Best Cat Toys For Those Happy And Playful Bonding With You Cat!!!

Have you been searching for the best cat toys and experienced nothing but frustration? I know how difficult it can be to find the right toy. It’s not for lack of options, but how do you find one that your pet will like without worrying whether he’ll hurt himself during play?

That’s what this guide is for, as I have picked the top cat toys, so you don’t have to spend hours on the web searching for one. Cat owners know that felines love to play, often at the expense of furniture. With these toys, he can have his fun without tearing up the couch.

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What To Look For In A Cat Toy And How To Use IT

Deciding what to buy can be bewildering given the number of toys available online, as each one claims to be the best. Due to the number of toys that end up being unused, it’s obvious that some toys are more appealing than others. So how do you choose?

Durability and Safety

The best cat toys don’t have any glued-on components that your cat might accidentally eat. Avoid those with sharp edges or flimsy strings as he could entangle. If you’re buying interactive toys, make certain it’s well built and can take the punishment from a playful cat. If there’s a string, it should be heavy, and the toy is well fastened.

Types of Toys

Some toys are meant for solo play, while others are interactive in nature. Others are nibbled on, carried around, chased, pounced or batted. You’ll also find plenty of reward-based playthings for cats or those that dispense food. There are also puzzle toys that will keep him occupied and happy. Remember too that cats love to interact with their owners. Even if he has a lot of toys, you should always take time out to play with your cat.

Here’s a video showing some of the toys you can get your cat:

And while some are happy with just one toy, others like to have more. In fact, you’re probably going to buy a few to see which ones your cat likes.

Cats Love Hunting Games​

From the best cat chew toys, retrieval, or dispensing food, cats love the game when there’s an element of prey in it. Even well-fed cats like to hunt, so their toys should be built around that.

Look for toys that will require your cat to pounce, stalk, and be able to pick up. The toy doesn’t have to resemble mice, but there needs to be a reaction when he swats or pounces on it.

Look for a plaything that skitters will draw your cat’s attention, or you could flip the toy or drag it around while he chases. The whole point of an interactive toy is how much you and your cat interact, so make it as varied as possible. Look also for toys that leave room for experimentation.

Does Size Matter?​

Don’t buy toys that are so small he might swallow it. If you have a kitten, make certain you don’t overcompensate and get one that’s too big. And if the toy is too large your cat might be intimidated and shy away from it.

Do Cats Like Toys That Make Sounds?​

If you read cat toys review, you’ll notice that sound equipped toys have a mixed reputation. And that’s understandable because some cats like them and others don’t. Some pointers to keep in mind:

  • If your cat is timid, avoid toys with loud sounds as it might frighten him.
  • If you’re going with a motorized toy, ensure it doesn’t have a whirring sound as it could hurt your cat.
  • The best sounds are those that simulate those of prey, i.e. ultrasonic sounds and squeaks. Remember that your cat’s hearing is very sensitive, so even a slight sound catches their attention.
Cat toys review

Cats Love Textured Toys

Spend any amount of time with a cat, and you’ll notice that cats love the texture, from the food, the litter box and so on. It’s no different when it comes to their toys as most cats want some texture on it.​

How to Get Your Cat to Play with Toys​

You’ve reviewed the top toys for cats and bought a couple, but your cat won’t play with them. Some suggestions:​

  • Purchase a few toys: don’t buy just one. Cats can be picky not just with food but toys as well, and you’ll increase the chances of getting one he likes by purchasing two or more.
  • Give only one toy at a time. Giving all the toys at once will make it difficult to determine which one he likes and doesn’t. By giving him just one toy to play with, you’ll see if he enjoys it or not.
  • Don’t just throw the toy in front of your cat. Instead, put an open bag in front of him and toss the toy there. The toy will roll or turn, and that’s what’s going to catch your cat’s attention.

How Many Toys Should You Buy?

