Best Cat Nail Grinder Review (It’s Safe and Easy To USE!)

Like humans, the nails of cats can grow quickly. But nails of cats can be a weapon for our feline friends. Thus, you need to trim your cat's nails regularly if you don’t want him to hurt you or others. A cat nail grinder comes in handy for this purpose.

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What Are Cat Nail Grinders?

A cat nail grinder is a tool you need if you’re too scared to use nail clippers in trimming your cat’s nail. It’s a handy device with around metal head which rotates quickly to grind down the nails of your cat.

Compared to cat nail clippers, a nail grinder eliminates the risks of cutting the quick and prevents risking your pet to unbearable pain. It is also very easy to use compared to regular cat nail clippers.

Most cat nail grinders are battery operated. It can be utilized not only for trimming nails of cats but also for smoothing rough nails. The best pet nail grinder can help you save a significant amount of money because you no longer have to bring your feline friend to a veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Advantages Of Using A Cat Nail Grinder

There are benefits of using a cat nail grinder that you would appreciate as a cat lover:

claws are awesome

1. Ease of Use

Perhaps the most distinct advantage of using a pet nail grinder is the ease of use of this tool. Unlike a pet nail clipper, there’s no need to apply pressure on this grinder. Only turn on the device, put your pet’s nail gently into the appropriate hole, and you’ll be grinding his nail.

Because of this advantage, many cat owners are encouraged to use it even if they don’t have prior experience in using a nail grinder.​

2. Safety

Another good reason to buy a nail grinder is that it is a lot safer to use than nail clippers. One of the worries cat owners have with a nail clipper is the probability that they may cut the quick, or the sensitive area of a cat’s claw. Cutting the quick can result in unbearable pain on the part of the cat.

There’s a good chance that you may cut the quick of your feline friend if you aren’t experienced in using a nail clipper. Even experienced users of nail clippers may end up cutting the quick, especially if the cat suddenly moves.​

But as you would read in other cat nail grinder reviews, the risk of cutting the quick is virtually eliminated when using a nail grinder.

3. Humane Alternative To Declawing

In the old times, cats were declawed to prevent them from hurting other people or destroying furnitures such as sofas and cabinets. But this practice has since been deplored by many veterinarians, who argue that declawing can be likened to amputation.

Veterinarians instead recommend regular trimming of cat nails as the best and most humane alternative to declawing. By using a pet nail grinder, you can keep your cat’s claws short and prevent him from hurting other people or damaging your belongings.​

4. Portable​

Pet nail grinders are lightweight and compact. Most of these tools operate on AA batteries. It is an ideal device for pet lovers who are fond of bringing along their pets during their travels.

5. Cost Saving​

Finally, having a cat nail grinder at home can spare you from prohibitive costs of cat nail trimming services. On the average, you can expect to pay $10 for this type of service. But when you have a nail grinder at home, you can do the cat nail trimming yourself.​

How to Choose The Right Cat Nail Grinder

kitty need her claws trimmed

You may get overwhelmed with the many types of nail grinders that you can find online in and in traditional brick and mortar stores. But you will have an easier time in choosing the right nail grinder for your cat by considering these factors:

1. Handle—the best nail grinder for your pet is one that you can comfortably hold. Look for a unit with a rubber coated handle as this can minimize the chances of the grinder slipping away from your hands.

2. Weight—the nail grinder should be compact and lightweight so that you can easily maneuver it.

3. Warranty-- unlike nail clippers, pet nail grinders have electronic components that can make them prone to breakdown. Protect yourself by buying a pet nail grinder that has a long warranty, so that you can get a replacement in case the unit breaks down.

4. Price— you can get a good nail grinder for as low as $20 although the excellent ones are in the $50 to $100 range. As in most purchases, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in nail grinders for cats. This means that the more expensive the unit is, the more features it has.

5. Grinding speed settings—the more grinding speed settings that the unit has, the better. You can choose a lower setting if you want to be extra careful in grinding your pet’s nails. Or opt for a faster setting if you want to get the task done right away.

