Best Cat Brush for Shedding and Keeping Your Furniture Hair-Free

Other people tend to know immediately if you’re a cat parent because you often have a clump of hair clinging to your clothes or shoes. Because your cat will most likely have shed some hair on your furniture and laundry, you can be easily spotted with their discarded hair. This tends to drive neat freaks crazy, but if you love your pet, you will make do with extra vacuuming.

But did you know that there’s another way how you can deal with your pet’s shedding? The best cat brush for shedding should be your best friend if you find cat hair everywhere in your home. To get to know this product better, make sure to read on.

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Coat Shedding and Brushing: What a Cat Parent Needs to Know

Why Your Cat Sheds Hair

​Cats, like other furry animals, shed hair regularly. It’s a normal process and can be caused by a wide range of things. Experts often associate it with the time of the year. Shedding can be triggered by the change in seasons as your pet needs more fur in the winter and less of it in the warmer months.

They usually shed as the season's change, contributing to allergies and the need to do some spring cleaning.  This is especially true for outdoor cats. If your fur baby likes to roam around, her body will protect her better by having these seasonal coat growth and shedding. This will help you anticipate their shedding.

Indoor cats, on the other hand, shed year-round. They still grow thicker fur during the colder months even if they can be warmer inside the house, however, so there’s more reason for them to shed their coat.

Another common reason why your cat shed hair is because their bodies are naturally discarding their old hair. Like humans, old hair dies and gets replaced by new ones, so the need to get rid of them is necessary.

Of course, there are also other outside factors that can cause shedding. It can be due to their diet, environment, breed, hormonal and health status, and allergies. Their owners can also affect their shedding.

Cat brush for shedding review

The Problem with Coat Shedding and Why You Need to Manage It​

While shedding is natural among furry animals, it doesn’t mean that it can’t go overboard. Excessive shedding should be a grave concern for most cat parents as it is indicative of health problems that can be life-threatening in some instances.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your cat is shedding too much coat and that you should get her checked out right away. The first thing that should worry you are bald patches. If a portion of their skin is already bare, something is up. Poor nutrition and flea infestation can be common causes, but internal issues should also be considered. Seeing a specialist should be your immediate course of action.

Because mats are caused by shed fur, you should also be wary of these things. While they’re not exactly leading causes for alarm, tending to mats right away is also a must. These can also cause bald spots in your cat’s skin as the tangled fur can be frustrating for these creatures who are sticklers for personal hygiene. They might try to bite and scratch them out, which can lead to more pain.​

Some people also think that a cat shedding so much hair is dangerous for the humans around her. This is not true, especially since allergies are more commonly caused by pet dander and not the actual cat hair in itself. Shedding just tend to release dander as well as the hair in some cases, so allergies can also coincide with your kitty’s shedding.

Nonetheless, all of these add up to be very compelling reasons to try to manage shedding. It must be noted that you can only try to control this problem as there’s no way to stop your pet from discarding her hair. By dealing with your cat’s shedding, you’ll need to vacuum around your home less frequently. It will also help you closely monitor your pet’s health.​

Brushing and Its Benefits​

Brushing your pet’s coat is just one of the different ways how you can deal with shedding. With the help of a brush, you’ll be able to remove the fur your pet has just discarded quickly. It’s more of a preventive measure, so you don’t have to remove hair all over your home.

A brush can instantly pick up the hair strands that fell out from your pet, so you don’t have to try to go after them one by one and in every nook and cranny of your home.​ This method will also minimize your need for a lint remover for your clothes because you might just have a shot at controlling where the pet hair will go.

cat brush for shedding

If their hair is already removed by the time they’ve decided to lounge in your fresh laundry basket, you might be able to avoid having to wash most of your “clean” clothes the second time around. 

Regular brushing is also said to be a great way for pet and her parent to bond. If you want more quality time with your furball, this grooming method might just be the best reason to get the two of you together. Just make sure that your pet is not completely averse to getting touched and petted by you, and you won’t have to worry about getting your eye clawed out.