You don’t need to purchase a hundred toys to keep him happy. You just need a few toys and rotate them, so he doesn’t get bored. Just give one at a time and let him play. Replace it with another toy after a week or two.

Keep in mind that as your cat gets older, he may outgrow those toys. As your kitty grows up, it’s time to get him other toys that are suitable for his age. And if he’s old or has mobility issues, don’t force him to play as he may just prefer to sleep.

If you’ve got a healthy cat but no longer wants to play with his toys, maybe it’s time to replace them with another set. Maybe he is getting tired of those biting toys and now wants those that involve fetching. That’s why it is important not just to have a few playthings, but those that come in different styles.​

toys for cats

Different Toys for Different Cats​

One of the ways to simplify your search for the perfect toy is to assess your cat’s behavior. This may help you find the right set without spending a lot of money on toys he won’t play with.

  • There are some who will ignore even cool cat toys, in which case you may want to try catnip. Catnips don’t always work, but give it a try and see if it makes the toy more enticing.
  • If your cat loves to jump and paw, get him a toy that hangs or can be hung from a string. Your cat can grab the line and pull it, or you could dangle the toy so he can grab it.
  • Some cats prefer to play alone while others want more interaction. Study your cat’s behavior, and that will help you with the selection.
  • Inspect the toys now and then. Look for signs of damage and replace them. Don’t let your cat play with broken toys because he might hurt himself.
  • Make sure you buy from a reputable company.• If you have two cats or more, make sure each one has a toy, so they don’t fight over one.

A good many cat toys review has given the Pet Zone series high marks and with good reason. Just put an AAA battery (not included), switch it on, and the butterfly starts to spin. It simulates the real thing down to the fluttering wings and sound.

As the butterfly moves, your cat will try to swat and catch, engaging his natural hunting instincts. The bottom has four rubber feet to keep it from sliding as your cat plays. Even with repeated swipes, the Spinner will hold up.

Unlike other toys, the Pet Zone Fly by Spinner is very easy to use. With just a flick of the button, you can relax and watch as your cat plays. It only uses 1 AAA battery, so it’s inexpensive.


  • Easy to use
  • Been tested for cats
  • Keeps your cat occupied


  • Base is a little small and could topple

Some of the top cat toys are included here. The collection includes feathers, dowel, cat dancer, mouse on a stick and more. Not only are there a lot of toys, but they’re varied too so your cat can have lots of fun playing.

All the toys are made from a wide range of natural materials, which makes it more attractive to your cat because it brings out his hunting instinct. The diverse quality of the toys also discourages your cat from hunting real animals.

If you’re looking for a toy collection to give your cat or cats, then this set from the Natural Pet Company is worth a look. They’re not just numerous, but each one is high quality.


  • Different toys
  • All the toys are made from natural materials
  • Suitable for kittens and older cats


  • Cats will probably favor some toys over the others

The best cat toys are those that keep kitty engrossed, and a good example of that is the Interactive Cat Tunnel. Anyone who’s been around cats knows they love to squeeze in tight, dark areas, as it’s part of their genetic makeup. With this tunnel, your cat can hone his hunting skills by crawling in the tunnel.

What’s great about the tunnel is you can hook it up with other Interactive Tunnels (sold separately). By joining them together, you will give your cat a nice maze he can explore and play in.

The tunnel is suitable for kittens and cats, and the connector makes it easy to hook it up with other Interactive Cat Tunnels. Durable and convenient to store, it’s great for playful cats.


  • Tunnel can be connected with other pieces
  • Made from durable materials
  • No questions asked refund policy


  • Not suitable for big cats

The best interactive cat toy will stimulate your cat’s senses, and that is what the Senses Play Circuit does as it incorporates touch, sound, and sight. The track’s design allows your cat to swat or chases the ball, stimulating their senses.

The ball has a unique swirl pattern which has been specially designed to draw cats, and you can reconfigure the track, so he doesn’t get bored with the same setup. You can also purchase other Catit Play Circuits and expand the set.

