The Best Cat Nail Clippers (And The Benefits of Using it)

Trimming your cat’s claws is one of those tasks that you’ll have to master eventually. It won’t just protect your furry friend but also you, your family members, and visitors. As such, a good pair of cat nail clippers is one of the tools you need to have at home.

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Importance of Trimming Claws

It’s easy to understand why you have to trim your cat’s claws. His pointed appendage can hurt you or anyone who happens to get in his way. It can also damage your sofa, carpet, drapes, and furniture at home.

Moreover, cats with shorter claws are more relaxed. Your pet won’t have to scratch everything in an attempt to trim his nails. Trimming claws can also prevent painful, broken nails that usually happen when a tip gets caught in the carpet.

Did you know that in the past, cats were declawed to stop them from wreaking havoc on people and property? However, many veterinarians frown upon this practice. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), declawing is a painful and permanently crippling procedure. Instead, it recommends claw trimming as an alternative to declawing.

Types of Cat Nail Clippers

a vet using a cat nail clipper

Fortunately, there are lots of cat nail clippers that you can find in retail stores and online. These nail clippers fall into any of the following styles- scissors, guillotine-type, pliers, and electric.

As the name suggests, the scissor style clippers can be mistaken for a pair of scissors. However, it is shorter with a length of around 3 to 4 inches. It has rounded ends as well.

Scissor-style trimmers are considered easier to use for owners whose pets are nervous of claw trimming. It is simpler to hit the nail quick with this trimmer because there’s nothing to obscure the view of the user.

On the other hand, the guillotine style has two blades that meet in the middle of a loop whenever the handles are pressed. It is a clipper more suited for experienced users. This is the type of claw trimmers that you would use in cats who aren’t anxious about their nails being trimmed. However, it can also crush or crack the claws especially if the blades have become dull.

Meanwhile, the electric cat nail trimmer is ideal for use in cats that won’t stay still long enough for you to clip their nails properly. It is typically powered by a battery and often has a one-button operation. This type of cat nail trimmer is ergonomically designed for trimming. But the main drawback is that it makes a particular noise that can scare away your pet.

Lastly, the plier's type is very similar to the scissors style. However, it has a thicker, stronger blade and bigger handles. It is ideal for use in cats with thicker nails.

How To Choose A Cat Nail Trimmer

There are several things that you need to look into when shopping for a cat nail trimmer, such as:

• Handle-- unless you have a cat that’s used to having his claws trimmed, clipping cat nails can be very challenging. Thus you must look for a cat nail trimmer that is comfortable to handle so that you can reduce the chances that you’ll drop it or worse, hurt your pet while clipping his claws. Look for a nail trimmer that’s ergonomically designed for ease in handling, or one that is rubber coated to prevent slipping.

• Experience level--- as mentioned earlier, scissor-style Clippers are the best for inexperienced users while guillotine style cutters are more appropriate for experienced users.

​• Safety feature--- you’d want a nail trimmer that has safe locking blades so that you can avoid accidents when it is not in use.

• Blade—the best nail clippers are those that are made of stainless steel. This type of material can last for a long time while ensuring that it can cut through the thickest of claws with relative ease.

• Weight—a heavy cat nail clipper can make it more difficult for you to trim your cat’s claws. Find a cat nail clipper that weighs less than a pound so that you can handle it well.

• Sound—when choosing for a cat nail clipper, make sure that the product that you are getting isn’t noise when in use. Cats tend to get irritated with the noise that nail clippers make, so their tendency is to run away or resist having their claws trimmed.

• Price

• Size

• Warranty

How to Trim a Cat’s Nail

But after buying one, the next thing you will certainly want to know is how to use cat nail clippers.

Most veterinarians suggest cat lovers to start trimming their cats while still young. Cats, after all, don’t like to have their claws cut. So by trimming their nails while they are young, they will eventually get used to the process. If you’re lucky, your cat will sit in your lap while you trim his claws.

To be able to use cat claw trimmers safely, you will need to make your pet relaxed first. You can do so by teaching him to lie on his back. You can reward your cat by giving him with easy-to-consume treats such as canned food or small pieces of tuna.