6. Power source— while most cat nail grinders are powered by batteries; there are also units that are plugged into a wall outlet. It’s up to you whether you want a unit that restricts your movement but gives you more consistent grinding power, or one that you can use anywhere but has limited power.

7. Sound—nail grinders can make a sound that can scare your pet. That’s a given. But look for a unit that doesn’t make a lot of noise when in use, so that you will be able to grind your cat’s nails quickly and effortlessly.

8. Housing—this isn’t a top concern for many people. But wouldn’t it be nice if the nail grinder you buy has a case or housing where you can store it when it is not in use?

How to Use A Cat Nail Grinder

Pet nail grinder reviews won’t be complete without discussing how to use a cat nail grinder.

As mentioned earlier, using pet nail grinders is relatively easy especially when you compare it to using a nail clipper. Just like in using nail clippers, it is recommended that you train your kitten to get used to having his nails grinded.

Start by choosing the right port, depending on the size of your cat’s nails. Hold the unit with one hand and then switch it on. Then using your other hand, hold your pet’s paws and gently put the nails into the port. The unit would start to grind the cat’s nails.

For A More Detailed Instruction On How To Operate A Nail Grinder Correctly, You Can Watch This Video.

Top Five Cat Nail Grinder

We know that there are lots of nail grinders sold online, but we have made things a lot easier for you by picking five of the best today:

1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

This pet nail grooming tool has two-speed settings and comes with a rechargeable battery pack. It is very lightweight at around 1.1 pounds but feels very solid in the hand. The lack of nail dust catcher is a major issue, though.


  • With 4.8 volts of power, and sufficient enough for gently trimming pet nails
  • With two speed settings. You can choose from high or low depending on the comfort level of your pet, and your experience level in using the tool
  • With a removable and rechargeable battery pack, so you can use this grinder wherever you are
  • The battery can be recharged in as short as three hours. No need to wait for too long for your unit’s battery to be recharged.
  • There are manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly use this nail grinder, which would work well for first-time users.
  • Relatively quiet even when used at high speed. Thus it won’t distract the cat
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Compatible with manufacturer specified sanding drums and bands for reducing/sanding or thinning the nails
  • Relatively lightweight at 1.1 pounds
  • Feels solid in hand
  • LED light that indicates the battery has been correctly placed into the charger


  • There’s no nail dust catcher that is a feature commonly found in other nail grinders. Thus you will have to deal with the dust that comes out of the nail grinding process.
  • There’s no protective cover that comes along with this product

2. FURminator Nail Grinder

This nail grinder has a LED light that comes in handy when you need to trim your cat’s nails in low lighting conditions. It is powered by two AA batteries.


  • Two speed settings—low and high. You can use the low-speed setting if you want to be careful in grinding your cat’s nails. The high-speed setting is more appropriate for expert users.
  • Easy grip handles for safe and secure cat nail trimming
  • Includes two grinding bands
  • LED light illuminates the nail. This is a handy feature as you can use this nail grinder even in low lighting conditions.
  • Makes use of AA batteries which are easily replaceable
  • Moderate noise, especially when the speed setting is turned to high
  • Manufacturer is known for producing quality pet care tools and accessories
  • Easy to hold
  • Can be used by left-handed or right-handed individuals
  • Stylish design, with a neon colored frame that makes it easy to spot when stored in a drawer


  • Although AA batteries can be easily purchased, the fact is you’d still have to buy them. This would add up to your expenses, albeit minimal, over time
  • There’s no option for switching off the LED light. This means that you are wasting battery life when you use the unit in a well-lighted room.
  • The grinder band, while replaceable, has a tendency to slip upward during use.

3. Pet Nail Grinder, Amir® Gentle Paws Premium Electric Nail Grinder For Dogs and Cats/Pet Grooming Kit

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lightweight model. It has three ports, with the first and second port ideal for kittens. It also doesn’t have a dust collector.