Here Is A Video Of A Cat Shedding Brush In Action

What’s So Special About a Cat Brush for Shedding?

If you’re interested in the idea of brushing your cat’s coat, you’ll need a dedicated brush to get it done. Most cat brushes can help you remove the hair that they’ve shed, so you can pretty much be sure that most cat brushes will help you get the job done.

However, this doesn’t mean that all cat brushes for shedding will do the perfect job. There are cat brushes with additional features and will let you do more, making them even more valuable and worthy of your time. You can always easily opt for them as well, especially if your cat needs the additional benefit.

Most experts recommend looking for brushes with wider gaps for cats with long hair. Fine-toothed combs may seem like a excellent idea to deal with shed hair, but it might hurt your cat of things get all tangled up. Wide-toothed brushes are also great introductory grooming tools in case your cat isn’t entirely keen on the idea of getting groomed by you.

There are also some deshedding cat brushes that are touted as “self-cleaning.” These items are often designed with retractable pins so you can easily just wipe off the shed hair in one go. They will help you save a lot of time when cleaning your cat’s brush, which can be a major must for those with pets who shed a lot.

Make sure also to consider the preferences of your kitty. Some cats will not like specific brushes so pay close attention to how your pet reacts with these items. Give a few different brushes a go so you can find your kitty’s perfect match.​

Dos and Don’ts on Brushing Your Pet’s Coat and Controlling Shedding​

To help you control your cat’s shedding, here are some top tips in brushing them:​

  • Always use the right kind of brush for your pet’s hair length. Never use a brush for short hair if your cat has long hair and vice versa. It might prompt you to brush incorrectly, and it will be quite inefficient.
  • Always brush following the direction of your cat’s hair growth. This will help prevent any pulling that will hurt and upset your cat. Remember, your goal is to get rid of the shed hair and not pull out the ones that are still attached to her, so going against the grain may not be necessary.
  • Do not force brushing or removing mats from your cat’s coat. Brushing your cat’s fur is a lot like brushing your hair. Untangling knots can be painful, so if you don’t think the matting is something you can handle alone, leave it to the professionals to work with.
  • Brush your pet’s hair regularly. To stop them from getting hair everywhere, regular brushing is necessary. Long-haired cats need to be brushed at least daily, while short-haired ones can do with once a week sessions. Doing this as a part of a routine will also help your cat be more welcoming to the grooming.
  • Brush in gentle, short strokes. Again, you don’t want to pull out the hair of your cat so make sure to do it gently in short strokes.
  • Brush your pet with a wide-tooth comb or brush before using a deshedding brush on them. This way, you can untangle knots that may get worse with a deshedding tool.

7 Best Cat Brush for Shedding Review

Ready to shop for your cat’s deshedding brush? Here are a few of our suggestions that you might like:

1. Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

Ever feel like you have to scrape off the discarded hair off your pet, so they won’t get everywhere around the house? If your answer is yes, then this slicker brush is for you. Designed for both long and short-haired furry animals, this product from Chirpy Pets promises to do a great job in handling your pet’s shedding. It might even also feel satisfying for you to use since it will let you “scrape” off their discarded coat.

Aside from helping groom your cat, this product is also very convenient for pet parents to use. As it uses a comb to remove the discarded hair off your pet, cleanups are easy. The stainless steel material also guarantees durability.


  • Easy to wield and maneuver
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Very durable
  • Removable comb for easier cleaning


  • Might hurt your cat with excess pressure

Some folks prefer using expert-approved items to make sure that their fur babies won’t be put at any risk.

It’s a very valid concern as you’ll only want the best for the ones you love. If you’re one of those cat parents, you might love the fact that this MoJo’s brush is approved and used by a veterinarian.

