Best Cat Nail Caps (Its Fashionable And HOW to Apply it!)

Scratching is a natural and essential act for cats. It is a way for him to remove the dead outer sheaths of his nail, keeping it sharp all the time. But you don’t want your cat to damage your cabinet, right? This is where the best cat nail caps can help you.

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What Are Cat Nail Caps?

Most cat nail caps reviews refer to it as soft claws. It effectively takes the edge off their nails, so cats won’t cause any damage when they scratch. It is often glued onto the cat nails by a veterinarian or professional groomer, but it is also possible that you can install one on your pet by yourself.

Advantages Of Using The Best Cat Nail Caps

There are several good reasons why you should consider giving your cat a pair of nail caps. For one, it is an effective way of protecting your belongings at home. Your cat can scratch all he wants, and you won’t need to worry about damages to your sofa, cabinets, drapes, and other furniture at home.

Humans, too, can get protected against scratches if cats are given nail caps. Your children, parent, or guests can interact with your cats without you worrying that your furry friend will harm them.

The use of nail caps is considered as a humane alternative to declawing. Declawing is a procedure wherein the claw and end bones of each toe are cut off. Many veterinarians compare declawing to the amputation of a third of a cat’s paw. Declawed cats are not only subjected to a lot of pain; they also develop aggression and litter box problems later on.

Instead of declawing your cat, which can be very painful to him, you can just put a vinyl nail cap on his claws.

It is also relatively affordable. Depending on the product, you can expect to shell out $20 for a package that should last a few months of use. Plus, you don’t need to bring your cat to a clinic to have nail caps applied on him. You can use it yourself. Thus you get to save in the process.

Nail caps are comfortable for cats. Your pet won’t even realize he is wearing one. He can scratch all day long without you worrying about him damaging your belongings.It is safe and non-toxic, too. It can be used for a long time, and doesn’t have any adverse effects on your cat’s health.

Nail caps for cats won’t get in the way with the normal extension and retraction of their claw. Your feline friend can extend and retract his claws even when he has nail caps on. And he can stretch and make all those scratching motions without damaging your furniture as his claws are effectively covered and protected.

Soft Claws for Cats are also easy to apply. You need no professional help in putting them on your furry friend. Only add a few drops of adhesive to each cap then slide over the nail. Most cats won’t notice that they have nail caps.

Finally, many cat lovers realize that this is a fashionable way of grooming their cats. Cat nail caps come in various colors so you can choose one which you think fits well with your cat. Your furry friend cat will look chic when wearing one.

How To Choose The Right Cat Nail Caps

There are a few things that you need to consider in shopping for nail caps.

One is the size.

In general, small nail caps would fit the nails of cats that are about six months old and weigh 6 to 8 pounds. But adult cats with small bones may also wear small. If you think that your cat is smaller than the average full-grown cat, you can opt for a small nail cap.

Medium nail caps, meanwhile, should suit adult cats weighing 9 to 13 pounds. But if your cat weighs more than 14 pounds, then choose a large nail caps. An example of a large cat that needs a large nail cap would be Maine Coons.

Another factor that you would have to consider is the color of the nail caps.

As mentioned earlier, nail caps for cats come in different colors. A transparent cap is less visible and thus looks more natural on your cat. However, colored caps are not only more fashionable but also make it easier for you to spot if one falls off. It’s really up to you to decide on the color of nail caps you would get for your pet although most cat owners would recommend getting a brightly colored one.

You can also compare nail caps regarding their price. Although nail caps for cats are affordable, you can get more savings if you buy from a manufacturer that offers discounts for those who buy in bulk. You can also choose to buy from a manufacturer that offers free shipping.

How To Apply The Cat Nail Caps

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Aside from the question “do cat nail caps work,” a common query of pet lovers is “how do I apply the nail caps?” This nail cap for cat review will show you how.

Before you put on the nail caps, you must trim or grind the tip of your cat’s nail first. You should cut the nails of your pet so that there’s enough space for the nail cap to fit all the way to the nail’s base.