  • Very lightweight at 0.2 pounds
  • Compact, with dimensions of 2.1 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Diamond-plated tips can make the grinding process faster and smoother
  • It has three ports. The first port is ideal for kittens while the second port is made for adult cats.
  • Battery operated for convenient use
  • Batteries are already included in the product package
  • Cap is easy to take off
  • One-button operation to start the unit
  • The noise is tolerable for most pets including cats
  • It can also be used for trimming nails of other pets like dogs
  • Ergonomically designed handle, very comfortable to hold
  • With a plastic cover to prevent nails and cuttings from flying around
  • There are instructions in the box that you can refer to so you’ll know how to use it properly, as well as how to clean it after use.


  • You will eventually buy replacement AA batteries for this unit, which would mean extra expenses on your part.
  • There’s also no dust collector, which is a standard feature in more high-end products
  • The back of the unit is a bit flimsy; you may want to tape it in place

4. EasyClip 2-Speed Nail Grinder, Pet Grooming, ANG-1

This is a 130 piece kit that has virtually everything you need to keep your cat’s nails trimmed. However, it is corded so this isn’t portable at all.


  • Included in the kit are a large sanding drum attachment, a small sanding drum attachment, a wrench, and detachable energy saving supply with DJ Jack. There’s also a soft storage case to boot.
  • The nail grinder itself weighs 0.95 pounds
  • It feels solid in the hand, and easy to maneuver.
  • Since it is corded, the unit gives more consistent speed compared to battery-operated nail grinders. There’s also no need to wait for the next day to recharge a battery or go to a store to buy a replacement battery.
  • Not noisy especially when set to low setting. The high setting emits moderate noise.


  • It is corded which means it is not portable, unlike battery-operated units. It’s hard to use this while on the road.
  • There’s some assembly required, and according to most reviews online, it is quite tough especially for first-time users.
  • The cord is thin and flimsy according to most people who have used this nail grinder
  • Some durability issues raised by users, like its top screw, easily falling off. There are also complaints that the unit suddenly stops for no apparent reason.
  • Sandpaper band is also too loose
  • It’s not user-friendly especially for first-time users

5. Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder by BulbHead

It is compact, lightweight and cheap. It is also very portable. But the design isn’t the best.


  • Very lightweight at 0.25 pounds
  • Compact, with dimensions of 11 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches
  • This is the cheapest item in this list
  • Portable as it requires only two C batteries, making it ideal for the use of cat lovers who are always on the go with their feline friends
  • It has a protective cap that ensures the right amount of nail will be removed, and catches all the fillings so you won’t leave a lot of mess in your room.
  • Have detailed instructions on how you should properly use this tool
  • It is appropriate for cat nails of all sizes
  • Relatively easy to use
  • The replacement grinding head are easy to find, and also very cheap
  • Battery life is also good, would last for many sessions


  • The handle is a bit big for people with small hands
  • The heat caused by the friction can be a bit unbearable for most cats
  • The motor isn’t the most powerful nor most reliable in this list
  • Grinding wheel is made of a thin layer of sandpaper, which users say will only last for a few applications
  • Makes a lot of noise and vibration that can annoy the cat

Our Recommended Product

These are five excellent nail grinders that you can choose from in case you are in the market for a tool for trimming your cat’s nails.

But which one is the best of the lot?

It’s a tough call, but we have to go with the first item in our list— the Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool


It has everything you need in a nail grinder. It has superior power for a battery-powered nail grinder. The battery is rechargeable, so you can save in the long run because there’s no need to purchase replacements. The unit is also quiet when being used, even when its speed is set to high. And it comes with a very long two-year warranty.

You should have no problems holding on to this cat nail grinder even for a prolonged time because it is light at less than one pound. You also get detailed instructions on how to use it properly.

Yes, it doesn’t have a dust catcher and a protective cover, but those are minor issues that you can live with.

The FURminator Nail Grinder is a good choice, too, but we decided to go with the Dremel because the former’s battery life may be a bit short. The rechargeable battery of the Dremel also makes it slightly better than the FURminator. Finally, the Dremel feels a little more solid in hand compared to the FURminator.​

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