Adams Behavior Control Therapy for Cats Review

Looking for a way to reduce your cat's continuous scratching and urine marking?

Then the way out is “Adams Behavior Control Therapy” for Cats and Kittens”, stress reducing pheromone that helps control destructive behavior and scratching in cats associated with stress and fearful situations.

This product has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate stress-related behaviors in cats.

So if your cat is distressed or uncomfortable with your new environment, visitors, new pets or even rearranged furniture setting, Adams behaviour control therapy is the perfect remedy.

It is a great product that alleviates cats from stress.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Product

​It is generally important to consider basic things before buying any product, but in this case, you will need to consider the following before heading to the pets store to buy this product;

· The durability of the product

· Its odour effect on other pets and humans

Adams Behavior Control Therapy

Adams Behavior control therapy dispenses an odorless vapor that helps reduce or completely eradicate misbehaviour caused by stress or anxiety on the cats.

It is great for socialising new cats into home and helps cats adjust to new circumstance.

 This product does not affect humans because of its odorless and non-toxic components.

It helps calm cats when moving to a new home, arrival of new pets or family member to the house, visits to the veterinarian, multiple cat households, etc


· It is easy to use

· One bottle lasts approximately four weeks

· Keeps your cat calm by using soothing pheromone technology

· Lessens stress from the cat

· Drug-free· Eradicates vertical scratching and urine marking


· It is highly flammable

Features and Benefits

Adams control therapy features a soothing fragrance that helps control cats behaviors. 

It works by mimicking the feline facial pheromone. The benefit of this product is that when your cat rubs his face on your body or furniture, he is marking his surroundings with a facial pheromone that reassures and comforts him.

And when he perceives the Adams Behavior Control Therapy products, he immediately looses the urge to scratch or urine mark. It features an analogue of feline facial pheromone 2%.

Therefore, to put an end to an unwanted behaviour in your cat, Adams behavior control therapy is the ideal product for you.

It helps calm a hyperactive and disturbing cat that is suffering from excessive scratching and running especially during the evening hours, the behavioural change it brings on cats is usually incredibly amazing.

What Others Are Saying

A top customer who rated the product 5 star expressed that it works perfectly well on her cat, especially when she went away overnight and after she had a surgery and it helped her feel more secured.

Another customer also affirmed that the Adams Behaviour control therapy worked for his older cat when the cat was being terrorised by a tomcat in the neighbourhood.

Feedback from another customer shows that this product works greatly on an aggressive cat by calming him from fighting aggressively and running around the house madly.

General feedback, however, shows that this product performs significantly in modifying and improving cats’ behavior especially during a stressful situation.

Final Words

Cats are friendly and social, and they are great pets to have. But while enjoying the friendliness of your cat, it is important that you don't let destructive behaviour destroy your relationship with your cat.

Be smart to use Adams Behavior Control Therapy to control and put a stop to any destructive behaviour of your cat.

These three reasons will further guarantee you of this product's effectiveness;

​· Studies and research have proven this product to be excellent in saving cats from negative reaction to stress or fear.

· Hundreds of customers and users have attested to how this product helped reduce vertical scratching and urine marking in their cats which were caused by exposure to multi-pets in the house or a new environment.

· This product has also been clinically proven to reduce or completely end a stress-related behavior including; vertical scratching, urine marking, etc.

In general, Adams Behavior Control Therapy helps relieve and comfort cats in the following situations

· Visitors to the new home

· Long journey trips

· Moving to a new home

· Getting used to a new environment

So this is certainly a great product to save your cat from an ugly situation.​

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