Once you are done in trimming your cat’s nail, get the nail caps and fill a third of it with an adhesive which is included in the product package. Gently squeeze the nail cap to release air bubbles and evenly distribute the glue. If there’s glue oozing out of the nail caps, it means you have applied too much adhesive. Remove this by squeezing it onto a paper towel.

Gently press the top of the paw with your thumb, and the bottom of the paw with your index finger. Extend the nails, and then slide the nail caps onto it.

Wait for about five minutes before releasing the cat. Observe your pet and how comfortable he is with the nail caps. You can distract him by playing with him or giving him some treats.

Nail caps are usually safe for use in kittens as young as three months old. You can test a nail cap on your kitten first (without gluing) to determine if the cap fits well. If the nail cap looks too big, don’t put it on.

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Top Five Best Cat Nail Caps

There are many nail caps for cats that you can find on the Internet, but these five products are perhaps the best in the field:

1. Soft Claws Red Cat Nail Caps

This kit has 40 pieces and in a stylish red color. It can last for 4-6 weeks. A usual complaint is that applying the adhesive is a bit messy.


• Available in medium size

• Comes in a stylish red color. It is a lot easier to determine if the nail caps are still on because of the color, unlike clear nail caps.

• The red color of the nail caps also makes it easier for an owner to find the item once it comes off the nails of the pet

• It is easy to apply

• It is made of non-toxic material so no need to worry in case your cat accidentally chews them

• The kit could last for 4-6 weeks on the average. However, some users commented that the kit lasted for more than eight weeks.

• There’s an instruction guide to help first-time users in applying the nail caps

• The glue included in the package adheres very easily

• The glue also dries very fast which is important especially if you have an impatient cat

• The nail caps don’t come off easily as well.

• Cats won’t be able to pull the cap off their nails because of the adhesive

• There’s enough glue supplied in the package, so you can use all 40 pieces without having to use another type of adhesive

• Reasonably priced

• Many customers attest that it doesn’t bother most cats. Your cat can scratch anywhere he likes without you worrying about your pristine furniture.


• Won’t fit cats with big nails

• It can get expensive if you have many cats at home

• Applying glue can be a bit messy especially for first-time users

2. Eyourlife 20 pcs Soft Nail Caps For Cat Pet Claw Control Paws off + Adhesive Glue

It is cheap and doesn’t fall off quickly. But these soft nail caps have an adhesive glue that often leaks.


• Available in stylish blue color, which can make your cat look more fashionable.

• Because of the color, it would be a lot easier for you to check whether the nail caps are still on.

• These blue colored nail caps are also easy to find on the sofa, carpet, and floor once these have fallen off your pet’s nails.

• Affordable

• A practical alternative to nail caps made by more popular brands

• Falls off after 1-2 weeks of use, which is normal for most soft nail caps

• Others say it would take up to 4 weeks for the caps to fall off, which should translate to more savings on your part as you don’t need to buy a replacement set

• Product is made of soft, flexible material which cats are unlikely to get irritated with

• Glue included in the package easily adheres

• Easy to put on, with many customers mentioning that they don’t need to get any help in applying these nail caps

• Fits medium sized cats


• Glue containers can be difficult to open

• A bit too small for large cats

• There’s also a tendency for the glue bottles to leak

• Some customers complain that there’s not enough glue included in the package to be able to use all the 20 caps

3. Roto - 100pcs of Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps Claw Control Paws Off + 5pcs Adhesive Glue

It is cheap, durable, and comes in many colors. It’s the perfect choice if not for the fact that caps can be easily removed by cats.


• Very affordable. This is one of the cheapest in this list, as you get 100 pieces of pet nail caps for a price that is almost the same as those cats nail cap kits containing 40 pieces.

• Made of PVC material that is soft and comfortable for most cats

• Available in different colors, so you can change the look of your cat’s nails every week if you desire.