Bring the treat right to your pet’s face so that he won’t need to move in eating the food. Once he gets comfortable lying on his back, remove the treats. When your cat is now comfortable lying on his back, the next step is for you to make him comfortable having his paws and claws handled.

When your kitten is comfortable having his paws and claws handled, hold his paw in one hand. Your thumb must be on the top of his paw, and the fingers on the underside. Gently put some pressure on one toe, allowing the claws to come out of the sheath and make it more visible.

You’ll notice that the middle part of the claw is colored pink. This is also called the quick. Avoid cutting this part as it can cause bleeding and pain. What you need to cut is the part between the quick and the tip of the claw.

It would be better to be cautious; so trim one nail then give him a treat for being obedient. Most cats won’t be able to tolerate a 10-minute session, so be patient as well. If he wants to go, let him.

Just in case you accidentally cut the quick, apply potassium of permanganate right away to stop the bleeding. Alternatively, ordinary household flour can halt the bleeding in around five minutes.

For more tips and info in cutting your cat’s nail, you can watch this video.

Top Five Best Nail Clippers

The following are perhaps the best five nail clippers for cats in the market today:

1. Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

This nail trimmer is cheap, lightweight, and durable. But it also makes a lot of noise that can scare away your cat.


• Plier-type of nail clippers that are easy to use and maneuver

• Made from stainless steel that can give a lasting, sharp cutting edge

• Reasonably priced

• Very lightweight at 0.15 pounds, so you won’t have troubles in using it

• Opens up wide enough, able to cut through big claws

• Features a metal plate that can slide out the clipping mechanism. This helps in regulating some nails that get trimmed, as the claw can be set against this metal plate.

• Soft grip, easy to control

• Very easy to use

• Rubber coated handles to prevent slipping from user’s hands

• Ideal for inexperienced users as it is easy to see and avoid the quick

• Safety stop prevents cutting the nail too deep

• Locking blades that are designed to prevent accidental cuts or bruises when the Clippers are not in use

• Feels sturdy and solid in hand


• Can make some noise which can scare cats

• Handle area close to the clipper end comes to a sharp corner. Be careful in using it as there’s the chance that you would crush your hand’s skin when you snap the Clippers closed.

• The metal plate tends to become loose after a few weeks of using this clipper.

• The depth guard can be moved quickly, which can make the clipper unsafe at times.

• No warranty

2. Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

This clipper is designed for left and right handed people. It is cheap, lightweight, and easy to use. But people with large hands may find it hard to control.


• It is designed for left or right handed people

• Made of high-quality stainless steel blade that can cut through the thickest of claws

• Requires little pressure to cut through cat claws. This quality makes this nail clipper ideal for the use of people with arthritis as they don’t need to put a lot of pressure to trim the claws of their cats.

• Scissor-style trimmers, perfect for inexperienced users

• With rubber coated handles for improved grip, so there’s a very low chance of the trimmer slipping through your fingers•

• Lightweight at less than one pound

• Very small and thus easy to maneuver

• Specially shaped blades result in precise cuts

• Cheap

• It comes with handy tips and instructions on how to properly use this trimmer and prevent this clipper from hurting your pet

• Comes in a stylish white and violet design

• Doesn’t make a lot of noise when trimming cat claws, unlike most nail clippers in the market


• No warranty

• The holes or finger openings may be a bit small for guys with large fingers

• Because the finger openings are small, people with large fingers will have little movement in getting to the right angle when clipping their pet’s claws.

• It can also be impossible for people with large fingers to wear protective gloves in using this trimmer.

3. Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Claw Clipper

This claw clipper is lightweight, easy to handle, and sharp. It also comes with a long warranty. However, the holes are a bit small for people with large hands.


• Comes from a very reputable firm. Four Paws is known for selling various pet care accessories. It has been in the business since 1970.