Also referred to as a “groomer’s rake,” this cat brush for shedding has a stainless steel fine-toothed comb to scrape off the discarded hair off your pet’s fur. This guarantees durability and years of use, giving you more value for your money. Coupled with an easy and comfortable grip housing, it might just make your home grooming sessions a lot simpler and more effective.


  • orks effectively
  • Vet-approved
  • Durable materials used
  • Affordable
  • Available in two sizes


  • Stainless steel material requires gentle handling and application on pets

Not a big fan of having to pick out the hair from your cat’s brush? Does it take you too much time in between strokes? Then you might like a self-cleaning brush that will help you remove your pet’s shed hair in a flash. One option you can check out is this Koodella pet brush. Designed specifically to get rid of discarded fur, this brush might just let you groom your pet with ease and convenience.

What makes this brush special is its easy-clean button. With just one press and a little bit of shaking, the hair trapped in between its teeth will be removed. The comb is also made from stainless steel making it very durable. Combined with a sturdy handle, it promises effective discarded hair removal and ease of use.


  • oney-back guarantee
  • Durable
  • Works effectively
  • Very easy to use
  • Convenient self-cleaning feature


  • Quite pricey

Another affordable cat shedding brush that might interest you is DakPets’ pet brush. This product also employs the same groomer’s rake design with its long handle and fine-tooth stainless steel comb. It can get the job done for both long and short fur pets and is quite affordable as well.

What makes it special is the fact that it comes in three different colors. This will let you better personalize your pet’s grooming tools, making building their kit a lot more exciting.


  • Available in different vibrant colors
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Removable fine-tooth comb
  • Easy to use


  • Stainless steel comb might hurt your pet when used with too much pressure

Possibly the most popular cat brush in the market today, the Furminator is easily deemed by many pet parents as the best cat brush for shedding. Its patented design makes it a well-established option, promising effective and efficient discarded fur removal.

There are quite a few things that make the Furminator a popular pick among cat parents. The first of which is a self-cleaning feature. This makes it very convenient to use, as you won’t have to pick out the shed hair out of the comb. The special easy-grip design also makes it a great hit as it’s just comfortable to use.


  • reat design
  • Available in long and short hair options
  • Vet approved
  • Stainless steel comb offers durability
  • Comfortable and easy to wield


  • Quite pricey

Not a big fan of expensive cat brushes? Then this Safari product might just be the best alternative for you. This product looks like a classic wooden handle comb except its teeth are fine and alternating in lengths. It can effectively remove discarded undercoat hair in long and short hair cats, and as it has rounded tips, it guarantees not to hurt your pet as you brush her hair.

The best part? It’s very affordable. If you’re on a budget or can’t find a good deshedder for your cat, you might just want to give this a shot.


  • Simple design
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Effective deshedder
  • Won’t scratch your pet with sharp tips


  • Needs to be angled to get the most hair out

While this product is marketed primarily for dogs, it doesn’t mean that cats won’t benefit from its marvels. It promises effective and efficient hair removal for pets of all hair lengths, so it can help you get the job done even in deshedding your kitty.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • 10-year money back guarantee
  • Ideal for both short and long fur
  • Easy to wield
  • Available in two sizes
  • Removable stainless steel comb


  • Quite tricky to clean

Our Recommended Product

When removing excess hair effectively, a good groomer’s rake or the best cat brush for shedding is the very tool you can rely on. For us, the Furminator takes the cake. There’s a very good reason why this brand is a household name, and it’s possibly because of the quality products and results they offer. Its popularity is not just hype as their products are carefully crafted specifically to help you handle your pet’s shedding.

Countless users have attested to the effectiveness and efficiency of Furminator’s deshedding brush. Available for long and short hair pets, it promises to reduce shedding for up to 90% as it can easily pick up and remove discarded hair.

With proper use and maintenance, you can also be sure to use it for years, making it a great investment for your pet’s wellbeing. While a bit pricey, the quality, ease of use, and convenience the Furminator offer can make it well worth the price. Give it a shot, and you might just find the best solution for your cat hair infestation at home.

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