• Colored nail caps are easier to see when they fall off

• Some nail caps even glow in the dark, which means you can see your feline friend at night if you happen to sleep with him

• You can also quickly detect when there’s a missing nail cap if you put on colored ones

• You can even create different patterns on your cat’s nails, making your pet even more fashionable

• Easy to put on, with most users saying they can put this on their cats without any assistance

• Has five tubes of adhesive. Thus there’s enough glue for you to put on all 100 nail caps

• Glue adheres quickly


• Multi-colored nail caps tend to distract cats and tempt pets to chew them

• Some customers complain that it is easy for cats to pull them off, which can indicate that the glue isn’t that strong

4. 40-Pack Purple Holographic Glitter Soft Nail Caps For Cat Claws * Purrdy Paws Brand

It is available in different sizes and made of non-toxic material. The glue included in the package isn’t the strongest, though.


• Comes from a reputable manufacturer. Purrdy Paws is an Ohio-based firm that specializes in nail caps for cats and dogs

• The product is developed by a veterinarian so you can be assured that it is safe for use in cats

• The nail caps are made of non-toxic material. Even if your pet chews and swallows it, the nail caps won’t hurt him. It would just pass through his digestive system.

• This 40-piece nail cap set should last for two months, although it would also vary depending on how quick your cat’s nails grow

• Easy to put on

• Includes one tube adhesive and applicator tip

• Detailed instructions that you can refer to in applying the nail caps

• There’s enough glue for the 40 pieces included in this kit

• Glue adheres quickly


• Although the glue sticks quickly, many customers complain that it isn’t the strongest

• Sizing of the manufacture can be confusing, according to many customer reviews. Thus there’s a chance you may end up with nail cap that is either too big or too small for your cat

• A bit expensive especially when compared to other items in this list

• Most cats would be able to rip off the cap nails

• Some kits contain nail caps of different sizes

5. Dr. Dry Green Pet All Natural Flea and Tick Spray

It comes in numerous colors and is very affordable. Cats can quickly pull them off, though.


• Relatively affordable

• Contains 20 pieces with adhesive glue

• Manufacturer accepts replacement/refund within 21 days of purchase

• Comes in a variety of colors—red, yellow, pink, blue, green, lemon, maize, and clear

• Easy to apply

• Soft but safe for use in cats

• Non-toxic, and won’t hurt the pet in case it chew on them

• Gives cats a better grip on hardwood surfaces

• Ideal for razor-toed cats


• The colored nail caps can be very distracting to cats

• Many customers say their cats are easily distracted by the nail caps that they try to pull it off or chew them

• Most people say the nail caps can be very easy for cats to pull off

• Glue doesn’t have applicator tip needed to get the adhesive into the cap

• No instructions included in the package

• Doesn’t stay long in most cats

• Glue tends to get hot which can irritate most cats

• Glue tips are hard to find

Our Recommended Product

As you may have observed, all of the nail caps listed above have their strengths and weaknesses. It can be a bit confusing on which nail cap to get for your cat, so let’s single out the most recommended item in the list.

The 100pcs of Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps Claw Control Paws Off with 5pcs Adhesive Glue from Roto is the clear-cut best in this list. Regarding pricing, this kit is one of the lowest. It has 100 pieces of nail caps which should be more than enough for at least half a year’s supply of nail caps for your pet. Suffice to say; you get more value for your money with this product.

Another advantage of this nail cap that makes it stand out among the competition is its variety of colors. You can choose nail caps according to the color that you fancy for your cat. You can even put nail caps of different colors on your cat, giving him a fashionable look. Other nail caps in the list only come in one or two colors.

Remember that most pet owners recommend using colored nail caps not only because it can give a cat a distinctive look. It’s also more practical, because you can easily tell if a nail cap has fallen off. You can also easily spot a colored nail cap on the sofa or the floor.

And although the Roto nail caps can be distracting to some cats and its glue not the strongest in the list, these are honestly minor issues. With all its good features, including the low price, it is easy to understand why Roto’s nail caps may be the best choice for cat lovers.​

Roto - 100pcs of Soft Cat Pet Nail Caps Claw Control Paws Off + 5pcs Adhesive Glue

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