13 interesting LARGE CAT BREEDS (#8 is absolutely adorable!)

Large cat breeds make some of the cuddliest pets ever. So why would anyone want a big cat breed?

They remind you of their wild relatives like the bobcat, lynx, and jaguar, but with the temperament of the domestic cat breeds you already know and love.

Instead of winding their way around your ankles, the largest domestic cat will wrap itself around your knees (and heart).

Many of the traits of the largest cat breeds mimic those of dogs.

They are more loyal and protective, and some of them even make great hunters.

Of cousre, there are some negatives to owning a large breed cat.

They do require more room to run and play than miniature cat breeds, and they can be more active than traditional cats. So let's learn a bit about 13 of the large cat breeds.

1 - The Savannah Cat - A cross breed with wild roots!

Savannah Cat

credit: Alana

The Savannah is a cross between a wild African Serval and a domestic cat. The first Savannah cat had a Siamese cat for a mother.

Savannah's are very loyal and will often follow their owners around the house, just like a dog.

This big cat breed has tremendous jumping ability and is very curious. Savannah's are considered the largest cat breed and can weigh up to 25 lbs.

2 - The Ragdoll Cat - As limp as a rag doll!

Ragdoll Cat

credit: Takashi Hososhima

The Ragdoll Cat can go as limp as a rag doll when picked up. They have beautiful blue eyes and colorpoint (light body with dark ears and eyes) coloring.

Ragdolls are very affectionate. They are sometimes called "dog-like cats" because they like to follow people around, they love to be held and petted, and they are non-aggressive towards other animals. Ragdoll Cats can weigh 15-20 pounds.

3 - The Chausie Cat - A true jungle cat!

Chausie Cat

credit: Wilczakrew

Chausie's are built like basketball players, long and tall with great jumping and running abilities. Chausie's are very intelligent.

They also love to have fun and are very playful and outgoing. They do not like to be alone, so do best in homes where the owner is usually home or where there is another pet in the home.

While not the biggest cat weight-wise - only 10 to 15 lbs., it's height definitely keeps it on this list.

4 - The Ragamuffin Cat - Kissing cousins to the Ragdoll!

Ragamuffin Cat

credit: Teddy Llovet

The beautiful Ragamuffin comes in all different colors, solids, tortoiseshell, tabby, and more. It's coat is similar to that of a rabbit: medium-long, thick, and plush, so soft you can pet them forever.

Ragamuffins are very sweet tempered. They are the perfect cat for a family with young children as they tolerate being pushed in strollers or guests at tea parties. These cats weigh in at 14-20 lbs.

5 - The Norwegian Forest Cat - a creature of folk tales and mythology!

Norwegian Forest Cat

credit: Peter & Renee Lanser

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the national cat of Norway. This beautiful cat breed has been around for over 1,000 years.

Its coat consists of medium-long waterproof hair over a dense undercoat, specifically designed to keep this biggest cat warm in the cold Norwegian winters.

They can also be considered one of the long haired cat breeds. These cats set the terms with their relationships. They will let you pet them, love on them, or hold them, but only when it is convenient for them.

They have frequent bursts of energy, then take long naps to recuperate. The Norwegian Forest Cat weighs in at 12-16 lbs.

6 - The Siberian Cat - Ancestor to all modern long-haired cats!

Siberian Cat

credit: Clayton Shonkwiler

The Siberian cat is considered a national treasure to Russians. These cats are quite fearless, yet easygoing.

They make great service animals - they seem to have a 2nd sense when it comes to providing psychological or moral support. They love children and dogs.

It is suspected that Siberians are hypoallergenic and they are cats that don't shed much. Many people with cat allergies have no issues with Siberians.

They are also very acrobatic, even as adults. This largest cat breed can weigh up to 26 lbs.

7 - British Shorthair - Came to Britain via Rome and Egypt!

