23 Beautiful & Lovely LONG Haired Cat Breeds Will Make You Gush

Long haired cat breeds sometimes get a bad rep. Your first thoughts might be: Cats with long hair?

Too much fluff for me! Who cleans all that up? But I am here to change your tune. This post is going to prove to you just how irresistible long hair cats can be.

With their lush locks and striking features, these cute kitties are sure to win you, heart.

Plus, cats with long hair tend to shed LESS than the short to medium hair breeds.

Just be sure to give them a good brushing to keep away those mats! Check out these fancy felines that are sure to brighten up your day.

1 Meet the American Bobtail

American Bobtail

credit: torbakhopper

What is more adorable than a cat with a tiny tail? The American Bobtail embodies all things wonderful.

It is a more unusual domestic longhair cat, but that does not make it any less lovable.

Although they are usually silent, American Bobtail’s will chirp or even click when excited.

They are highly social and enjoy playing games with their owner. You would never be bored with one of these around!

2 The American Curl will capture your heart

American Cur


Just look at those curly ears! The American Curl is truly unique among long haired cat breeds and miniature cat breeds, with highly sought after features and personality.

They love people, but probably love being petted even more.

Curls have very expressive eyes that will always let you know exactly what they are feeling.

These cats make great companions and are easy to befriend. Just imagine that cute face cuddling up with you at night!

3 Be blessed with this Birman


credit: Ciquta

Now this is a unique breed of cat! The Birman’s origins are unknown, but the breed is sometimes called The Sacred Cat of Burma.

This cat’s signature eye color is said to have been given by a blue-eyed goddess.

Birman’s are smart, but they stay out of too much trouble, which makes them ideal for family homes!

Despite its mystical history, a Birman cat does not put on flippant airs and is always down for a good snuggle.

4 You are sure to love the Balinese

Balinese cat

credit: Jiva

Why put fluff everywhere when you can carry it all in one place: your tail!

While the Balinese is technically one of the long haired cat breeds, its tail hair is significantly longer than the rest of its coat. 

It is a beautiful breed that comes is a variety of colors such as frost, lilac, fawn, and seal.

They are also considered as one of the hypoallergenic cat breeds.

5 The Himalayan is the best of both worlds

Himalayan cat

credit: S ziillayali

The Himalayan is a cross between the Persian and the Siamese breeds. It has the lush coat of the Persians with the striking markings of the Siamese.

These cats are beautiful and highly sought after, but they won’t bond with just anybody.

A Himalayan is very picky about who they share their affections with.

So if you are a solitary person looking for a loyal companion, this long haired cat might just be for you!

6 Persians will never do you wrong

Persian cat

credit: Magnus Brath

The parent of the Himalayan, the Persian long haired cat, is one of the most luxurious breeds in the world.

It is one of the oldest known breeds and the Persians we see today are the result of centuries of selective breeding. A Persian will not make a lot of noise unless it wants you to know about mealtimes!

7 Every Ragdoll cat is matchless

Ragdoll cat

credit: Suringen

The Ragdoll is possibly the friendliest domestic longhair cat there is! They will constantly seek you out, meet you at the door, and even sleep with you (or maybe ON you) throughout the night.

They are a mix of many different cats, but seem to have the best qualities of all the breeds!

8 The British Longhair rules the kingdom

british Longhair

credit: Sylvie Mitteaux-Martin

Quiet and calm, like the Royals that helped develop this breed, the British Longhair loves to be near its owner.

Although it can be a little persnickety about who gives it love, once you have formed a bond, nothing can break it!

9 Maine Coons may look scary, but they’re just big kittens!

Maine Coons

While the Maine Coon may look fierce, this cat is nothing but lovable. They are also one of the large cat breeds in existence.

Cats that come from this cat breed are ideal for families and are sure to capture the hearts of any owner.

They are also known for their vocal range and can make a wide variety of noises that delight those around them. 

10 Have a taste for the foreign? Try the Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats

credit: Carl-Johan Aberger

These cats are more popular in Europe than America, but that does not make them any less perfect.

As the national cat breed of Norway, they are highly respected, and their origins are rooted in Norwegian legends.

11 The Nebelung are out of this world


credit: Vanessa

Known for their intense green eyes and demure gray coat, these cats are almost otherworldly.