The Circuit can be played solo or with other cats, and it’s a great way to hone their senses. The set is also durably built to withstand rough play.


  • Allows your cat to play in different ways
  • Your cat’s senses are stimulated during play
  • Compatible with other Cat Toys


  • More suited for small to medium size cats than big ones

The Squirrel Catnip is comparable to the best interactive cat toy when it comes to drawing your cat’s attention. The Squirrel is snuggly and soft, but the material is durable enough for a playful cat.The Squirrel is 100% safe for cats to play with, as there are no strings or bells your cat could get entangled with. The catnip is securely stored, and it is easy enough to open the closure and add more if necessary.

A lot of toys for cats tend to be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the best toys are the simple ones, and the Squirrel Catnip is a good example of that. The Squirrel is also machine washable, so it’s easy to clean and refill after your cat’s done playing.


  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Keeps catnip in place and secure
  • Doesn’t have any hazardous parts


  • Made in China

The Charmer Wand is an interactive cat toy that will sharpen your cat’s senses. You hold the wand and drag it across the ground, and you can also move it around or throw it like a fishing line. With several play options, you’ll be able to keep your cat active and happy.

Like other wand toys, this is about you and your cat playing together. You can’t mount the wand for play, as you must be the one to hold and move it around. The polycarbonate wand is durable, and the colorful fabrics entice cats to play. By moving the wand in swirls or circles, your cat gets plenty of exercises. This toy is especially attractive for kittens, but it is also a toy older cats will love.


  • Made in the USA
  • Provides good exercise
  • Safe for cats


  • Cats can’t play with this alone, requires human interaction

This interactive cat toy review can say the Digger does an excellent job of working up your cat’s pawing action and desire to hunt for food. Just fill the Digger’s tubes with treats, and they’ll use their paws to grab it. In effect the Digger combines playtime with food hunting, two activities that cats love.

The Digger activates your cat’s natural instincts, and pawing out small bits of food minimizes binge eating. There are a couple of wide long tubes and three which are short and narrow, giving you lots of options when it comes to playing.

The rounded ends of the tubes make it easy to clean up. If your cat loves hunting or you’re looking for a way to cut down his binge eating, try this.


  • Works great with cat treats
  • Easy to clean
  • Stimulates your cat’s pawing


  • Slip-proof mat sometimes move

One of the best cat toys for an indoor cat, the Fashion’s Talk Variety Pack contains 20 toys to keep him entertained. Does your cat go crazy with catnip? There’s one here, plus there are mice, balls and feathers if he’s into hunting and pouncing. The colorful designs and patterns should also sustain their interest.

The pack includes a wand, perfect if you want to play with him, and the balls can be played in a variety of ways. None of the toys have dangerous / choking components, so your cat is safe. With 20 toys in the pack, your cat will never have to get bored, and you’ll never have to break up fights among cats over toys.


  • Lots of toys
  • Suitable for solo or interactive play
  • Safe for kittens


  • Your cat may not be pleased with all the toys

The Tower of Tracks consists of three tracks stacked on top of each other. There are balls on the tracks, and the balls roll and spin.

As your cat paws and chases the balls, their hunter’s skills are enhanced. The stimulation he receives makes this one of the best cat toys for bored cats.

The three levels and balls move independent of each other, so two or more cats can play. However, the design also makes it great for solo play. The Tower’s nonslip surface keeps the base in place even as your cat starts pawing. There is no shortage of track toys for cats, but what makes it different is the multi-level setup, as this allows for more varied play.


  • Nonslip pads keep the unit in place
  • Colorful design keeps cats interested
  • Durable construction for rigorous play


  • No replacement balls sold separately

The best cat toys for an indoor cat are those that involve hunter and hunting. The Hot Pursuit is a fine example of this as it emulates the actions of a hiding prey. Just put batteries in the toy, and the wand starts moving erratically under the cloth. It’s like a rat that’s trying to hide under a blanket, and the action gets your cat moving.