British Shorthair

credit: abejorro34

The most familiar color of the British Shorthair is a bluish grey known as "British Blue." These cats are very dignified, and are very sweet tempered.

They are a favorite of animal trainers and are often used in commercials, tv, movies, and even sit for portraits. For a cat, the British Shorthair is quite clumsy.

While the British Shorthair enjoys being around people, they really hate to be carried. These cats can weigh 12-17 lbs.

8 - The Maine Coon Cat - The Gentle Giant!

Maine Coon Cat

credit: Jobasa Fotografie

The largest domestic cat breed in the world is the Maine Coon. It is very sociable and very big, hence it's nickname of the Gentle Giant.

This cat is playful and intelligent. It's tail resembles that of a raccoon's tail. It's ears have tufts like a bobcat's ears.

Some Maine Coon's even have a ruff around their neck that looks like a lion's mane. 

These physical traits, along with others, make this cat perfectly suited for the cold and snow. This cat can weigh up to 36 lbs.

9 - The Turkish Van Cat - King of the Home!

Turkish Van Cat

credit: Chris

The Turkish Van Cat loves to rule his home from up high, perching on shelves and other high places. He is also an excellent hunter and very brave.

Turkish Van's are very protective, even growling when they hear strange noises. These cats love to swim, so make sure you empty the tub and close the toilet.

Turkish Van's have all white bodies with colored faces and tails. They can weigh 14-16 lbs.

10 - The American Bobtail Cat - Wild Thing!

American Bobtail Cat

credit: torbakhopper

The American Bobtail looks like a wild cat, but its personality is quite the opposite. Cuddly, devoted, and playful, this cat is very easy going.

American Bobtail's love to play games like hide-and-go-seek and fetch. These cats can also be leach-trained and love to go on long walks.

The Bobtail got its name because its tail looks like it has been partially cut off or bobbed. These cats generally weigh up to 13 lbs.

11 - The Chartreux Cat - Smile!

Chartreux Cat

credit: myri_bonnie

The Chartreux is a bluish-grey cat that appears to always be smiling. They are very good hunters. Chartreux are very quiet cats - in fact, some are actually mute.

They are also very observant and can be taught to do things like open doors or turn on radios.

Chartreux tend to choose favorites, bonding with one special person in the family although they are friendly with everyone. These cats can grow up to 16 lbs.

12 - The Bengal Cat - Sprinkled with Fairy Dust!

Bengal Cat

credit: Christopher Martin

Bengal cats have a soft, luxurious fur that often looks like it has be sprinkled with a gold or pearl fairy dust.

They are also one of the cat breeds that can be considered hypoallergenic. These cats are a result of breeding with an Asian Leopard (and NOT a Bengal tiger). They are very energetic and love to play games and hunt.

Bengal's like to hunt both land and water animals. They also like to swim and play in the water.

They are vey agile and can move very quickly and quietly. Bengal cats generally weigh between 12-16 lbs.

13 - The Pixie-Bob Cat - Muttonchops and Extra Toes!

Pixie-Bob Cat

credit: jan zeschky

The Pixie-Bob Cat is the only large cat with facial hair that looks like muttonchops and is polydactyls (has extra toes).

These cats have naturally bobbed tails and are bred to look like bobcats. They have many dog-like characteristics and can be trained to walk on a leash and fetch.

Pixie-Bob's don't meow often, but instead chatter and chirp. These cats can weigh up to 17 lbs.

Did you enjoy reading about these 13 large cat breeds? Have you chosen your favorite? I can't wait to bring one of these lovable big cats home to snuggle.

Don't forget to leave your comments about these beautiful cats below. If you liked this article, please share it with your family and friends.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all this info. I have always wanted a Main Coon. A friend had one and I fell in love, not only are they a beautiful animal, but to feel the weight on you, all that lovely hair, it just makes you relax instantly, feel safe. Hopefully I will find an appropriate dwelling and be able to have one. Again, thank you.

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