Lovable Cat Condos (The Best Cat Tree and its Benefits)

Cat trees or condos can give your feline friend a beautiful place to play. But with the many cat condos in the market, you could be lost on how to find the best cat tree. Read on and learn how to select the best cat condo for your pet.

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What Are Cat Trees?

Cat trees are artificial structures where your cats can play and relax. Most of them are series of platforms where cats can climb, scratch, stretch, claw, and play to their hearts’ content. Some have enclosed sections where cats can take a nap. Others have scratching posts, so it can be said that the best cat tree can also serve as an alternative to declawing.

We all know that cats are very active. They would want to jump, climb, and release all those pent-up energies. The best cat tree furniture gives them that place to do so.

Aside from being a place for cats to play, a cat tree also gives many benefits to your feline friend. If you have a timid cat, adding a cat tree can encourage him to stay out in the open.

It can also be the solution to multiple cats that can’t get along with each other. A cat tree gives them different levels of perches, so they would be able to share space with each other. They may be able to share a cat condo with each other even if they don’t get along on a windowsill or table.

Cat trees also provide our feline friends with a place to scratch. Most cat trees are covered in sisal rope, a type of materials that our feline friends are naturally drawn to. They would love to scratch on cat trees covered in sisal rope. As you know, scratching is one of your pet’s favorite activities. By giving them an outlet for this natural behavior, you can also save your furniture from getting damaged by cats.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits that your cats can gain from a cat condo. Thus you should seriously consider getting one for them.

Factors To Consider In Buying Cat Condos

The full availability of cat condos doesn’t mean you get the first cat tree you see in the market. You’ll have to weigh in various factors in choosing a cat condos such as:

cat trees are lovely

1. Material

Cat tree reviews will tell you that these artificial structures are often made of wood and covered with faux fur. One kind of wood often used in cat tree is plywood. It lasts long compared to other wood types used in cat condos.

Solid wood is also an excellent material, although it tends to be more expensive than plywood. But you are getting your money’s worth, so to speak, because it is heavy, stable, and can last for a long time.

Then there’s pressed wood or OSB. It is a solid panel produced with heat-cured adhesives and wood strands that are rectangular shaped. It is similar to strength and performance of plywood although it has a less consistent and rougher appearance.

2. Weight load

Another important factor to consider in shopping for a cat tree is the weight capacity. Cat condos can support weight from 5 to 200 pound. Of course, you want the tree to be sturdy so that the cat will get used to it quickly. Cats don’t want to get up on a shaky condo, or one that can tip over.

Make sure that the cat tree that you will buy can safely accommodate your cats. This will guarantee that your cats will continue to use it and that you won’t need to worry about the cat condo topping over onto someone.

3. Ease Of Assembly

Cat trees may be delivered to your doorstep assembled, although most of these units have to be put together

Those requiring assembly are called modular furniture. These have unassembled parts which you have to put together. Assembly is typically easy, needing one tool. You should ensure that the unit you are getting has all the tools required for assembling the cat condo.

Cat trees that are fully assembled are, however, expensive. But these are more stable and durable compared to modular furniture.

On a lesser degree, the following are other factors you will have to consider when choosing the best cat tree for your pet:

1. Color-- pick a cat tree with a color that can easily blend with the color of your room or place where you plan to put it

2. Price

3. Warranty

4. Size— there should be enough space in the room or area where you intend to place the cat condo

How To Teach Your Cat To Use Her Cat Tree

cat playing on a cat tree

A standard issue among cat lovers who buy a cat condo is how to make their cats comfortable with their trees or condos. Here are a few tricks and tips how to get your cat started in using cat condos:

1. Choose the right location. The key here is placing the condo in an area where your cat frequents. It may be your room, in the backyard, or in the living room. The point is that the cat condo must be in an area where your cats spend most of their time.

If you own multiple cats, then you should look for a place where all your cats get equal access. This is very crucial if your cats don't always share fairly.

2. Make the tree a focal point of attention. One way to encourage your cat to climb the tree is to praise and pet her while she's climbing it. This will tell her you are pleased every time she is in the condo. You must also minimize the attention you give her when she is on the ground or using her old condo.

3. Make it more exciting for her. Outside treats and food in the cat tree to make it more enjoyable for her. You can place tasty treats along the climbing area so she will be encouraged to spend more time on it. You can also add catnip and toys

4. Help her get comfy. You might want to place a cushion or soft bedding on certain parts of the cat tree so she will be comfortable while on the condo. It may even encourage her to nap.

