recognized internationally with their symbol of organic integrity there’s no doubt that this is the perfect meal for your cat.

The best thing about Natural Planet Organic is that the food is grown from a land farm that has no chemicals applied to it for at least three years. You can trust in Natural Planet Organic because they have high quality production standards. This one is in the books for one of the best dry cat food.


•Ultra-Premium Organic category cat food.

•Ingredients 100% organic food certified by OTCO.

• Ingredients are certified non-Genetically Modified

•Contains omega 3 and 6.

•Benefits cats who have a yeast infection.

•Perfect all life stages.


• Does not give information on all of the 11 essential amino acids in the food’s nutritional analysis.

• Not easily available to find in stores

We Recommend

Fromm Four Star Game Bird Recipe

Above all pet owners want their cat to be healthy and full of life. You want to have the essentials that your cat will want and need. With the Fromm Four Star Game Bird Recipe, cats get the balanced diet that they need.

It's nutritious and healthy and perfect for your furry friend. What makes this recipe the best above the rest is the fact there a fruits and vegetables that are also included into the recipe. Your cat gets everything in one.

There are plenty of vitamins which help to complete a well-balanced diet. You as the pet owner can rest assure that your cat is on the right path to a healthy living. The great thing about this formula is that it's perfect for your cat no matter the age. So start your cat young and continue until they are older.

Apart from the other recipes, this one has it all. The best dry cat food is the way to go! So do yourself a favor and do a dry cat food comparison by trying them all for your furry feline.

1 thought on “Best Dry Cat Food: 5 Of The BEST For Your CATS!”

  1. Please, PLEASE stop feeding your cat dry foods! I learned the hard way. Cats do not drink enough water as it is. Dry foods deplete them of water even more. Dont believe me? Research, research, research. The internet is your friend.

    Not drinking enough water CAN lead to kidney problems in later years. Why take a chance? If feeding my cat canned (wet) food could help prolong their life then I’m all in for it.

    Then you could possibly avoid the heartbreak of (yet another cat) struggling with kidney disease, like I am. Yes, I learned too late for them.

    And brushing teeth (or cleaning somehow -watch youtube videos on suggestions on how to do this) is VERY helpful -as teeth problems can also lead to kidney problems. I think this needs to be started young. Again, that’s another thing that I learned too late.

    Brushing cats (fur) at least once a week (if you have more than one cat it’s hard to do every day, but good if you can) can also help their health. It helps avoid issues with hairballs, which can develop into other problems. And supplementing with egg yolk lecithin (if you DO have a cat prone to hairballs) is a great help.

    It’s just from eggs, you can get at a local vitamin shop, and it comes in a clear gelcap that you can just empty and mix with your cats food. It’s a powdery substance, but sticks together a bit. It has been a real help with my long haired cat who had MAJOR hairball problems before I started this.

    Back to feeding dry … Over and over I have read that feeding even the “cheapest” wet is better than the “best” dry. I am 50 years old. I started feeding my cats “whatever” in my younger years. Then went to “Iams”, thinking it was better. Then progressed to Fromms, which my cats LOVED (too much!).

    I went through a lot of the different “better” canned foods, but my cats refused to eat them. I guess they were so used to eating all the varieties of “Fancy Feast” (canned), that they would not change. Maybe if I had money to keep trying, but I am on a limited budget. I did not have the luxury of wasting and throwing away this very expensive food.

    I truly think raw is more of what cats SHOULD be eating, but I tried it once, and besides being more expensive, it was very time consuming (for me, anyway) as I have a lot of health problems and I struggle every day to do the things I have to do as it is.

    Maybe someday I will try again, but my cats refused to eat that way and I wasted a lot of money trying, too. I do think it’s better and it’s closer to what they were intended to eat (not vegetables, grains, and DEFINITELY not hard, dry, kibble … which is only convenient for us PEOPLE to feed!!). If they were on their own, they would be eating raw prey, and I’m sure that would be the healthiest way for them to eat if we could do it for them, ourselves.

    So, anyway, I consoled myself that I was feeding them the grain free Fromm, and that was a good thing. That is, till one of the new cats we got, started getting FAT! I mean REALLY fat. His name is Fatty Lumpkin, and he sure was living up to his name!

    Funny story about that is, I said NO MORE CATS! Too hard when they leave us too early. Or they get sick, etc. But then someone dropped a pregnant cat who had 5 kittens, and long story short, after I said I wasn’t bringing them in, but then the mom disappeared and one of the little ones died (I think hit by a car) -I brought them in.

    That is a story in itself! They were feral. I had never in my life EVER had a cat that was wild like they were, and that could not be tamed. Even to this day, two of them, though mainly one, is STILL scared! (She is aptly named “scaredy”!)

    But we have had them about four years now. Though they have improved a LOT! But back to feeding dry. Fatty was getting, well, FAT! So I did some research, was reminded about dry being bad for cats, and made up my mind to change it.

    Fatty (and a lot of cats) are addicted to the dry. Even though it was a “better” grain free food, it wasn’t good that he was just getting bigger and bigger.

    My kids gave me a hard time … I felt TERRIBLE about doing it … I didn’t think Fatty could even BE broken of the addiction of it … but, an amazing thing happened! He got over it!

    And though I am not feeding raw, or even the “better” canned, at least they are getting wet food which is now all I can do, but will surely have a positive impact on them in the long run.

    It may just be Fancy Feast, and I am “free feeding it” (for the most part) -but I had read that a cat will eventually LOSE weight, even FREE feeding, any of the wet (canned) foods.

    And do you know what? It did not happen quickly. It took a long time (and that’s probably better, as you don’t want a fat cat to lose weight too quickly), but he is slowly, but surely, getting smaller.

    Dry is bad for kidneys. Dry is ADDICTIVE to cats and will make them FAT! Which will lead to health problems even besides the kidney issues that can develop.

    Feeding dry is not natural for the cat. Cats were NOT intended to be fed hard, dry, kibble. They are intended to get most of their water from their prey.

    The most important thing I learned (and one of the easiest things to change) is that the cheapest dry is STILL better than the “best” dry cat food. It’s still a bit inconvenient to NOT have a bowl of kibble out for the cats. I have got woke up by some of my beloved felines (lol!) being hungry and all the dishes I put out being empty! -Feed me, mom!!

    But it’s a very small price to pay, and a BIG difference in their water intake, which will help them a LOT in the long run.

    And even though it’s not the best canned, FF is not the worst. And even the worst is STILL better than feeding cats dry.

    A small change for a BIG health benefit. Kidney disease does not happen overnight. And maybe this won’t prevent it completely. But I believe it has to be a big HELP in preventing it. A cat fountain is also a good idea.

    When we love our pets, we want them to be around as long as possible. I am all for trying the best I can with what I have available and can afford.

    Eliminating dry and having to put down plates with canned is a BIG benefit for a small price to pay.

    -Cathy C.

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