• The company offers a three-year warranty on the blade, which is among the longest in the market

• Very lightweight, with many reviewers on comparing it to the scissors of small children

• Because it is lightweight, these scissor-style nail clippers are also very easy to maneuver

• Easy to use and handle

• The trimmer has curved edges. Thus you can easily make a clean cut around the claw without crushing or breaking it

• Designed for cutting small claws of cats

• Sharp enough to facilitate quick cuts, which is important if you are dealing with a cat that is uncomfortable with his claws being trimmed

• It doesn’t make a lot of noise which means cats won’t get distracted when you use it on them.

• Cheap


• The finger holes are also small for people with large fingers. This is designed for petite ladies

• It is also a bit short for people with large fingers. This may make it doubly harder for them to find the right angle in cutting their cat’s claws.

• The hinge is very tight, and thus the trimmer doesn’t have the smooth clipping action that other cat nail clippers are known for.

• Can get stuck at times

4. Cat Nail Clippers by KittyNails

This cat nail clipper is designed by a professional veterinarian. But it isn’t the most durable in this list.


• Used by vets and professional groomers.

• Has rubber coated handles so there’s very little chance that these clippers will slip out of your fingers

• It is easy to handle, as it is designed like a pair of scissors.

• Its unique curved designed makes it easy to cut through claws without hurting cats.

• It’s versatile as it can also be used for clipping claws of other animals like dogs, rabbits, and birds.

• Made of high-quality steel, which means it is durable enough to last for many years

• Ideal for pet lovers who have no experience in trimming their cats’ claws

• Affordable

• Opens up wide enough to get around thick parts of overgrown claws


• Men with large fingers may find this tough to handle because of its small finger holes.

• People with arthritis may also have problems handling this trimmer because it requires much pressure to cut thick claws. A guillotine- type of trimmer may suit them better.

• Easily gets out of alignment

• Clippers have a tendency to get easily stuck

• No warranty

5. Kurma Pet Supplies Best Dog And Cat Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer

It is sharp, easy to use, and has a good safety lock feature. A downside is its rather prohibitive price.


• Comes with a magnetic case that protects the trimmer when not in use

• The drawer isn’t just there to protect the nail clipper. It also makes it easy for the user to remember where he/she placed it

• It has stainless steel blade that can cut through the thickest of claws with relative ease.

• It is easy to clean as well

• It can be adjusted to trim any nail size

• It features a guard safety function that prevents clipping of the quick

• Safety lock feature keeps the Clippers in a closed position when not in use.

• Has instruction card that you can read if you want to know how to properly use this trimmer

• Ergonomically designed

• It fits well in most hand sizes

• Has a comfortable, stable grip. It feels solid in the hand. You should not worry about the item slipping out of your fingers


• A bit large for kittens’ small claws

• It could have come in different sizes

• A bit more expensive compared to the other nail clippers in this list

Our Recommended Product

The five best cat nail clippers listed above are all solid choices if you are shopping for a cat nail clipper. These items are all reasonably priced, although the Kurma Pet Supplies’ nail clipper is the most expensive of the lot. It may have to do with the magnetic case that comes with the product, though.

However, the cat nail trimmer from Kurma Pet Supplies is arguably the best in this cat nail clippers review. There are many reasons why it is the best in this list.

The magnetic case is a great feature that makes it stand out on this list. With the magnetic case, you can be assured that the nail trimmer will be kept in good condition for many years.

The claw trimmer is also versatile as it can be handled very well by pet lovers regardless of the size of their hands or fingers. As you may have noted in the reviews above, a common complaint is that the lightweight nail clippers are too small for men who have huge hands or fingers. Thus those nail clippers are limited only to petite women or those who have little fingers.

On the contrary, the Kurma nail clipper can be used by any pet lover regardless of the size of their fingers. So whether you have big or small fingers, you will find the said product easy to handle.

The said nail clipper is also very easy to use; something that you would appreciate if you don’t have enough experience in trimming the claws of your pet cats. There are safety features as well, and the instruction card comes in handy, too.

Although the Kurma nail clipper is a few dollars more expensive that the four other nail trimmers, you can be assured that you are getting perhaps the best cat nail clipper in the market today.

Kurma Pet Supplies Best Dog And Cat Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer

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