Here Is A Video Of Cats Playing On Their Cat Trees

7 Best Cat Tree

1. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 57-inch

This unit has dimensions of 28 x 25 x 57 inches and weighs 20 pounds. It comes from Armarkat, a leading brand of pet products that is into the production of cat condos and bed.

The covering material is faux fleece with an ivory color. The board is made of pressed with the post having a diameter of 3.5 inches. Its house has dimensions of 15 inches x 14 inches by 12 inches (L, W, H) while the perch has measures 14 x 12 inches. It has a maximum holding weight of 40 pounds.


  • Putting it together is easy; it has tools and instruction guide
  • All pieces are labeled so you won’t have problems in assembling it
  • It is very sturdy
  • The faux fur is easy to clean with a small brush
  • The faux fur is soft
  • Comes with five sisal scratching posts
  • Should be able to accommodate 2-3 cats
  • It is designed for small and medium cats
  • It’s free standing, no need for it to lean against the wall
  • The color is neutral and thus would go well against most room colors
  • The front ramp is accessible for most cats to jump into regardless of their size and age


  • Shelves aren’t wide enough for big cats
  • Since the carpet is just glued to the tree, cats can easily tear it up once they find an edge
  • The top platform has low sides

2. Molly and Friends 5-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal

This condo has dimensions of 65 x 40 x 28 inches. It weighs 105 pounds and has a beige color. It features two large beds, one cradle, a condo, and tunnel areas where big cats can lounge, stretch, and play. It also features an all natural sisal rope.

The unit is made from scratch in the United States and doesn’t require assembly. Since the furniture is handmade and not modular, the upright post is sturdy enough for most big cats to climb up on it. This is one of the best cat trees for big cats.


  • Lots of places for your cat to scratch
  • It is very sturdy and well made
  • Well finished without any raw edges
  • It is put together entirely with hardware, but with no glue
  • It comes fully assembled, so there’s no need for you to put it together
  • Beige colors match well with most room colors
  • Can accommodate big cats weighing as much as 25 pounds
  • The top layer is very high so other pets in your household like dogs won’t be able to get to it
  • The base is wide, and won’t shake/tip
  • Multi-level design allows even older cats to play in it
  • Quality carpeting that fits tight


  • Enclosed section may be a bit too small for large cats
  • Very expensive compared to other cat trees although most owners say they don’t mind the price because of its excellent build quality
  • Poor packaging

3. Go Pet Club 72" Cat Tree Condo Furniture

This is a multi-level cat tree condo that is 72 inches tall, 50 inches wide and 26 inches long. It is ideal for medium and large sized cats. This beige-colored condo furniture has posts that are covered by natural sisal rope.

It has three top perches where your cats can play, as well as two enclosed sections. The main three perches measure 12.75 x 12.75 x 2.25 inches (width, length, and height). Those platforms should accommodate small to medium sized cats, but may be a bit small for bigger pets.


  • It is covered by a soft fabric that is sturdy enough to last for years
  • Easy to assemble; most owners say they were able to put it together in less than 30 minutes
  • There’s a diagram that you can refer to in putting together the unit
  • No power tools needed to assemble the unit
  • Sturdy, especially when placed in a corner
  • It has a sturdy, wide base
  • It can accommodate 4-5 cats at a time
  • Very durable, many reviewers say it has lasted for years
  • The bottom platform is wide enough to put treats as well as food and water
  • It is relatively cheap


  • The top platforms are small for big cats; medium sized cats have a better chance of getting up there
  • The enclosed upper section is also too small for a big cat to fit into
  • It’s not covered in carpet
  • It only has one hanging play toy
  • Although it is easy to assemble, it would have been a lot better if the pieces were labeled.

4. Molly and Friends Bed and Cradle Cat Tree

Some online reviews say this is one of the best cat trees for small cats as well as medium sized pets. It is a handmade furniture, meaning it requires no assembly. It is a sturdy, upright condo that your pets can climb, scratch at, and sleep in.

It has solid pine poles with heavy duty screws and bolts. It stands about 65 inches tall, with a base that measures 2 x 2 inches. Width and length are both at 28 inches. It comes in a beautiful beige color. Weight is 84 pounds.


  • It is covered in a beautiful, thick carpet
  • One of the posts is wrapped in thick sisal rope, where your cat can scratch to her heart’s content
  • It is incredibly well built and stable
  • It can accommodate up to six medium sized cats
  • Carpet is thick, and cats won’t be able to peel it off easily
  • Its color can blend well with any room
  • The top is spacious enough for a medium sized cat to sleep on it
  • Since it is a handmade furniture, there’s no assembly required
  • There’s no hint of chemical odor coming from the tree
  • The beds have enough protection or edge to keep the cats from rolling when they are napping
  • There’s sufficient space to hang other toys to encourage cats to enter/climb the condo


  • Some owners complain that they have to vacuum the carpet every day because it can get dusty easily
  • Sisal could have been used on the larger poles

5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 in. High

Another Go Pet Club product makes our list with this cat tree that is 62 inches high. This is easy to assemble cat tree, with an instruction manual and tools included in the package. There’s one sisal rope in the cat tree, with a basket and ladder to entice cats to play. It is made of pressed wood and covered with faux fur.