The plastic wand is made with safety in mind, so your cat won’t hurt himself. The wands are interchangeable, and the movements are very much like that of mice. This action also encourages your cat to play and be more active. The toy uses 3 AAA batteries, but power management is pretty good, so there’s no need for frequent changing.


  • Stimulates your cat’s predatory skills
  • Encourages cats to be more active
  • Strong built suitable for rough play


  • Noisy on wood floors

Among the best cat toys for bored cats are those that encourage interaction between you and your cat. The Cat Dancer is a simple but enticing toy that urges them to be more active, as the rolled cardboard and the spring steel are irresistible to both kittens and older cats.

You may tape the wire so your cat can play, but this really about you holding up the wire and playing with your pet. The wire has a bouncy feel to it, and this allows the cardboard to move like an insect.

The Cat Dancer has a very simple concept, but it works as far as getting your cat to paw, pounce, and play. If those fancy toys don’t pique his interest, maybe this will.


  • Tested for safety
  • Made in the US
  • Fun for cats and their owners


  • The wire is rather thin

An interactive cat toy review guide won’t be complete without talking about the Egg Cersizer. It is a food dispenser and toy in one, so your cat can satisfy his natural instinct to hunt for food while playing.

You can adjust the food openings, so the food comes out quickly, or you can make things a bit more challenging for your cat. Your cat’s love for pawing, scratching and pouncing will be rewarded as food dribbles out. By adjusting the opening, you also control his diet, great if you’re trying to get him to lose weight.

The Egg is easy to clean: you can wash by hand or the dishwasher, and it’ll be as good as new. If you want to feed your cat differently, the Egg is a good choice.


  • ombines exercise, play, and feeding
  • Easy to clean
  • Openings can be adjusted


  • Screwing the two egg components is a bit tricky

If your cat is getting tired of that old interactive cat toy, it’s time to try the Cat Tunnel. This is a three in one interconnecting tunnel so kitty can go inside and play.

Most cats love dark places, and the three-way tunnel gives them the opportunity to play hide and seek with you or other cats.

There’s a peep hole in the center so he can keep an eye on what’s happening, and there’s a swinging bell he can play with. The tunnel comes with protective ends and steel frame means the tunnel can handle a playful cat. The tunnel is easy to set up, and it is just as convenient to collapse. The tube is 17 inches deep and 10 inches high, so there’s plenty of room for kitty.


  • Doesn’t collect cat dander
  • Polyester is washable


  • Large cats won’t fit in the tunnel

If he keeps ignoring the best cat toys and would rather rip your rug, why not get your cat his own Ripple Rug? With this, your cat can rest, sleep, scratch, and play all he wants. You can also configure the rug to hide toys or treats, and you can even set up the Ripple as a tunnel he can sneak into.

The rug is made from recycled bottles and built to withstand cat claws and bites. At the same time, the material is comfortable enough for your cat to sleep on. The material is non-toxic, stain-resistant and doesn’t build up mildew. The rug is light too, so it’s easy to clean, and its flexible enough your cat can rearrange it on his own.


  • Allows your cat scratch, pounce and stretch freely
  • Endless configuration options
  • Nonslip bottom


  • The rug could have been more rigid

Our Recommended Product

We have reviewed 14 cool cat toys here, and they’re all exceptionally good. However, there’s no question in my mind that the Fashion's Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty offer the most value for your money.

The Fashion’s Talk Cat is the perfect example of great value for your money. With 20 toys ranging from feathers, catnip, balls and many others, there’s plenty to keep your cat occupied and happy.

Earlier I pointed how important it is to have different types of toys, so your cat doesn’t get bored. That’s what you get here with 20 toys. Each one has a different style so even as your cat grows, he can still play with these.

There are a lot of bundled toys for cats, but the Fashion's Talk gets my vote because of the selection. It’s not enough to just have a bunch of toys, as the quality is just as important. As was pointed out in the review, the quality and variety of the set are what makes the difference.

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