The Nebelung cats want to select carefully who they hang out with and will only vocalize when they truly need something.

Be sure to pay attention to your Nebelung though! If they feel ignored, they will find ways to show you they are unhappy.

12 Siberians may like it chilly, but they’ll keep you warm!


credit: Gato Siberanio Mumur's

These cats are naturally curious and easily entertained. They hail from Russia but are popular around the world.

What makes them unique as long haired cats is the rumor that they are as close to hypoallergenic as you can get and they are also cats that don't shed their fur.

While this has not been proven, there seems to be a possible silver lining for those with allergies!

13 Somali cats just can’t sit still

Somali cats

credit: Rivaleriaesomali

The Somali coat is gorgeous and more feral looking than your average long hair cat. This breed is very active, and you may even be able to walk it on a leash!​

Somali cats love the outdoors and like to be included in whatever their owner is up to.

14 Will the Scottish Fold choose you?

Scottish Fold

credit: Vladimir Chubarov

These cats are wonderful members of the domestic longhair family! They love attention, but tend to be one-human cats.

Although they welcome other people and pets, they are most comfortable with their selected partner. The breed is most easily recognized by the folding of their ears!

15 You’ll die for the Selkirk Rex’s amazing coat


credit: Nicholas Titkov

Wow! There isn’t a coat quite like the Selkirk Rex’s! A result of a rare dominant gene, the curly hair of this cat breed is unparalleled.

If you are looking for a cat unlike any other, but which is also friendly and intelligent, this long hair breed is right for you.

16 Dive in with a Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora

credit: Helena Jacoba

Surprisingly enough, this long hair cat breed enjoys swimming! Their fun loving, water appreciating attitude coupled with their beautiful white coats and colorful eyes make them a memorable and enchanting breed.

17 You can’t just drive by the Turkish Van

Turkish Van

credit: Helen Filatova

The Turkish Van comes from central and southeast Asia and has distinct markings on the tail and head.

Like the Turkish Angora, the breed also loves to swim! These cats are typically in good health and make for great companions in most homes.

18 Will a LaPerm have a friend in you?


credit: Bebopscrx

Another breed of long haired cats known for its curly coat, the LaPerm is a playful and fun loving cat with a good temperament.

A LaPerm gets along well with its owner and other pets as well, making it perfect for a family home.

19 The Cymric Cat will roll right into your arms

Cymric Cat

credit: Stanton McCandish

What makes the Cymric stand out is its way of walking, which makes it look like a little ball of fluff! What helps with this illusion?

Most Cymric cats are naturally tailless! The missing tail doesn’t get them down though, as they are very even-tempered creatures.

20 Meet the real world Munchkins!


credit: Sg0668commons

You have probably seen these fuzzy felines featured on every Tumblr blog in existence. They have captured the rapt attention of social media, and that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon!

While many people first see Munchkins as handicapped due to their short legs, these cats were bred for speed and as a result, they love to run!

21 York Chocolate cats will melt your soul

York Chocolate cats

credit: Nickstein00

The York Chocolate cat is just as easy to love as actual chocolate! They are quick to adapt to new environments and easily pleased.

The York Chocolate breed loves to play and is one of the few types of cat that prefers to be around children. Need a cat that your kids (or dogs) won’t wear out? Then this might be the right pick for you!

22 Take a look at the gorgeous Asian Semi-Long Hair Cat

Asian Semi-Long Hair Cat

credit: Heike Siltala

Sometimes referred to as the Tiffanie, the Asian Semi-Long Hair Cat breed originated in Britain.

They can be territorial and don’t always enjoy sharing their owners with other cats. But no cat loves harder than this one!

23 Last but certainly not least, the Chantilly-Tiffany!


credit: Sandivas

This is a great cat if you want a middle-ground feline. The Chantilly-Tiffany is not super active or docile so that interactions will be frequent but not exhausting.

Their quiet communications and easy going attitude make them a perfect first pet!

Did you learn something new? Something surprising? There are so many great reasons to love long hair cat breeds, and there is a cat that fits any owner.

Don’t shy away from a potential cat-mate just because you think it might be too much work.

These cats bring more to the table than just their looks!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below this post and share with your friends if you liked it!

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