This three-level cat tree has a beautiful beige color. It is 27 inches long and 38 inches wide. Its baseboard is 26 inches wide and 19 inches long. The top perch, where medium to large cats can stay, has dimensions of 13.25 inches wide, 13.25 inches long, and 2.75 inches high.


  • It is very easy to assemble, with an assembly guide and special tools included in the package. All parts are also identified/labeled
  • The enclosed section is good and spacious enough for small cats to sleep on
  • Construction is good and sturdy
  • The faux fur material is soft and comfortable for most cats
  • With a rope, hammock, and ladder for cats to enjoy/play on
  • The top perch is spacious enough for most big cats to stay on
  • Color blends well with most rooms and furniture/decor
  • It can accommodate five medium sized cats all at the same time


  • The tube thing located at the bottom of the top perch is useless for most cats
  • The hammock is an excellent addition, but it can only accommodate kittens
  • The hiding space on the second level is only suitable for small kittens

6. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 72-inch

Like Go Pet, Armarkat returns to this list with this cat tree furniture condo. This is one of the tallest in this list, with a height of 72 inches. Its width is 22 inches, and its length is 53 inches. It can hold up to 60 pounds of cats, although the unit itself is relatively lightweight at 59.3 lbs.

This cat tree is ideal for climbing, exercising, and climbing. There are an instruction manual and necessary tools included in the package. This easy-to-assemble cat tree is made from attractive pressed wood and covered with faux fur.


  • Manufacturer backs it with a six-month replacement warranty
  • It is relatively easy to assemble, with an instruction guide and necessary tools included in the package
  • Because it is tall, there’s a lot of room for cats to climb and exercise
  • There’s a product nameplate located to the front of the tree, giving it a classy look
  • Its cost is very reasonable
  • The fake fur may not be as good as carpet, but it is soft and comfortable for most cats
  • It is spacious enough for 4-5 big cats to play inside
  • The base is very sturdy
  • The hammock is big enough for medium sized cats
  • The top platform is strong, sturdy, and spacious enough for a big cat


  • The little yarn balls included in the package can fall apart very quickly
  • The tower platforms don’t have enough edge to protect sleeping cats
  • Some reviewers say the hammock isn’t used by their cats

7. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

This is the shortest cat tree from Go Pet Club in this list as it is only 52 inches high. Although it may be short for very active cats, it is good enough for small and medium sized cats. It is 21 inches wide and 21 inches long, with the base board measuring 19 inches by 19 inches (width x length).

There’s an enclosed section which measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches (width, length, and height). The top two perches measure 11.25 inches in diameter. And there’s one ladder.

This beige colored cat tree is made of compressed wood, with faux fur and sisal rope.


  • It is ideal for small and medium sized cats
  • It is easy to assemble, with an instruction guide and tools included in the package
  • There are two mouse toys that your cat can play with
  • It is very reasonably priced• The faux fur is beautiful, soft, and comfortable
  • The enclosed section is a good place for small cats to rest or nap
  • Durable, with some owners saying theirs have lasted for a year or so


  • The mouse toys can be very easy for cats to rip off
  • This is too small for big cats
  • Even medium sized cats will have difficulties getting into the enclosed section
  • It feels unstable, but this can be remedied by placing it against the wall
  • The ladder seems a bit too steep for most kittens

Our Recommended Product

The seven products are all good choices if you are in the market for a cat tree. But what is the best cat tree in our list?

That distinction should go to Armarkat’s 72-inch high cat tree furniture condo. This is one tall cat tree that stands 72 inches with a width of 22 inches and length of 53 inches. It is made of pressed wood, which is known for being durable and sturdy. It may not be as smooth as plywood, but the material is a good choice for a cat tree.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 72-inch

Going back to Armarkat’s cat tree, this one is durable enough to accommodate up to 60 pounds of active cats. So you can expect up to 5 medium sized cats to be able to play inside it.

Aside from being very reasonably priced, we liked that it has a hammock where medium sized cats can rest. Sure, the tower platforms could have more edges to protect sleeping cats, but that’s the only issue you can throw at this cat tree.

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